Friday, September 30, 2005

Secrets..shhhh.. Photo Challange.

#1 My crock pot.. a flylady tip is the crock pot is our best secret weapon.  Put it on in the morning and forget about all those worries about what to make for dinner

# 2 Tiger Box in dresser.  I am not telling what's inside because duh.. it is a secret.



This entry was indented for Sometime I think's photo challange that she gives each week.  I keep missing it and forgetting so I really thought hard this week on what I could do.  BUT after going back to post a link I find I did the wrong subject matter.. or had I?

There is another photo challange journal out there called Round Robin.  I must of read about it and this weeks challage and got it stuck in my head.  So I am post it there and at Krissy's., even though I am late for Round Robin. LMBO.. FIGURES! So go have fun.. check out the links and see the other ppl's photos.


  **updated with pictuers so come back and have a look see if you already read this once***





I just spent over TWO hours or so compiling links to journals I wanted to pimp (that is journal lingo for promoting another journal) and commentary about the VIV Awards that are coming up.  I had copied and pasted the web address and grouped them together in a write mail on my AOL software (BIG MISTAKE).  I was all ready to do the entry and decided to add music to it, so I went to my FTP space to upload a song.. and then my woe started.  AOL turned into purgatory (not that I believe in purgatory.. it is an expression) and I had to sadly do the dreaded End Program function on my AOL software and lost all that work I had done!  I thought after restarting my software I could possible regain the info by going to my history on the pull down tool bar.. humf! Nope.. a little lessen learned about that, if you do End of Program instead of the standard sign off all that you have done that day online and the pages you visited are not stored.  Frustrated is not even the word!!  If you can come up with a better one that is with in the limits of TOS feel free to put it in my comments lol.  Not sure if I am going to go back and do all that leg work or be lazy and let it ride. Tomorrow is a busy day and ofcourse Sunday is too.

Also what sucked today.. not that I keep a running list or anything (ya right)...

Who invented stove burner covers?? You know those pretty metal things you put on top of your burners.  Not once but twice (but not in the same day mind you) I have melted mine.  I'm not used to the controls on my new stove just yet obviously.  So I have the nasty smell of burnt plastic/metal all threw out the house... ewww. Good one Mary.. how did you pull that off, you may be thinking lol  Simple.. not watching the stove when browning the ground turkey for chili when I should of been but on here compiling my list.  Shhhh we won't mention that one to Josh.

But the upside today.. umm.. hold on I will think of one, a good one too...

Taking naps with husband.. Visiting with a friend... Good finds at the thrift store..ordering a new book to read...a nice bottle of wine chilling in the fridge waiting for me to open and drink (in moderation ofcourse)...

Ok.. at least the good far out weighed the bad today lol  feeling better.


He said, "But you are already HOT"

This is the song we sing to each other in our family....CLICK HERE TO PLAY if it doesnt load

Thanks Lori for sending me the code to put music into entries.  We love Oh Brother Where Are Thou's soundtrack and I think this song fits today.

Welllllllllllllllllllll .. My Man is home.. he was only gone for 8 days but it felt like the full 8 weeks that he was org. supposed to be gone.  Now he is on an in town Job for a few weeks but will likely go back out of town back to the one in Northern ILL when asked.  You know he is at their beckon call.  hehe Wish he was that way with me.

I had told Sophia that we were having a surprise visitor and when the door bell rings she is supposed to answer it.  She was hopping off the walls all day yesterday imaging who it may be.  I DID get most of the stuff done on my list, minues hanging blinds. When the door finally rang at 2:25 she ran to it.. too fast for me to grab my camera as I wanted to. Her look was priceless with shock and confusion.  When Josh informed her that HE WAS the surprise visitor she shook her head no and  had a fit.  While she was happy that Daddy was home she was wanting a little friend over to play and that is what she was expecting.. and I have yet to hear the end of it.  The other children were very excited to see Daddy and after homework was done sat on him all evening as we watched the new movie he had bought.. The Longest Yard (a remake of a movie Josh loves.. it is sad that he is such a big Bert fan)  We also had a very yummy home cooked meal, pouched salmon (in red wine) home made mac in cheese and a good salad.  It turned out good considering I had never pouched fish before and surprisingly EASY!  Thank you Betty Crocker cook book.

Josh was up in our room after he got home *wink* and saw the 3 pound dumb bells I had bought in preparations of me getting in shape and asked what those were for.  I told him I thought I would have 8 weeks to get all hot and in shape for him. Next part reads like a line from a steamy romance novel but it's not fiction, it is my sweet husband.. He grabs me and says You are already hot and leans in and gives me a long drawn out tongue full kiss.  awwwww.. ok no more details.. don't want to make you all blush too much and I try and keep this a PG-13 or so blog.  LMBO!

I'll go in to more about me trying to get in shape some time later.. but just a sample.. when I stepped on the scale bravely for the first time in who knows how long.. the stupid digital thing said Error.. Error.. Something you never want to see on a scale!

Well enough of this love fest.. I have a busy day ahead of me.  Shopping with a friend at a thrift store, grocery shopping, making chili to take over to the In Laws tomorrow, retreating the kids head for the lice because it has been a week and needs the follow up, plus I have a gaggle of bills to go over and pick and choose what one gets paid... Can you tell to day is Pay Day?? LOL

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Maybe if I write down the list it will help motivate me?

Glorious news.. a certain Husband is coming home!!!!! Whaahoo! Shhh we are going to surprise the kids.  But since it is a surprise I can't use my usual coxing for the children to get their chores done.. hurry up and get it done your father is coming home. LOL  To say I have taken advantage that Josh has been gone and been lazy is something of an understatement. I haven't hung the rest of the blinds that I was asked to and the pile of laundry in our room has not been touched, nor has any deep cleaning been done.  But to be fair, I DID MOW THE LAWN!! LOL The children have been fed and bathed and clothed, the cat is not starving and the bills that needed immediate attention were paid, I took the kids to their outside activities and made sure they did their homework and I have not gone too insane. The house is not in all that bad shape but I want to get some of the little things done today so when he does come home it will be to a happy clean house.  So here is the list...

1. Hang blinds in all the kids rooms.

2. Mop the floors

3. Clean the bathrooms

4. Declutter the kitchen counters

5. Fold  AND put the laundry away

6. Make my bed (ya right what's the point if you know what I mean. JUST KIDDING)

7. Vacuum what I can before the vacuum dies. (it gets over heated, we need a new one)

8. Dust

9. Clean up the den

10. Beautify my self with a longggg hot bath (any excuse to get into my wonderful tub), a facial, good smelling lotion all over and especially in the erogenous zones, ohh ya and shave my legs.

As you can see I need to get my booty moving!  Got my timer ready.. I can do anything in 15 min. LOL  I will try and spend 15 min at a time on each zone that I want to get done and then repeat as needed.  (see I am still doing the flylady stuff now and then)

I picked the right color for my blog right off the bat..

Your Blog Should Be Purple You're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.
You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.
You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.
What Color Should Your Blog or Journal Be?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

For Viv~

Please visit the queen of J~Land Vivian and leave her a comment of support.  She needs it today and your prayers.


