Friday, December 31, 2004

Small year in review and what is in store for next year...

Here are some pics from over this last year.  It is funny, when you don't have it all infront of you it seemed like an uneventful year, but thinking back and looking at the pics I see that really it was a big year for me.  I look forward to next and all it has in store for me and my family.

I don't do resolutions much but I have some thoughts of what I would like to see happen this next year.

#1 I have been challanged, by more than a few ppl to read the Bible in one year.  I have read threw most of the Bible in my studies but I think there is one or two books that I may of just glossed over.  I am going to make an effort to push threw and get deeper into God's Word this year.  Any one want to do this one with me? Let me know and maybe we can study together.

#2 Set aside more prayer time and get my online prayer group more active.  I also would like to get more involved with MIT (Mom's In Touch, a prayer group for local schools)

#3 Stay focused on the Lord and less on Worldly things.. (keep me accountable on this friends if you see me loosing it lol)

#4 Get Lilly ready for Kindergarden and start preparing Sophia also.

#5 Start doing the ground work for me going back to school. See what needs to be done and what classes I can take online.

#6 Finish and maybe get published my Book. (that makes me sound smart lol)

I would say loose weight and quit smoking but as Josh says resolutions are made to be broken and if I make those resolutions I am sure they will be just broken in a week.  Those are things I will work on in baby steps.  I would like to keep loosing weight, and that is just a factor of drinking more water and staying away from junk and getting more active.

I pray that everyone has a Blessed year and a safe night tonight.  We are just staying in and watching some movies.  Riley may come over, but he is on the fence as always.


Thursday, December 30, 2004

My son, who I am well pleased with.. he touches my heart so much

This is Flat Zane.. for his Flat Stanely Project from school.  That is my mom and her husband holding him at an anv. party for one of my cousins a few months ago.  Zane had sent his flat self to my Aunt in Tomahawk and they  have been sending pics to his class of all the fun stuff they have been doing with him.  Everytime Zane sees his pic he says "I can't draw"  But I think it is cute.

Last night we watched a special on ABC about all that was happening in Asia.  Like many I had not seen pics or video of the disaster and it wasn't until then it all sunk in how exstensive it was.  I let my son watch it with me, the girls was off playing with thier dolls as they often do when the news comes on.  Not Zane.  He is intrested in EVERTHING, from current events to ancent history and loves to watch the news with me when I do watch it.

My sweet sweet son, so sensitive.  He was on the verge of bawling when he saw the damage and the count of all the dead.  Seeing him cry for those he would never meet and who lived so far away, touched me and made me feel guilty that I did not have the same compassion.  He asked," MOM can we send something to help? What can we do?!  I want to send them food or water or money, something!" "Ohh Zane, that is a wonderful idea, but the best thing of all we can do for them is to pray for them", is what I said.  "Then let's pray right now for them Mom.. pray with me and help me to pray."

You don't know how that touches me deeply, that my son has such a heart for others and I know his prayers are honest and he has that faith, that child like faith that we all should strive for.  We prayed for the Lord to comfort all the surviors, to help them, to show them His love threw out all this and that what was ment for harm, good would come.  That God would use this situation to bring others to him and wake others up to the times we are living in, that all of creation longs and groans for his return.

When my son asks why mom, why did this happen or was allowed to happen, I told him the truth.  We live in a cursed world, because sin is in it.  And I told him to read Mat 24 (like I told you all to) and showed him that these are part of the signs of the end times and to expect much worse to come soon.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Matthew 24:3 Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming?

I encourage everyone to read Mathew 24.. and compare those things he speaks of to today's news.. and tell me we are not living in the end times.

Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

Cults that lead ppl to believe on different gospels and a different Jesus

Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

'Um.. just flip on any news channel for wars and rumors of wars.

Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

Matthew 24:8 All these [are] the beginning of sorrows.

The recent Tsunami is just one of many disasters we have seen in '04.. remember the earthquake in Iran that killed so many.. and Statistically in the last 100 years natural disasters have increased and are on the rise.. I do not need to remind ppl of all those Hurricanes we just had.

Matthew 24:9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.

Taking Christ out of Christmas.. and that is just a symptom of what is going on in this country, you don't know the persecution Christians face world wide, those who literally are killed because they believe in Jesus Christ.

Matthew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

With technology and media and world travel becoming easier you are hard pressed not to find a nation that has not received the news about Jesus Christ.. there may be a small few still, but be assured missionaries are on their way.

And these are just a few things from this chapter that I can point out on the fly and with charter limit.. more will come.. so go and read it yourself and wake up, don't be fooled.

