Friday, December 5, 2008

A question for Ladies over 30 and PMS

I'm 31 going on 32 (Jan 19.. better remember if you love me lol). Yes I know I don't look it.. thanks but I recognize my body is getting older and women's hormone levels change and what not. My last two cycles I have had the most outrageous case of PMS that I can ever remember having. It may partly be due to stress, cuz Lord knows I have been under so much of it lately but I am wondering if this also has something to do with my age. Normally I don't keep track and my period comes and goes with out much incident.. sometimes I feel what I call the ick's just before but hardly ever have cramps or the over the top emotions.. well yes always have had the chocolate cravings but other than that Aunt Flow's visits are not that disruptive.

Last month and this month I have been a raving B*tch. So angry at the world and can't control it. Cry fits like you wouldn't believe and ohhhhhh the pain.. I just want to crawl in a hole and die the week before and of. This is not normal for me what so ever. I almost want to feel sorry for the people in my life (if they didn't piss me off so much and almost always deserve the tirade) and I have had to do some apologizing for my harshness.

Also just before this period I had the biggest baby craving. Everywhere I went they were there or some one I knew was preggers. I would sooooooo love to have another baby and find it unfair that I am denied one when others who don't even really want one are having them or literally throwing them away or killing them. I cried my eyes out to my hubby over it... the ass said oh its just your time clock ticking. Seriously I don't think that is it.. I just know if he wouldn't of gotten fixed we would have at least two more children right now.. and the thing is I MISS THEM. Is that crazy???????!

Ok.. so ladies who are over 30.. is this normal??? Did your cycle and PMS change this drastically? Is this an age thing or am I going insane?? I have no reference in my family.. my mom has always had difficulties and has had a hysterectomy so she really can't tell me. Any input or comments will be valued and appreciated.

I do know that for my Birthday I am treating myself to that longgggggggggg over due (tisk i know its been almost 7yrs) women's health exam.