(you can hear a sample of the song at this link)  

Bebo Norman: Borrow Mine

Take my hand
And walk with me awhile
Because it seems your smile
Has left you

And don't give in
When you fall apart
And your broken heart
Has failed you

I'll set a light up
On a hilltop
To show you my love
For this world to see

You can borrow mine
When your hope is gone
You can borrow mine
When you can't go on
Cause the world will not defeat you
When we're side by side
When your faith is hard to find
You can borrow mine
You can borrow mine

And take my love
When all that you can see
Is the raging sea
All around us

And don't give up
Cause I'm not letting go
And the God we know
Will not fail us

We'll lay it all down
As we call out
Sweet Savior
Help our unbelief

You can borrow mine
When your hope is gone
Borrow mine
When you can't go on
Cause the world will not defeat you
When we're side by side
When your faith is hard to find
You can borrow mine

When you are weak
Unable to speak
You are not alone
God of us, save us
And never forsake us
He's coming to take us
Take us to our home

You can borrow mine
When your hope is gone
Borrow mine
When you can't go on
Cause the world will not defeat you
When we're side by side
When your faith is hard to find
When your faith is hard to find
You can borrow mine
You can borrow mine

Take my hand
Take my love
Don't give in, no
And don't give up


Lurker Day???!!! READ THIS!

I read somewhere that today is Lurker Day. 

 Sooooooo IF YOU READ MY JOURNAL but DON'T COMMENT(tisk tisk) TODAY is the day to come out of hidding and just do it and leave me a quick comment!!!! Or if you can not comment because you dont have AOL or AIM.. e-mail me one. Or even if you do comment now and then.. show me some love and comment now.



Monday Morning Photo Shoot.. on Tuesday.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Outsourcing Pictures How much do you trust the people you know with your camera? Because this week's photo shoot is all about trust:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Give your camera to a child, friend, spouse or relative and have them shoot some pictures. Show us the pictures they take. This will be more fun if you have a digital camera, of course (because they can snap off a whole bunch of pics), and I also find it's a lot of fun to give the camera to small fry, because their perspective on what's photo-worthy is different than the rest of us.

Take the camera, give it to someone else you like or love, and show us the world through their eyes. This is one assignment that could be a lot of fun!


My 4yrd daughter Sophia is the photographer today.  She was THRILLED to be able to hold mom's expensive digital camera but she did better with it then I thought.  I did walk around with her as she snapped away but I let her choose what to click at.  So enjoy.. not sure why she wanted a pic of the litter box but as you will see she is obsessive over our kitty.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Have you ever done something you knew that you shouldn't but figured you could do it anyway.. after all God is a wonderful loving God and so forgiving and you can just plead your case to him later??  And after doing what you knew you shouldn't do, felt guilt but shoved it down deeper and kept on doing what you shouldn't be doing?  And because of all that you couldn't go into God's presence, you pushed him away knowing he would be there later but you couldn't stand to be there right now? And this really whacks up your relationship with God and you still resist his calling when he is trying to tell you something threw the Holy Spirit? So you use that thing you are not supposed to be doing to fill in that gap, a poor substitute that gives you NO Peace.

"Ya I know.. but I want to do it and I am going to do it"  "I'll think about You later God, but right now I want what I want." "No I don't want to talk right now, I don't want to listen, later, later.."

This my friends has been my struggle the past few weeks and the message spoken at church cut me to the core, had me bawling my eyes out and conviction threw the Spirit was on me heavy thick till I went up to the alter and wept before God and sought his forgiveness and REPENTED.

No I didn't do something that some would think is sooo bad and really worth all the guilt but it is a personal thing and something God has told me in the past loud and clear not to do.  If you have read my testimony page it is easy to figure out what my sin was or if you know me real well. Sometimes it is easy to fall into old patterns and truly it is like a dog going back to his vomit and lapping it up.  So if I KNEW not to do it, why did I do it in the first place and fall into this cycle that has only help me drift further away from God?!  That struggle between flesh and spirit and what one you feed the most is what it is. 

Forgive me Lord for pushing you away, for being selfish and for not being obedient. I have stopped and turned away from what was getting between you and me.  Help me not to make this mistake over and over again and to learn this time.  Restore my spirit, restore my soul, restore our fellowship.  Guild me and help me to stop drifting, help me to move forward towards the goal.  Help me to give you all the time you deserve in my life, to be still and KNOW you are God, to get back into your Word and to grow.  To be the women you have made me to be and to live the life you have appointed for me.  To be in YOUR will, not my own.  

And to think, I almost didn't go to church today.  It seems when ever I am about to miss and have all these good reasons not to go.. sleep for one, but I push threw and go anyway, that is the meeting that touches me the most.  I overslept.. because I was online into the wee hours of the morning(catching up on reading and some chatting and avoiding the issues I was having with God).  I didn't hurry when I woke up at 9:30 to get the kids ready but just told them to get dressed and we will eat.  I was debating with myself if I should go or not.. church starts at 10 but we have a good hour of worship music most of the time and the message doesn't start till around 11.  Yes we have about a two hour service, we don't like to rush.  I must of gone back and forth 100 times with myself on if I should go or not.  Since we have moved it is a good long drive to church and you know how gas is getting.  I don't know what made me relent and just go.  I truly didn't want to go but knew that I should or people would wonder where I was or the kids would be disappointed and I would not hear the end of it. I wasn't going for the right reasons you know.. because I wanted to fellowship and worship but because I didn't want to be nagged by my family. When we got there Worship was over the children's classes had already started.  The kids went to their class and I slipped into the sanctuary trying not to be seen and found a seat up front. (why does that seem to be the only place to sit when you are late? LOL)  The message was already half over but what was being spoken could of been right to me and my heart broke and tears started to well up.  At first I refused to let the tears fall and chocked them back but there was no use.  The sum of the message was about Drifting from God, how to recognize it and unrepented sin in our lives.. yep.. that was me to a T.  By the end of the service I was on my knees weeping like a baby, boogers and all with no tissue but my sleeve.

The endresult is I am back on track with my walk with the Lord, a huge weight hasbeen lifted off of me and I feel more myself, my new self then before.  I can only say if you my friends are going threw anything similar.. don't hold back from God, don't hide, give it up to him..he knows where you are anyway and will not stop till you are like me, on your knees and weeping. Just repent now, you'll save yourself a lot of time and heart ache.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Taking time for The Saturday Six

I would hope everyone knows the drill by now.. here is the link to Pat's Place.

1. Of the following, which one best describes you at your worst?  (You can't select "None of the above!")
    a. One who doesn't finish what he/she starts
    b. One who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk
    c. One who always finds the worst in a situation
    d. One who generally knows what's right but does what's wrong

Ugh!  Do I have to answer that one?? OK... I would say all apply in some way or another (not perfect here) but A. would be most accurate.

2. Not counting shows like Saturday morning cartoons designed specifically for kids, what single show that you grew up watching religiously is now the one you most hate to sit through?

WWF WRESTLING.. OR ANY KIND OF T.V. WRESTLING! Face it.. it is FAKE FAKE and has changed over the years to be more about sex and who can be the most ronchy.  It is banned in my house and for the life of me I don't know what my parents were thinking in letting us watch such shows growing up.  I seem to remember even getting it on PayPreview once or twice.

3. Have you ever been so angry with a company that you swore you'd never do business with them again?  If so, did you keep that promise?