Choose this day whom you shall serve because he is coming, the question is, is he coming to bring you home with him, or will you be left to face God's wrath upon the Earth?


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

More Pics

I believe the kids got everything on their list.. good thing for Grandparents huh?  I wish the gift opening pics had turned out better.. but you can still see the joy on their faces.

I did get a beautiful coat from Josh. The pic doesn't do it justice.  I just got him sweat pants... heehe well that is not true.. I did get him a naughty but nice gift but I can't take a pic of that now can I?!

As you can see from all the pics we really enjoyed having my sister here and all the kids.  When I am feeling better I will share all the fun stories.


Exausted.. Christmas is over!!

Yaaahhh it is over! lol 

Here are some pics with all our decorations and some of the happings around our house over Christmas. Most of my pics did not turn out from opening gifts.  I NEED TO GET A FLASH for my camera!  I did the best I could on editing but I am still not happy. I think I need to break the pics up into two posts so these first few will be decorations and the next post will be more of the family.

I could write a big long detailed post but I am just so tiered plus I have come down with something.  I have been sick since Christmas Eve.  But I think I am starting to improve.  I have stayed away from the computer all weekend long.  My son wanted me to help him with a news letter for some club he wants to start.. I told him sorry honey, I just want to lay in bed and dont even want to look at a computer.. then Josh was trying to get the fax matchine feature in our puter to work and asked me how to scan documents.. sorry baby but I am sick you have to do it with out me BUT DONT MESS UP MY COMPUTER! LOL

You know Mary is really sick when she doesn't want to go near a computer.  But my hubby and kids have been taking good care of me I must say.  Yesterday I got to lay around all day and let the kids trash the house with all the gifts they got.  Josh made me soup in bed after he got home from work and some cold meds.

I will have to get Josh to take some pics of me and my  new hair color... Marcy did it Sat night.  I love it.  More like my girlhood natural color lol.  But you will just have to wait to see.

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas or what ever occasion you celebrate at this time of year.  I will try and catch up with all the entries you have made.. but sheeeshh I have 163 e-mails and most of those are alerts!

I feel so rich in the Lord and am bubbling over still with joy for all he has done for me and my family.

enjoy the new song.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Did I say I was Blessed?? Well, I am really really really BLESSED!

See my babies???!! Those are my nieces.  The twins and Jasmine.. Alesia is not in these pics but I am sure you will see some of her soon lol.

They are here and that is part of the blessings.

But God doesn't stop there.  No, he has to pile it on!

Cleaning up before my company came in I was going threw papers on the counter and desk.  Mostly bills that didn't get filed away and some unopened mail. *tisk*  I see an unopened envelop from the cell company Josh org. had before he switched to Nextel.  I thought oh great, that is from over a year ago, I swear we paid the whole $5 we owed lol Josh was NOT with them that long.  I open it up ready to rant but be still my heart...


It was dated for November, so it had been sitting there for awhile.  I almost threw out the mail with out looking at it! I could not believe it.  It had to be a mistake.  I made Josh call to verify it.  A deposit that never got paid back to us? I don't know but the check is good! It is funny.  Josh and I was talking  earlier yesterday about the electric bill and when we should pay it.  We are a bit behind.  Something told me inside not to worry about it that money would come in.  And here it is. Now Josh can get a better coat for work so he doesn't freeze his buns when he is working out side.. and I may be able to sneak in some shopping today along with my grocery shopping... Yaaaah!  Some may not see that as anything more than me being stupid and not opening our mail in a timely manor but I see it all as a blessing from the Lord.  His timing is perfect.

But he doesn't stop there!!

Last night before bed time I got a call from Nancy.  She goes to our church and we are friends with her and her husband.  At first I thought she called to tell me it was ok that I forgot to clean church this week, I had been talking about it with Tracy earlier so it was on my mind. But no she went to explain that her son David (the one I did the graduation picture project for) had entered a raffle that benefited Make A Wish Foundation.  He had entered several times putting different peoples names in and one of them was ours.  Our name had been picked for the big prize.. an air hockey table!  She said we didn't have to keep it if we didn't want it or didn't have the room, that we could sell it or put it up on E-Bay.  I told her that was great, the older kids would love.  Depending on it's size I am sure we have room in our basement for it.  She said she would wrap it up since it was still in the box and her husband would bring it by today.  It is going to be a surprise gift for the kids from "Santa".

And he doesn't stop there...

