Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One last quick note...

I got the J O B !!!

At least it's something and I will become a CNA after 16weeks of classes.  Pay sucks.. $7.00 an hour (unless I work over nights and that isnt going to happen) But after I get my cert. I get a raise up to $8.50 an hour.

I will be keeping a paper journal and when I come back online I am sure I will have lots to say.

Supper Dupper Tuesday.. whoopie do da

Three major things today.. ok four.  One, I have a job interview today.  Two, the primaries are today and I may vote.  Three, Josh flies away out of town.  And four, this will be my last entry for awhile.

Today will either be very eventful with excitement and new beginnings or another day to check off the calendar and chalk up to the ho hum column.  I am excited that after cramping my hand last week filling out applications ten pages long, that at least one place has called me.  It is for a Nurse's Assistant position at a place about 15 min down the highway.  The facility (which I didn't know when I applied) houses how should I say it.. um.. mainly mentally challenged people and some of the aged with dementia.    Am I qualified?? LMBO.. NOPE ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  They must be desperate. But hey I am up to new challenges and if I can get free training and get certified it may be worth the experience.  See... that Psychology I took in H.S. and the little bit in Collage I, may come more in handy then just annoying my husband with my analisist. LOL.  Besides I am getting desperate and either this is that blessing I have been praying for or practice for the next interview.  I hope I can find something soon.  I hate job hunting and we may be getting hungry by next week.

The political pundits call today Supper Tuesday.  The Heathens (jk) call today Fat Tuesday. To me it is Tuesday February 5th.  My car payment is officially late.  My littlest one,Sophia is home sick again. And my jail bird brother's birthday is in four days (guess I should get him a card or have he kids make him one?)  I have never voted in a primary before and I was thinking of voting in this one but the choices suck.  Forget the Democrat side.. you can't pay me or buy my vote either way.  And the Republican side?? I am finding it very hard to be excited about any one of them.  Only one is strong on the social issues but weak on all the others.  One I feel is being shoved down my throat because he is seen as the one who can win the race but to me his record speaks for it's self and I just can't support him.  And last but not least the one who is apart of a cult (ooh did I say that) and no way with a good conscious can I vote for him.  So not much of a choice here.  Come November I may just be sitting it out, counting down the days to the END.  I am soooooo sick of this election already.  They started way too early I think and I have been overloaded into indifference.  I am starting to not see much different in either party or candidate.  There is not an outstanding person to hang hope on as I see it.  The momentum of where this country is heading doesn't seem to be able to be stopped.  IMHO the war waged on our country can not be stopped unless we turn our faces to God and repent. Stop government funded and daily murders of our most innocent.  Till then there will be no end to this or any war against us.

Josh is leaving for almost 3 weeks.  Good bye baby, be safe, come home quick.  While it is wonderful having him home, he hasn't worked and that always sends us into a tail spin financially.  Plus lately I don't know what it is but it seems like we get so frustrated with each other, like we are speaking two different languages.  I don't know how much more of this traveling we can take but for now it is what has got to be done.

And with Josh goes my internet connection.  Even if I get home Internet bonafied, my desk top puter is about ready to RIP.  I highly doubt with taxes we will get a new one.  Too much on the list of must and needs to where that is going, it is spent even before it gets here (which is sooooon I hope).  I may get an entry or two in over at my friend who has internet but I always feel bad when I do that.  I know she doesn't see it that way but I feel like I am using her when I do that I and don't want to be like that.  One week just isn't enough time to catch up with all the online pans I have in the fire or reading I wanted to get done.  Just know I am thinking of you my dear online friends, you and yours are in my prayers and I hope to come back to you soon and find you all well and strong and blessed.