I try and follow the boycot listfor those companies that support planned parenthood.. no reason I should giving MY MONEY to those who will in turn give it over to those who MURDER children and bring more pain to women.  I have a list somewhere if you want it.. too long to post here but one includes Purdental Insurance (I had to canncel our pollicy and get a new one somewhere else)

4. Take this quiz:  Are you psychic?

You Are 80% Psychic
You are so very psychic.
But you already predicted that, didn't you? You have "the gift" - and you use it daily to connect with others. You're very tapped into the world around you...Just make sure to use your powers for good!

Duh!  LOL If you look down a few entries to What Are Your Spirtual Gifts Quiz, you will see I scored highest on Prophetic and that is the lable I prefer to use then Psychic.  The way I see it Prophetic is of God, Psychic is of Satan.

5. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #68 from Lily: What's the longest you've talked on the phone in a single phone call, and who were you talking to? Can I plead the 5th on this one???  I have been known to talk long distance with my friend up in Wisconsin till the battery dies on my phone.  But this is a far inbetween thing so we always have lots to catch up on.

6. READER'S CHOICE QUESTION #69 from Betty:   (She recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas!)  How do you feel about gambling? I grew up partly in Vegas and gambling was all around me.. yess even at the gas stations and grocrey stores. I have seen first hand from friends dealing with parents who had gambling problems how it destroyes people.  Personaly I have no draw to it, I think it is a wast of money and time and boring.  The Bible is not specific on gambling but it does talk about being a good stewart with the gifts God has given us and in my opinion gambling is not being very dilagant with your money and if you think about it, if you do win it would be like taking form those less fortanate then you.  I don't even play the lottory or foot ball pools.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Did I botch the job??

It could be worse.. he could of asked for an ear ring like Mrs Peachy's son.




About a month or so ago Zane started in on the mohawk thing.  I didn't believe him when he told me it was the IN thing until I saw a few other boys sporting the do.  Ofcourse I laughed at him and said, "YA AS IF! Isn't there something about that in your school's dress code?".  He insisted that was only for outrageous hair colors and not hair cuts. I just shook my head and laughed. But when one of the guitar players at church had his done up that way last Sunday I saw that it wasn't soooo bad and not just punk kids have mohawks.  At least it will be easier for Zane to comb his hair in the mornings.. he did need a trim anyway.

I tired my best but Josh is the one who normally handles the clippers and Zane's hair.  If anything he can be shaved balled and we can start over but I think we will test this out for a week and see how it goes over.

*Deep Heavy Sigh* Tweenagers!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

An Itchy day in more ways then one and I am the grandaughter to the Bunko Queen!

Thanks for the support on the Lice entry.  I was just too disgusted to go into it right then but still felt like I had to get it out of my system.  Some of you may recall how I am a veteran of dealing with lice from last year's out breaks.  We had it twice!  This was one of the reasons I got the girls the bobs.. so if I did have to deal with it again it wouldn't take me hours on hours to go threw their hair.  What must of happen.. because we have been VERY religious about having our own combs and brushes, is Annie got it at school and brought it home to her sisters.  Annie doesn't have a bedroom set yet so she has off and on been sleeping in the same bed as Lilly and Sophia sometimes crawls into bed with them.  That MUST be when they got it from each other.  Zane is totally clean but I may go ahead and shave his head.  He has been teasing for the last month that he wants that new mohawk look that is so in.

I got the call this morning while I was in the shower.  I played phone tag with Annie's School's nurse who also called Josh's cell phone and told him what was going on, I got the message from him first.  So ofcourse I had to go and pick her up.  Frustrated I mentioned the fact that she likely gave it to her little sister and ofcourse the nurse was on the phone right away to Lilly's school making sure that she got checked and we all know what that yielded.   I went ahead and told both of the schools that they would be out tomorrow because I DO NOT have the money to go and buy the stuff I needed to treat them till Friday.  Looks like the girls get a long weekend as we get this dealt with.

So after making the rounds in town picking up the girls I checked out the gas stations.  I knew the prices were going to go up but I was hopeful.  I had gone to the bank and deposited Josh's unemployment check that FINNALY got here (just enough to cover overdraft fees and give us a little till he gets paid for this week) and took out $40.  On the way into town I passed a station that was still at the normal (well what is normal these days but the pre-Ritta prices) of $2.55.  But driving threw town all the other stations had gone up to $2.65.  I drove home out of my way and picked up my gas can out of the garage and rushed back out to the one station praying they had not gone up yet.  My van was just past the half a tank mark and Ialso wanted to mow the yard.  Thankfully I was able to fill up at the $2.55 prices but I spent the whole $40 I had taken out.  JUST THINK IF I WAS EMPTY HOW MUCH IT WOULD OF COST!!! I felt blessed despite the kind of day I was having.

When I got home I was excited that I got the gas at the lower price and knocked on my neighbor's door to tell her the news about the gas so she would have the head's up.  I also.. somewhat embarrassed mind you, told her about why I had to go into town.  She was very sympathetic to my plight and was the one who first told me about  Tea Tree Oil (but I do say thanks to those who left the comments about it too) She says she uses it all the time for cuts and puts it in their shampoo.  One little bottle goes a long way and her's has lasted for two years.  She also told me that if I had a deep freezer, a trick they learned up North (Minnesota) was that a pharmacist told them in the winter to put their furniture out side in the snow for awhile and that would freeze any that may be on it, so she suggested that if I put my pillows and stuffed animals into the deep freezer and that may work the same way and be less work. Ofcourse my deep freezer is NOT hooked up and is on the wrong side of the garage for me to plug it in. But I thought I would pass that tip along.  I also asked her to check my head because I have NO ONE else to check it with Josh being gone.  She used to teach preschool and has family that are school nurses so she is a pro at it to say the least.  Good news is I am also Clean! And later in the day she was so sweet and came knocking on my door with a bottle of Tea Tree Oil and split it up with me for my shampoo that the kids use. She said it was at Wal-Mart for $5 and that is much cheaper than the health food stores.

I started stripping the beds and pillows and getting them in the wash and tried to keep the girls off the couches.  Then Zane came home from school and I figured he could help me mow the yard.  Believe it or not, I have NEVER mowed in my life.  I have tried everything in the book to get out of doing it but when it came down to it, IT HAD TO BE DONE, and soon since I am thinking we will get rain from the after effects of Rita.  Talk about a PAIN IN THE... but a good way to make you sweat and get a tan.  There is some satisfaction knowing I did something that is in my book A GUY'S JOB.  I know, I know that is not PC to say and I know many women who love to mow their lawns but I am girly girly sometimes and really.. I have to keep some chores for Josh to do.  I have A LOT of yard and that is not even including the parts I could not mow that is just seeded and still muddy and growing with the weeds. I got that part half done with the weed eater and may finish it tomorrow.  Zane was chomping at the bit to help.  I let him do a part on the side of the house (where no one will see) because I was not sure how he would do.  The sight of my almost 11 year old boy busting his hump with the mower somehow  made me proud.  Next time I will let him do more of the yard.  BUT NOTE TO SELF.. Wear proper clothing next time!  I thought I was being slick by wearing shorts and a tank top so I could get some sun.. besides being slightly burned (tisk I am normally good about sun screen) I had grass stuck with sweat in every possible place on my body.  Talk about an ITCHY DAY!  A shower never felt sooooooooooooo good.  I did use the shampoo with the Tea Tree Oil as a preventive measure and let me say.. that stuff STINKS!  Not real bad but bad enough.  It reminds me of an old musty closet at grandma's house.  But if it keeps the lice away I can handle it.. no one is going to be smelling my hair for awhile.