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless, I will just call this friend my Secret Santa, well this friend told me earlier this week that they got me a gift and it is on it's way.  A jacket.  A much needed one I may add.  Just that this friend would think of ME and get something for me from their heart makes me want to cry.  When I explained to her that I thought my husband was getting me one, she told me not to worry, that I needed two coats.  One for nice and one for everyday.  Not the reaction I am used to.  I figured it would of hurt some one's feelings and some one would make a big deal over double gifts.  But this friend just saw that I needed something and they was able to get it for me.

I am just overwhelmed by how the Lord has been piling it on, blessing us in so many different wonderful ways.  In little things and in big.  I know it is Christmas time and for some that is the time for miracles, but The Lord blesses me year round and gives me miracles everyday.  I am so thankful and humbled by him. 

Some one been praying for ME??? Because I know I did not ask for all these wonderful things.  Thank you.  And thank you Lord for you are the source of it all, all good gifts flow from you.

I pray that each of my friends and also those who I may not be as close to, will feel as blessed as I am over this time set aside to Celebrate Your Birth and Your Love.              


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Getting Ready.. Queen of Procrastination and Wed. Word List in a sentance.

My biggest accomplishment yesterday was getting all the clothes folded that was upstairs.  That is not talking about the ton that is sitting on top of the dryer still.  I have been dealing with sick kids.  Yesterday I woke up to Annie barfing in her bed and then when Lilly woke up she joined in the chorus of puke.  I had them separated from Sophia and Zane all day and catered to them as they laid in my bed watching toons.  They seem to be fine today, now if I could just get them to clean their room!  And then this morning I woke up to Sophia screaming in the bathroom that she had pooped in her 'jammies.  They was the zip up feetie kind and yes she did make a big mess.   Thought you would enjoy those visuals.

Today is the big day already! My sister is coming with all her kids and will any luck Greg too.  I still have tons to do before they get here.  I have to wash all the floors, clean the upstairs bathroom, more dusting, I should clean out my refrigerator (yuck), make up the guest room, make a grocery list and with any luck go shopping if Josh's check comes in the mail today.  It is about a 7-8 hour drive down here from Milwaukee, so I have some time but it is running out.  Here is a link to the three part entry about my sister and the last Christmas she came to visit with her kids and about my niece's kidnapping.  So you can see how special it is for me that she is trying to come down again for another Christmas.  This time she is driving and not taking public transpiration, and I HOPE Greg will come this time and not make her do it alone again.

I am giving the trash man till noon and if he is not here by then I am calling.  We are having prob's with our service, mostly because I didn't pay the bill, but it is all paid up and I was assured service this week.  You can not imagine how much trash our family of 6 accumulates in two weeks!  I would take a pic of our curb where it is waiting for pick up but it is too embarrassing.  I bet the passerbys think we are moving and throwing out a lot of junk lol nope.

So with all I have to do, why am I on here!!! I had to clean out all my mail before the weekend and I want to chance the song in my journal.. coming soon. Plus I decided to take the advice in some one journal that said, TAKE A VACCATION FROM STRESS! Or how I interpret that, just don't care if things are not perfect.  And then I saw Pat's Wednesday Word List!  He pimped me out! aww I feel like such a hoe now.. jk.  My husband gets annoyed with that J~Land term for linking journals, he is always FYI, Pimp and Pimping are not good things.

Normally along with the Sat. Six I try and use Pat's Wed. Word List in a sentence.  I learned in school the best way to learn a word is to write it out 10 times and also to use it in a sentence. And Pat comes up with some wacky, way out there ones.  But since I don't plan on being online on Sat. (Josh would kick my butt) I will not procrastinate and do it now.

Annie was a BURDALANE because her family was killed in a car accident and that is why she was in the orphanage before Daddy Warbucks adopted her.

An ERGOPHILE and an EYESERVANT are complete opposite kinds of people and often will not get along well in the work setting. 

Everyone knew that he was a PORNOGENARIAN and would not invite him over when little children would be around.

My brother fancied himself as a PSEUDOLOGIST and it was hard to keep up with his lies.  It is no wonder he is spending this Christmas in jail, again.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


(form the laugh and lift mailing list)

YOU are invited to a Party that's out of this world!

You Are Cordially Invited To: A Birthday Celebration!

Guest of Honor: Jesus Christ.

Date: Every day. Traditionally December 25, but He's always around, so the date is flexible.

Time: Whenever you're ready, (please don't be too late, though; or you'll miss out on all the fun).

Place: In your heart . . . He'll meet you there (you'll hear Him Knock).

