Friday, April 18, 2008

Felt the Earth move under my feet...

At 4:30 in the morning I was dreaming about my man... that shaking I thought *blush* was part of the dream.   I didn't even know we had an earthquake until I got in the shower and heard the DJ on my radio talking about it.  But I know people who were woken up and were shocked badly.   After all you don't expect to have earthquakes in MO!  Sure they talk about the possibility but its been forever since we actually had one that you could feel.

I did feel a tiny bit the second one later in the morning but it really was of no consequence.  I don't think I want to find out what a BIG one is like... ugh this is why I don't live on the west coast!

Anyway, hubby is going to be home very soon now and the Only Earth moving I want to experience is in the bedroom hehehe.

T minus 10 hours... Mary's going to get some

9;00 p.m. tonight, Josh is going to  barely be able to get out of the airport parking lot before getting attacked by his wife. : )

I am on the verge of going bonkers.  I told my hubby last week he HAS to come home this weekend.. no if ands or buts.  It's only been a few weeks but it feels like months.  And that book my friend gave me called Red Hot Monogamy didn't help lol only made it worse for me.  That is not a book to be reading when your spouse is out of town lol.

All week we have been doing this big build up, sending dirty texts to each other, among other things I shall not repeat *gig like a school girl*  Saturday we are have dinner reservations at this French restaurant and winery and a room booked with extend check out time and a king size bed with chocolate and wine.  Oh ya this weekend is purely about one thing.  Ha ha aint no shame in that, we are married lol.

Oh ya.. the kids might get to see him for a minuet too.  And if I can hold off some family drama till Monday I am going to have an awesome time.

10 hours to go..

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Feeling Blessed

I just have to write an entry about God's faithfulness and praise him for all he is doing.  By the skin of my teeth my electric was able to avoid disconnection.  I was stressing over it, because I didn't think I would have the money untill Friday to go towards the bill and the disconnection date was yesterday.  Ofcourse I could of and should of asked for help with it but um maybe it was pride or just knowing how everyone else's funds are low too I couldn't bring myself to.  I called the electric company Monday to see about making an arraignment (I hear ppl do it all the time) and ask if they could wait till Friday when I could pay the bill in full... but who ever answered in INDIA (don't get me started about that) was not very helpful on that front and said I didn't qualify (maybe he just didn't understand what I was trying to say cuz I sure had a hard time understanding him.. ugh again don't get me started).  So when the electric was still on yesterday and this morning I was happy for the bit of grace.  I checked my bank account balance before I left for work this morning and very happy to see my pay check was deposited early!!!  And there for I was able to pay on my bill, in the nick of time too... they said the order for disconnect was already out in the field.

See it's little things like this that I see his hands on, not just the big miraculous.  For some it maybe just a coincidence, for me it is my God taking care of me and my family's needs.. on his time table ofcourse.

Also this morning I got a chance to call into a radio program and comment on the clip of Oprah they had played in regards to what some are calling her new age church (google it or look it up on youtube or godtube).  I was commenting on the fact that she said faith and God, is a feeling that you don't have to believe in one particular book or theology but on your feelings towards a higher power.  My comments are you can not base your belief system on feelings or interpit the Bible on feelings.. because feelings change day to day, they are inconsistent and can be wrong.  But God is The same yesterday, today and Forever, he never changes.  Sometimes I don't FEEL like I am forgiven, and there was a time when I FELT I needed to do good works to enhance my salvation or earn my way to heaven but I now know that despite how I felt, what Jesus Christ did on the cross paid it all in full and I can not add to what he did by doing good deeds or take away from what he did when I fall short... IT IS FINISHED.  His grace is sufficient!! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I cry every time I see this video because it is so my story! This was me and this is what Jesus did for me (and you)!













































































Saturday, April 5, 2008