I have drowned on and vented enough for one late night but I just had to highlight a comment my mom made today on a past entry:

Comment Added
A comment has been posted to the Journal:
Hunybea's Open Journal
Remember... keep your pride in check Mary!
Comment from: piggiesmok
"Mary your grandmother was the bunko queen. She love to play bunko. it is in your blood my dear and you didnt even know it. Grandma used to have bunko parties where all her friends would come over to play. they had a group and took turns hosting it. and of course your mom got to fill in when ever they were short a player. Oh what fun.  Its a dice game by the way.
love ya mom"

I still don't know what Bunko is.. but apparently I have more royal blood in my vains then I was aware of LOL  I will have to tell those ladies at church who were talking about it at home group, who the princes of Bunko is and that they have to let me in on a game some time.

Just great.. a call from the nurse

One word.... LICE.

While You Were Out.. I redid my whole life...

I looked up on TLC's webpage for the While You Were Out's homepage and application.  Unfortunately they are not looking for people in my area right now.. but I may along the road send them a tape just for fun.  If I do you won't hear about it because they said it has to be ultra secret and if there is even a hint that you have let people know who are not in on the gag you will be out.  So I have been wracking my brain on a surprise for Josh... Lord knows I have plenty of time to do something BIG but low on the cash.

Inspiration hit me... I really need to stop watching the E Channel. (starting to see how having all these channels is EVIL LOL)  I happen to click on a show about how the Stars get in shape and stay healthy.  It was mildly informative but some what a motivator for me to THINK about my diet and maybe get into some exercise.  What a great thing it would be for Josh to come home after all that time away to ONE HOT MAMMA.. since he calls me that already I could actually look like it.

I have been loosing weight since we have moved.  It may be because of all the stairs we have now or the fact that I have had the runs on and off for a month (it must be the water out here) That red dress I wore for Neil Diamond was a bit big and that was a size 18 (but dang I still loooked good haha). I wore a size 16 dress to church Sunday (with my push up bra and squish it all in underwear) and got many complements about how I looked and was told I looked like I had lost weight by several people. All my clothes are in the 18-14 size range and if I can stay around 14 I would be happy.  I am not delusional and want to be model rail thin.. never have been and don't think I ever will be.  I am a voluptuous girl and can pull it off like Anna Nicole Smith (with out being all hoe about it)  but I want to be healthy too.

I have refused to step on the scale since Josh brought it in to the house at the beginning of summer when he was going on his "I want to loose weight" kick.  He did the T-Burn Combo thing and did loose inches but ofcourse he didn't stick to it and regained it back.  I don't want that to happen to me so I will not be doing any fad diet thing like I have in the past with Slim Fast diets.  I did go online and look at AOL'S Diet & Fitness homepage and read about Jorge Cruise's diet book and it did give me some good ideas I could do myself with out going out and buying a book and a bunch of equipment or joining a health club (but I do really miss my YMCA membership and the water aerobics I did there).

So here is my plan.

Get up the guts to get on the scale and see how much I really do weigh and take a Before Picture and measure my self.

Stop drinking soda. I drink diet soda now.. addicted to it actually but I am ready to let it go because I know the caffeine is not good for me (and the soda is been bad for my teeth).

Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

Eat more greens and veggies.. RAW not cooked. Raw veggies is better and has more nutrients in it. Switch to low-cal salad dressings.

Switch to soy Milk.. maybe.. will have to work up to that.

Do an 8 min morning work out.. exercising two different muscle groups each day. I want to get the free weights for this and read more about how to do it right but I know I can do a lot with just my stairs.  If I work out in the mornings it will give me energy for the rest of the day too and I can get more done around the house.  I may even work up to doing afternoon walks. So I will be getting up earlier in the mornings before the kids.. and that will cut into me being a night Owl and I will have earlier bed times.

Cut out all junk food and replace my snacking with veggies.

Cut down on my dairy.. cheese and sour cream.. you know all the good stuff.

That should be a good start.

I have changed my habits over the years to more healthy things.  Like I hardly ever fry food.. I almost hate the smell of it now.  I was on my mom about eating fried while I was there.  I am also not a big snacker anymore and really don't keep too much junk in the house but every now and then I will go on a binge.  I think what I need to work on is when I eat.  Right now I don't eat breakfast and hardly lunch but let dinner be my big meal.  I know I should work on eating smaller meals more close together during the day and not eat ANYTHING past 7:00 p.m. (that is an Ophra hint)

I have this big huge wall mirror in my master bathroom.  I hate it because I actually HAVE to look at myself now.  Standing in front of a mirror naked has worn on my self esteem some but I am starting to see I don't look that bad and with a little work I can loose this big flab I have from having 4 kids and my butt my or may not come back but at least I can work on the untoned muscles in my arms and legs and hope my chin (chins) will go too.  As you can see this is as much for me as it is for my husband " )

Any hints and tips you do yourself to stay healthy and fit and encouragement would be appreciated.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The fog will lift over my life and the Son will Shine again.

I am so bummed!  I had taken some really good pictures before Josh left yesterday only to find out... I forgot to put in the memory card in the camera.  How did I not catch that?!  I had taken pics of the aftermath of the big storm that blew threw here and some of Josh snoozing in his favorite chair in the living room and I also had gotten some family pics of the kids with Josh.  I was going to print the pics with Josh and the kids and send it to him but now I will have to figure something else out.

The above pics is #1 this morning showing how foggy it is (I had to drive the kids to school in that yuck) #2 our Webber grill in the home site next to ours, blown around from the storm #3 the grill the last time we cooked out #4 Josh being the master of the flame wearing the pirate apron I got him when I was on vacation.

Monday night we had this big storm blow threw with 85 mile hour winds.  It was a really neat light show too.  We were more concerned about our windows and back door that were leaking than the things we had in our back yard.  It didn't even occur to us that we should pull some stuff in from the yard.  When we woke up and happen to look out the back we were shocked to find that EVERYTHING was gone from our yard!  Our grill, 4 plastic chairs, the big planter that had rocks and kids toys in it, a big trash can and interesting of all the big plastic jungle gym.  We found the grill and it's lid and we found 3 of the four chairs, the trash can but the jungle gym is no where in sight and the big planter has yet to be found but I think I spy a ball here and there that belong to us.  I am just glad Sophia's big play car was in the garage and not the yard like it usually is.  I am waiting for it to be not as muddy before I go adventuring around to look for the missing items.

I am somewhat upset about our grill.  It was special because my mom gave it to us one year for our anniversary.  Josh really wanted a Webber and was so happy when mom gave it to us.  Josh told me to just drag it to the garage and he thinks he can fix it when he gets back.  It is only missing one leg.  LOL or we could use it as an excuse to get that big Green Egg cooker I have been seeing or a back yard fire pit.