Attire: Come as you are . . . grubbies are okay. He'll be washing our clothes anyway. He said something about new white robes and crowns for everyone who stays till the last.

Tickets: Admission is free. He's already paid for everyone . . . (He says we would not have been able to afford it . . . it's cost Him everything He had!!).

Refreshments: New wine, bread and a far-out drink He calls "living water" . . . followed by a supper that promises to be out of this world!

Gift Suggestions: Your heart. He's one of those people who already has everything else. (He's very generous in return though . . . just wait until you see what He has for you).

Entertainment: Joy, Peace, Truth, Light, Life, Love, Real Happiness, Communion with God, Forgiveness, Miracles, Healing, Power, Eternity in Paradise, and much more! (All rated "G" so bring your family and friends).

Party Being Given By: His kids (that's us) hope to see you there!

R.S.V.P. Very Important! He must know ahead so He can reserve a spot for you at the His table. Also, he's keeping a list of His friends for future reference (He calls it the "Lamb's Book of Life").

"Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear." (Fine linens stand for the righteous acts of the saints.) . . . 'Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!'"

I am Blessed

I kind of burned out yesterday and didn't get as much done around here as I wanted. Yes the clothes are still sitting there to be folded but I did sweep the floors and dusted a bit but mostly I vegged.  I did get some more wrapping done (not that I had all that much to wrap) and let the kids help with that.  It is not easy wrapping a heavy round baking stone but it still came out pretty nice.  I am not the world's best gift wrapper, unlike Big Amy who will take an hour on one gift just to make sure the creases are perfect and no tape is showing LOL FREAK!

Josh had his Union Hall meeting/Christmas Party to go to last night.  This is a thing where spouses are NOT invited. Since his dues are all paid up till next month he qualified for a Christmas Gift. That was mainly why he went, he says.  He was hoping for a sweatshirt with the union logo on it, like last year but he got a nice heavy duty flashlight instead.  Funny because Zane also came home from his Scout Meeting with a flash light last night.  Like Father, Like Son... lol

My son the Brain was watching Nova on PBS in my room as they explained Quantum Physics and The Theory of Relativity and also this new theory call the String Theory and with that you can rectify the equations for both Big things like Stars and Planets and small things like atoms and neutrons but how there was no way to physically prove it (yet) so there was some back and forth if it could be called science or philosophy.(check out the link for more) And also with this theory there are ten dimensions and chances for parallel realities? I tried to watch it with him and be into it but I wondered out into the living room and watched a cartoon with the girls.  Zane came out of the room to tell me excited that the host of tonight's show was an Oxford graduate and that must mean they teach Quantum Physics at Oxford.  (May I remind you ppl that my son is 10yrs old).  I can now see that Zane may be torn in two directions WHEN he attends Oxford between Literature and Science.

So I had in one ear Zane going on about science and Oxford and the girls telling him to be quiet so they could watch their cartoon and in my other ear Josh on his cell telling me how the party went and all the news going around, he was on his way home.  Then I noticed a truck pull up in my drive way... "Who is that!" I wondered out loud and everyone got quiet and held thier breath till I went to see.  It is odd that some one would just pull up in our drive way and we was not expecting visitors (normally ppl call first).

It was Kathy & John, my friends from church and all thier kids and also Tracy from chruch.  John was carring a big box.  "What are you guys doing here??" I asked from the door as they walked up to the porch. "Oh we was just out and about and close by.. here this is for you" Kathy said with a big smile as they came in.  I was kinda stunned and embaressed.  I am the kind of person that if I know company is coming over I want the house to look perfect, but since I was a bum all day I had baskets of laundry out and some boxes that needed to go out to the trash sitting in the kitchen (oh that is another story for later) but all in all the house wasn't in that bad of shape.. but still.

Apparently they had been out all evening delivering food boxes from church and this one was for us.  Ham, fixings for a nice dinner, bread, eggs, mac n cheese, all stuff we needed. I told them THANK YOU and that it would help very much since my sister was coming in with her kids for Christmas.  Kathy also snuck a bag to me with wrapped gifts for each of the kids.  I havn't really talked to Kathy and John in awhile and we missed church last Sunday, so they asked how we was and where we been and John also complimented our tree and asked where we got it from and more small talk.  They insisted they couldn't stay long that they needed to get home and off they went. It was awkward in a way but not bad.