I also wanted to say thank you to all the encouraging comments in my last entry about Josh going out of town for an extended amount of time.  Some of them had me in tears (good ones)  They really blessed me and were words of wisdom and truth that I needed.  I really do appreciate all of my readers and friends/family in J~Land.  And I am hoping to be able to get back to my regular reading soon and return the favor.  Things should be settling down here soon (haha ya right)

Monday we had a nice family night out (before the storm came threw)  We took the kids as soon as they got off the bus from school and went into town to see March Of The Penguins.  A very cute movie but the movie theater had HORRIBLE picture quality (we will NOT being going there again and will have to just travel further away for movies) I thought about my brother Tommy the whole time because he LOVES Penguins and I know he would of gone nuts over that movie.  I wonder if you can send posters to inmates in prison? Then we went out to dinner at a China Buffet.  Chinese food is always our for special or treat meal so we don't go too often.  No, it wasn't a date night out like I had really wanted but it was still great family time and that is what is important.

Monday and Tuesday Josh and I spent a lot of quality time together and him going threw the list of things I need to do or need to know about how to do while he is going to be gone. He showed me how to hang blinds since I have about 3 more rooms to do and he wrote down all the websites and passwords that he uses to pay some bills at.  I told him I would feel really comfortable if he called one of the guy friends and asked them to look in on us every once in a while.  I was teasing him by saying that way when they call I can pout like a girl and have some one mow my lawn or do the guy stuff I don't know how to do LOL  but no really I would feel safe knowing some one is looking out for us and praying for us too.  I don't know if he ever did call who he said he was going to.

Josh left last night after a good family dinner.  Life goes on but there is this big empty space in our lives till he returns to us.  We will be OK I know and I am not worried about all the little things like I was.  In a few weeks he will either take a day or two to come home or we will go and visit him.  He is about 75 miles away from my mom so if we do go for a visit we will for sure have to make the extra drive up to her and the rest of the family.

I am trying to think of a good project I can do while he is gone that will surprise him.  You know there are plenty of things I can do around here LOL.  Any one have any ideas?  I wish I could get that show While You Were Out to come in and help me LOL.. I'll have to check out their website or something.


Monday, September 19, 2005

Reality Bites..

After two full weeks of not working.. I mean very long, long days at home, my husband informs me this morning he is likely leaving town tomorrow for an 8 week job. 

I am having very mixed emotions about this right now.  Should I be doing the happy dance or should I be sobbing? 

Well at least next week my bank account will be doing the happy dance because right now it is sobbing from being over drawn and being charged up the wazooo in over drafts.

How am I going to live.. survive the next month and a half with out the love of my life, the heart of our family, the one who keeps it all running and going????!

The last two weeks have not been all sun shine to say the least.  We were apart almost for two weeks and then thrown together almost non stop for two weeks.  There has been a strange spirit on my home because of it.  We have just gotten out of the getting to knowing each other again and being able to stand the annoying things that bug us about each other stage and become comfortable with each other, only to be taken apart again.  And you know the money issue always puts some stress on a marriage but I tell you ever since we moved there has been this weird strain on the both of us.  Snapping at each other over little things and grumpy moods abounding.  And it didn't help that some one got in the habit of staying up late and sleeping down on the couch.(Funny how he would tear me a new one for doing that before and now he has started doing it) I also have had some internal issues with myself and God and have in a way pushed God away and kept him at arms length. Ofcourse I am just coming off of my period and that always messes with my emotions.. it seemed like the mood around here was just starting to improve.

Next month is something of an important month around here and I don't know how I am going to handle it all with out Josh around.  My son is turning 11 on the 12th.. a tweenager! Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up.. I have 3 kids in 3 different schools and we are not very happy with my son's school and some situations that have come up.  The plates on our van is up and some things need to be done to bring them up to date.  There are rumors about a neighborhood pick nickscheduled for October.. kind of a get to know your new neighbors sort of thing (there are a lot of newly built houses closing in Oct and Nov) We had wanted to do something about our backyard in the way of planting grass.. does he expect me to do all that myself?

Maybe if I scramble I can find a sitter for tonight so we can have some alone time.. a date night.. ughhh but wait.. we can't, we are BROKE, God's way of keeping us humble I believe.

I am very happy that he is finally going to get some steady work and we can catch up and maybe get a bit ahead.  I am just not thrilled about the fact that he has to be out of town and miss out on all these things that are going to be going on.  I am not sure I can stand it or that our marriage will hold up under him being a traveler.  And I know he feels the same way about leaving town.. happy about the work, sad about leaving.

What it is, is there has just been too many new things all at once.  New house and moving, New Job that takes him out of town more often, New schools for the kids,Me being out of town for a full week and coming home to new routines, basically a whole New Life. We are still adjusting and settling in.

Lord I am craving and needing your PEACE over all these things in my life.  Help!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Remember... keep your pride in check Mary!


WE had home group tonight... it was GREAT!  This is the first gathering we have had at our new house bedsides family.  We had 15 people total over (including kids) and all fit comfortable in the living room and the kids upstairs playing.  I was happy to give each couple a guided tour of our house.  Believe you me.. I busted butt cleaning today for this event!  My bedroom has never looked so good nor has my kids rooms.  To my surprise the most compliments were on how nice of a size my utility room (laundry room) was and my master bedroom closet.  I knew ever one would love how BIG my closete was but I was surprised by all the compliments on my laundr yroom.  If I had known I may of spent more time cleaning that part of the house (it is where the kitty litter is and a pile of laundry baskets) 

Josh is already teasing me about my pride.. but I think it is in check.. he just wants me to be that way lol.  I give total glory to God for the awesome home he has given us and marvel at how he has worked it all out.  But having some envious of us is somewhat nice for once, after living off what we did before.. not that we don't still live pay check to pay check (another entry for later for sure).

I was very uplifted by fellowship with others from my church.  It seems when ever I have been running dry fellowship and talking about God quenches what ever thirst I may have.  And besides there is always good food at home group.. lol  Josh made chili and other brought BBQ chicken wings and yummy nummy brownies and cookies. (I neeeeeeeeeeed chocolate right now if you know what I mean)

I was somewhat sad that my new neighbors didn't show up.  They were invited and had excepted the invitation.  I know they were home.  It was all I could do to stop myself from knocking on their door and asking them if they forgot.  Their loss, not mine.. maybe they just plain forgot (all though with all the other cars in our drive way how could they miss the gathering?) Anyway... I  had a wonderful time tonight and that is all that matters.  My soul is resorted and I got to get to know more about my friends from church.

Now if I can just get a game of Bunko started in my hood I will feel like I have made it.  (I have no clue what Bunko is.. from what I gather it is some clicky game some of the women I know play and it is hard to get inon LOL)

What are your spirtual gifts... another quiz.

Score Spiritual Gift Statement/Response

25 Prophet 002 = 5 024 = 5 046 = 5 068 = 5 090 = 5

23 Intercession 020 = 5 042 = 5 064 = 5 086 = 5 108 = 3

23 Helps 011 = 3 033 = 5 055 = 5 077 = 5 099 = 5

23 Healing 021 = 5 043 = 5 065 = 3 087 = 5 109 = 5

19 Evangelist 003 = 3 025 = 3 047 = 5 069 = 5 091 = 3

17 Hospitality 018 = 5 040 = 1 062 = 3 084 = 5 106 = 3

17 Faith 017 = 3 039 = 3 061 = 3 083 = 3 105 = 5

15 Exhortation 007 = 3 029 = 5 051 = 3 073 = 3 095 = 1

15 Knowledge 009 = 3 031 = 3 053 = 3 075 = 3 097 = 3

14 Pastor 004 = 1 026 = 0 048 = 3 070 = 5 092 = 5

14 Missionary 022 = 3 044 = 3 066 = 3 088 = 0 110 = 5

13 Apostle 001 = 3 023 = 1 045 = 3 067 = 5 089 = 1

13 Mercy 015 = 3 037 = 1 059 = 5 081 = 3 103 = 1

13 Teacher 005 = 5 027 = 1 049 = 3 071 = 1 093 = 3

13 Discernment 016 = 3 038 = 3 060 = 3 082 = 3 104 = 1

11 Wisdom 008 = 3 030 = 3 052 = 3 074 = 1 096 = 1

9 Craftsmanship 019 = 1 041 = 3 063 = 3 085 = 1 107 = 1

9 Giving 014 = 3 036 = 1 058 = 1 080 = 1 102 = 3

9 Leadership 012 = 1 034 = 1 056 = 3 078 = 3 100 = 1

9 Serving 010 = 3 032 = 1 054 = 1 076 = 1 098 = 3

5 Administration 013 = 1 035 = 1 057 = 1 079 = 1 101 = 1

4 Music 006 = 3 028 = 0 050 = 1 072 = 0 094 = 0    

This is a longer quiz.. about 15-20 min to take but well worth it and at the end of the quiz if you are not sure what a term means you can click on it for the definition.  I was surprised by Prophet but I knew Intercessor and Healer was one of my giftings (not that I operate in them as often as I should).

What is your giftings??  

What book of the Bible are you.. found this quiz to be very true!

You are Ephesians
You are Ephesians.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Time to come out of the cocoon.

Being a stay at home mom for the last ..hold on let me count..5 to 6 years, it goes with out saying my adult interaction has been some what limited.  And I have been fine and healthy with just having good friends online and at church and hanging with my family.  Where we lived before our house was in between two businesses so I didn't have neighbors to shoot the breeze with or gossip with or for that matter have issues with lol.  I won't say I purposely put myself into a cocoon and locked myself away from the world.  I have been out there, I have done stuff and interacted with live humans lol.  But building live in person relationships, friendships, I have been lacking. I have friends at church and they are family that I know I can depend on and call on anytime I need them but still sometimes I feel not as close as I can be to them. A realization came to me while visiting one of my friends in Wisconsin recently.. I have no friends like I used to.  I had so much fun hanging out with my old friends and being more than just MOM or that young lady with all the kids for awhile.  With them I could let a wall down or my guard of what I should or shouldn't say down.  Back home, amidst my new neighbors and ppl I am meeting I find myself guarding my tongue, wondering what I should or shouldn't say.. do I seem too friendly or am I not opening up enough or am I saying too much.

There is only one other family on my street right now but looking at the new houses going up I know that will change fast.  I am enjoying getting to know the family next door and you know how us women can be chatty. I try and shut up and listen to the stories my neighbor lady is telling me and not be rude and interrupt with my own that would relate well with what she just said.  I know how to be a good listener.  But don't get me wrong.. I love my neighbors but they are about 15 years older then us and I often find ppl who are really older than me somewhat look down at my less then vast life experience.  I often hear from new people that come in my life... oh you are so young and have such a big family.. how do you do it or what I say sometimes get overlooked because of my age.  Keep in mind this may just be ME and something in my mind but that is how I feel sometimes. 

I know there are going to be new people coming in and out of my life.  I have set it up in my mind that I want to be to official neighborhood greeter.. the welcome wagon.. you know the person that comes with the gift basket and says HEY, Welcome to the hood.. glad you are here.  I want close friendships and come out of this little cocoon I have allowed myself to be in for so long and emerge a social butterfly .  This means I must overcome my shyness and awkwardness that I have developed when dealing with the public.  It is so easy for me to type away at my computer and say what I mean in writing then when I am in person and have to say it vocaly.  Sometimes when I know a certain conversation is going to come up I practice it in my head of what I want to say or can articulate it much better if I have writen on it in my journal first. (silly huh)

My fear is ofcourse rejection, not being good enough, not being wanted, the true me not getting across, being looked at as that wack-o neighbor you want to avoid, people talking and gossiping about me behind my back. I am also somewhat insecure about the way I look (weight and my teeth). I have been out of school for a long time now but still remember the sting of being on the outside of the click.  But I know that God has placed me and my family here for a purpose and reason and that can trump all fears that may come.  I know up front that not every one is going to love me or even like me.  And if I remember how God sees me and loves me and remind myself of his love for me and everyone else and that I can show that love to others I think I may be able to fly with the butterfly wings he has given me.  I know he has put these desires on my heart and I should stop hiding in this cocoon.


Tomorrow is home group.  That is when people from church get together and just hang out and have a small devotional and then ofcourse food.  It is set up where you can bring new ppl who may not come into a church but will go and visit and also so we can get to know each other better.  We are hosting this month for our group.  It is exciting to have people out to the new house and show off the blessings God has given us.  I have invited our neighbors and they have said they will come so I am also excited about that.  I know they are Christians (Baptist) and will enjoy the company.  But I have so much to do to get ready and I have been lazy this week lol.  There is some arranging of the house I still want to get done and some more unpacking and then there is the grocery shopping we need to do and cooking.  I think we are going to make chili in the crock pot.  Josh has been home from work all this week and that is an entry in of it's self but he can help when properly motivated with the house stuff.  : )

Time to fly...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finnaly! I can post pictuers from my trip.

Me in that red dress I found in my closet.  My mom took the pics and it is bad lighting.. but you get the idea.  Maybe Josh will take me out one of these days and I can wear it again and get a better pic.

I was just testing out to see if YGP is working or not.  I have not been able to get a pic to upload for a week now.  I'll post more later if this works from the trip.  I wanted to get some pics from the concert but mom gave me a hard time about wanting to sneek one and was her motherly self afraid that if I did I would be kicked out.  So I don't have any of the show lol  the one bellow is from the review taken that night at the show from an offical reporter (sheesh.. some ppl get all the good jobs)

Here are a few Neil Diamond links.. one with a review of the concert I went to.

Concert review

Awsome fan site with concert updates. I am.. I Said.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Who knew I would feel this way..

We had to take our kitty to the vet for a shot.. routine stuff, no big deal.  Sophia was with me as we drove him in our van.  Gabe does not like car rides or being in boxes and yowled the whole way.  Sophia had her fingers in her ears by the time we got to the Vet.  Surprisingly we were 15 min. early for our appointment and were shown a room right away after they weighed him.  He weighs 5.1 pounds.  He has no adult teeth yet so they figure he is not quite 4 months old but if we went his weight they could of figured 5 months.  Apparently cats gain a pound a month after being born but I have a big boy for his age.  And no he is not over weight.. just large and in charge lol.  Also she said he looked like he may be a Siemens mix from his markings.  Just my luck, I read that breed is more prone to food allergies but that would explain why he gets such gas when ever we fed him wet food lol. 

I felt like I was taking one of my children to their doctors appointments and dreading the shots I knew was to come.  We waited for over an hour to get it done!! By that time Sophia and Gabe were so restless and board and my patience was running thin. It seems Vets and Pediatricians are the same in the sense they like to see how long they can keep you waiting!  As the Vet and her assistant held my kitty by his scruff and stretched him out to administer the shots I held Sophia close to me trying so we both would not look.  Gabe to say the very least put up a good fight and made a lot of noise.  It was hard to handle for all of us and I was surprised by how I felt so anxious for him.. could this be love? LOL

I have not had a pet other than fish since I was 15 and lived with my grandma. A white kitty named Mickey who was the bribe my mom used to keep me quiet about moving. Since then I have been indifferent towards having a pet. Sure I thought about having one would be nice but  I thought people were nuts for going all goo goo gaa gaa over their pets.

As Gabriel gave me looks of hell and meowed all the way home I felt almost like crying.  As he sleeps in his kitty bed now I am protective over him telling the kids to leave him alone and let him rest and I feel guilty for having to inflict pain on him but just like when my kids have to get shots, it is for his own good.  Maybe I can bribe him with a treat later and get back on his good side and convince him to lay in bed with me tonight. Yes.. I am his Mamma now and Josh is called his Daddy.  We have become one of those ppl who have elevated thier pet to child status. 

AND NOOOO MOM.. we are not going to go nuts like you with your cat Smokey and celebrate birthdays with him LOL but I am more inclined to maybe take your suggestion and give him a Christmas gift with the other children.

Oh gawwwshhhh  how is it going to be when we get a dog?!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Bitter & Bringer of Joy.. seems to be a controdiction there but put together describes Me well..

Mary Hebrew :Bitter

You are charming: , talented and have a very positive attitude to life so it is hardly surprising that you attract success and recognition. Focused and patient you understand that material rewards are a result of discipline. Being so creative and with a need for self-expression you may be drawn towards the arts, travel is also likely to be important. A loyal friend, you are a person who must be allowed freedom and independence.                              

Bea:  Bringer of joy : Latin  

A strong leader with a powerful influence and executive ability you exude determination, discipline and effort. Financial success is very likely because of this. People follow you because you are inspirational and original yet still realistic. Your ambition, courage and drive means that you rarely give up on a goal and with your sound judgement, organisational skills and resourcefulness you are able to accomplish anything.


Mary Bea:

Very much the individual you have enormous energy and vision and must find a suitable use for your talents. You have great potential for success in business if you can guard against indecision and worry. Your generous nature means that you are never short of friends and with cooperation your relationships can be very rewarding. Perseverance and firm decision making will ensure you achieve your objectives.  


What does your name say about you??

I'v Been Tagged..!!!

Going threw my e-mails I have discovered I have been tagged.. twice now!  Geee thanks Tammy and Kristina.. I feel loved : )  And what was this I read about a Sunday 7 game over at Pat's Place??? Does that mean the Saturday Six is gone?? I am so far behind... anyway here is my answers for Tammy and Kristina.


7 Things I plan to do before I die:

1.  Go to collage

2.  Be a teacher

3.  Quit Smoking 

4.  Finish unpacking my house (lol)

5.  See my children grow up into healthy adults

6.  Write a book

7.  Be a missionary (starting in my home, then my neighborhood and then where ever the Lord leads me)

7 Things I can do:

1.  Type at least 90wpm.. when I am warmed up

2.  Lead prayer groups praying in Jesus Name (well that is more the Lord leading then me but I have no prob stepping out and praying over people and am starting home prayer groups for the local schools here with Mom's In Touch International)

3.  Stand at abortion mills with out fear and speaking the TRUTH about how abortion hurts women and not helps (speaking from experance)

4.  When called upon.. I can do public speaking and not be shy (if I have fair warning lol Speech was one of my fav classes in school) 

5.  Pack up a house and move with out one dish being broken

6.  Start a camp fire

7.  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best 

7 Things I can't do:  * I can do all things threw Christ who strenthens me but aside from that here are some things that I fall short on..

1.  Cook well

2.  Sew

3.  Reach mytop cabnet with out a step stool (hate being short)

4.  Properly use hand tools

5.  Carry a tune in a bucket (sing on key)

6.  Clap my hands on beat 

7.  Let people down with out major guilt

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex: 

1.  Maturity in Christ

2.  A love for the Word of God

3. Deep Eyes

4.  Long flowing hair (you should see Josh in our wedding pics lol)

5.  Can and will hold a job

6.  Deep sence of resposibity towards family and commuinty

7.  Knows how to please a women in and out of the bedroom " )

7 Things I say most often: 


2.  For Real

3.  As If

4.  PLeasssssssse


6.  Jesus IS the Lover of My Soul

7.  Sophia! Lilly! Anne Marie!  Zane!

7 Celebrity Crushes:

Currently I can say I have none.. but in the past...

1.  Corey Feldmen

2.  Antono Banderaze

3.  Chris from The Black Crowes (must of been the hair)

4.  Will Smith

5.  Tom Petty

6. Marky Mark

7.  Donny from NKOTB

7 People I want to do this:


Sunday, September 11, 2005

A quick one..

Getting ready for church and printing out a map to our house and listening to the FNC.  Can you believe it has been 4 years already and today is 9/11/05?!  I wish I had the time to get into my thoughts and memories and do it all justice but this is just a quick update.

I can't seem to get my picuters loaded that I have planned on doing entries about in the last few days.. thus no entries. LOL.  I have been busy busy with getting the house together and getting back into routine and any time I sit to do an entry I get side tracked.  My mail box is over flowing and I just cant get caught up. 

I feel joy and frustration at the same time.  I feel hurts and disapointments but I just have to remember we dont live by our feelings but by faith.  I am sick of doing mundane things that get me no where in this life and want to get back to the meat of life.  I am weary and am waiting for my Lord.  Come quickly Lord.. we long deeply for your return!  Prepare us.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

At least I have a home to come home to!! Please note these prayer requests.

I am planning on doing two separate entries today. One about my trip and home coming and this one to focus on my thoughts about the Hurricane and the prayer requests I have received.

I must confess before I have had something of a hard heart towards those effected by what I see as a judgment passed down from God because of America's pushing for Israel's kicking out of it's own citizens from their homes and dividing up the land for a so called Peace.  When I saw it happing on the news and reading about the forceful evictions I said as I shook my head with sadness that God would not stand for this and that a judgment would be coming to our own nation because we had a part in it.  Those who bless the Jews will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed. (Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.) How many of our own citizens have in a sense now been evicted by God from their own homes??

 Does America not know there are consequences for her blatantly allowing such foul things as witch craft and the celebration of sodomy in her streets and public squares and turning a blind eye to the murder of innocent children in the womb.. shedding of innocent blood on our land and for us forgetting our God who brought our nation to the power and blessings she now enjoys so much?  New Orleans was a city that openly invited such things into her city.

How can you not look at the video and pictures and not shutter and have a new respect and fear of the Lord?  And the sad thing is there was plenty of warnings that this was coming.  The wise fled while they could and the foolish stayed to wait it out. An area of our country utterly and completely destroyed.  Accounts say the only way to describe it is it is like a war zone and 3rd World conditions.. HERE IN AMERICA.. HOME OF THE FREE AND LAND OF THE BRAVE.. ONE NATION UNDER GOD.  And in usual American fashion no one wants to take responsibly but go right into the blame game.  America look into yourself and examine yourself, repent and turn your heart to God.  I fear this is just an installment of what is to come if we do not.

That being said my heart has soften and I do weep for all my fellow Americans.  Seeing the news stories, one after another of those who are homeless, thirsty, hungry, hurting, in desperate need of some relief, how can any one not weep and want to do something.. anything.  They have become the least of these in our nation and we have a responsibility to help in what ever way we can in the aftermath.  The church, those who claim to be God's people should be apart of the first responders.  It is not the government's job to take care of these people themselves but those who have the means and the blessings to do so.  Jesus said as you have done to the lest of these you have done unto me and what you have NOT done unto the least of these you have NOT done unto me.

I am praying about what my family and I can do and I ask you to do the same.  I feel a burden on my heart so heavy.  I look around at my beautiful new BIG home and am thankful for this blessing.  I had an idea when he opened the door for us to have this house that there was more to it then just us having a wonderful home but that we would sometime later be called upon to share with those who need help in the End Times.  Please pray for us as I know God will be sending a family to stay with us soon, I just don't know all the details yet but He does.

Here is just one of the many e-mails I have received from the updates about the churches my church is affiliated with and how they have been effected and their needs and prayer requests.  Please pray over them as the Lord leads you.

> Katrina Report
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> FYI and prayer list-the following is information as we have it and
> I wanted
> to share it with our co-workers.

> Sam Clements

> Information is still very sketchy at this time but as communication
> is
> restored and overseers can get into areas and assess damage we will
> keep you
> updated.


> Knowing that you are praying for the victims of Hurricane Katrina,
> I want to
> pass on updates to you as we receive them from our overseers.  Some
> of you
> have friends and family in the affected areas.  We will compile a
> list of
> needs and prayer requests as they are received.  Any information
> you may
> receive that you want to sharewith us for this list will be
> appreciated.

> *         Notes from Brother Berseygay-As of this morning due to
> lack of
> telephone service he had been unable to talk directly with our
> people to get
> assessments but requests that our people be kept in prayer.

> *         Brother Ben Feliz called, he, too is having difficulty
> reaching
> our pastors and members.  He was quite sure our church in Metairie,
> Louisiana was damaged but said he would have to confirm later.

> *         Brother L.V. Jones writes:
> "Compared to the damage in MS and LA, AL is very blessed.  All of
> our people
> are safe.  The Mobile
> (Chickasaw) church sustained minor damage.

> Our Bayou La Batre suffered the most damage.  This is a small
> fishing town
> located on Mobile Bay and flooding
> occurs during storms such as Katrina.  Our church and parsonage had
> 2 -3
> feet of water inside.  The church does have
> insurance on both properties.

> I am in contact with the Pastors and plan a trip to that area when
> such is
> practical.  At this time I would be in the way; also, a strict
> curfew is in
> effect.

> Thanks for your concern.  I have conveyed that to the people.

> L V Jones

> *         Brother Fred Lawson writes:
> Fellow Workers:

> I have not been able to communicate the last few days because of no
> electrical or phone services.  My cell phone has been out too.
> Today is
> Wednesday and I am still without electricity.  We have no way of
> cooling the
> house.  Our food in the refrigerator has perished.  There were
> several big
> tree limbs down in the yard.  I had to drive all the way to Monroe,
> LA. to
> get batteries and food, etc.  I was able to get a chain saw to cut
> up limbs.
> All in all we are very fortunate here in Jackson.  Everything south
> of us is
> much, much worse.

> I have not been able to get in touch with any of our people in the
> South.
> All phone lines are down and all roads going south (49, 59, and 55
> south)
> are closed except for emergency personal, etc. The Picayune church
> was at
> ground zero, but I have not heard any reports.  I did hear that our
> church
> in Gulfport, which is only four blocks from the beach was spared
> with only
> two windows broken out,  I don't know anything about the Moss
> Point, Pedal,
> Piave churches.  Please keep the areas in your prayers.

> The one thing that will be needed for some time is generators.
> They can't
> keep them in stock here and besides the prices are out of sight.
> One place
> wanted $2,700 for one.

> I am using my lap top to send this email and power is about to run
> out. As
> soon as I can get to a place with electricity and when I hear from
> our
> people in the South I will be in touch.

> Thank you for your concern and prayers.

> Sincerely,
> Fred A. Lawson
> Mississippi Church of God of Prophecy
> State Bishop



> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Remember that all of these areas are in our prayers. 

>  International Women's Ministries

> P.O. Box 2910
> Cleveland, TN  37320-2910
> Office: 423-559-5336
> Fax: 423-559-5339

Friday, September 2, 2005

20000 and Step On A Crack, Break Yo Mamma's Back..

I just noticed my counter was about to hit 20000.. wow..  And Sophia learned that song while visiting down here so we have been avoiding side walk cracks all week and that tune is stuck in my head LOL


Just settling in for the night at my Mom's.  We are going to leave at 4:00 a.m. back home to MO.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I MISS MY FAMILY AND MY HOUSE!!! LOL This has been a wonderful week with many activities and visiting with friends and family, with just a few just dramas.  Nothing like that mess down south from the hurricane. But I have seen gas here go up by more than a dollar!  When it was first going up there were mega long lines.. you would of thought it was 1970something. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do with that story.. I have been away from the t.v. for most of the week but I hear it was terrible.. worst on record.  I have many thoughts on why God would allow such deep judgment on the U.S. and to that particular area too.  but for another entry.. this is just a quickie.

The  concert was GREAT!  I danced my booty off and sang my lungs out!  Just doesn't make sense sitting at a concert you know!  Ya.. ya.. so what there was mostly 50 and 60 year olds there lol I bet they felt like teenagers again even if it was for that short time and were all on their feet too. Neil puts on an awesome show.  And nooooooooo  he didn't pick ANY ONE to come up on the stage this time.. but I bet if he was gonna it would of been ME! LOL I'll post pics later when I am home.. I have tonssssssssss of them.

I miss my children and husband and kitty like crazy.  Josh did get called out of town for work while I was gone and the inlaws stayed at my house with the kids for the week.  It all worked out o.k.  More ranting and raving about that when I get home.  Josh will prob not be there when I get back but should be there by Sunday night (big sad pout face here)  I can't wait to hold my children close and kiss my dear husband and let my kitty attack my feet at night while I am trying to sleep.  And I can't wait to get back to my house.  What was I a nut or what for leaving home in the first place!!  NOW EVERYONE can come and  visit me!!  I don't think I want to leave home for a very very very very very longgggggggg time.

But like I said, I am having a very nice time here too.  Monday was the Neil Diamond concert.  Tuesday we drove and drove and visited my brother in prison. Wed and Thursday I hung out with my friends here and did some sight seeing and shopping and Friday evening I went to my Aunt Carol's and saw her and my cousins,their kids and Uncle Dale and my dad's brother, Uncle John.  I was sooooooo shock and sad to find out that my Uncle Dale had a heart attack two months ago and no one told this side of the family. He is in some bad shape.  When it happen he lost oxygen to his brain and so there is some brain damage.  Keep him in prayers as he recovers.  And now time for the big drive home. 

Catch up with every one after the Holiday Weekend.