Truly and in all honesty, we needed the food and the gifts for the kids will be wonderful. Really a blessing.  God knows how to keep us humble and thankful.  I try and not get down and worry about money and stress over it, but we had a very space dinner last night before they came and I was wondering what I was going to do till Friday when Josh gets paid.  People who are in need will not often come right out and tell you they need help, either from pride or not recognizing that they need as much help that is available. I guess I am one of those people. No, we are not currently on any government programs, but I am sure we could qualify for something from them especialy in the winters but I prefer to let God take care of us and trust him and not use taxpayers money. *teary eyed*  For the last few years we have been on the other side of the blessings, the receiving side and not been able to bless and give to others as we would like to do.  What I have learned is not to be prideful.. i.e.. I can do it on my own and don't need charity from you thinking.. That other people are blessed when they are giving from the heart, and that it is not taking advantage of some one if you truly need it and there are people out there who do give just to give and not expect something in return. Giving is a blessing and also storing up rewards in heaven.  Also Jesus said what you have done unto the least of these you have done unto him.

I just can't wait until it is our turn to be the givers and bless others.  Josh is so close to becoming a Journeymen.  We knew going into these 3 years of his apprenticeship it would be hard but also that God was going to grow us and work on us, a faith building and testing time. I prayed when we went into it that this is the fire and I expect us to come out shinny and refined by the end of it, for God to great things in our life. I am not sure how shinny I am, not quite there I think, but God has done big and mighty things in our life!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

See... each life, no matter how small has value.

World's Tiniest Baby Doing Well

"Shaik, 23, developed pre-eclampsia, a disorder characterized by high blood pressure and other problems, during pregnancy. The condition affected Rumaisa in the womb and her mother's health, prompting a Caesarean section at 25 weeks and 6 days. Normal gestation is 40 weeks"

I just read this story so I don't know the particulars but I can imagine a similar scenario but where the mother instead of going for the caesarean she goes for the partial birth abortion.  This case proves (to me anyhow) that even if the mother's health is effected, a child can be saved and cared for non the less.

2 trips to Wal-Mart and 3 Walgreens later...

hunybea4him's Album:snow flakes click for pics.. wont add here for some reason..

Ouch.. hand cramp.. BUT I do have my Christmas Cards

D O N E!!

Today.. 'um.. I guess it would be yesterday now lol was a productive day.

I got the downstairs bathroom sparkling clean! Tons and Tons of laundry washed after I figured out doing two spin cycles helps them to dry faster (who wants to come over and fold for me?) I even dusted and cleaned the top of the washer and dryer ( I was reminded of an entry Kara's mom had done about appreciate your washer/dryers) Took a broom to the cobwebs/spider webs in the basement.  Made snowflakes with the kids and spray snowed them on to our window.. see pics.. Took the older kids to cash in all their coins so they could buy gifts (well they bought something to make to give to ppl) I got prints to go with cards for the family and addressed and stamped cards that go in the mail.  I wrapped some gifts.. still working on getting them all done and under the tree.

I also.. after seeing how B R O K E we are now, called AOL up to cancel MusicNet and my AOL account... DON'T have a heart attack, I am not leaving.  You know good old AOL, the drug dealers they are, don't want to loose good customers so they extended free months to tide me over my financial trials.  I was elated to find out I could get broadband for 9.99 a month after my free time, since I have been on AOL so long.  The customer service gal also sent me a page full of links that had tons of things I had never really noticed before (and that is funny since I am on here constantly).  I did do a survey at kw: Opinion Place (earning enough credit to pay for ABP.. I should use that some time huh) and signed up for UPromise to save for collage.  You get double thru AOL.. anyone want to help me out and sing up and add to my savings for me and the kids? lol  You can invite family and friends to register under you and they contribute to the "pot" of dollars with their purchases with AOL or if you register your credit cards then a % of shops made with that at participating vendors.  Anyway.. enough of me sounding like a commercial for AOL.

Now its time for me to sound like a commercial for Walgreens lol.  I just LOVED that pic of the kids from the play and really wanted to give them as framed gifts.  Then I saw the shape of our checking account and knowing that we still have to eat this week decided to brake my piggy bank of change and just get prints for the family's and put it in cards I have had since July.  Simple right? HA HA NOT!

I am not daffy you know.. I am pretty computer literate and even more so digital media card wise.  I had put that pic on my dig card after I first got it and had been carrying it around with me just waiting for an opportunity to get the prints.  Since I took the kids up to Wal-Mart for their craft project I decided to do it then.  I put the card in the reader machine.. and yes it pulls up the images I have on it but just not the ONE pic I KNOW was there would not come up!  I think it is me, that maybe I really didn't put it on the card and put it back in my pocket till I got home.  I checked it when I got home and by golly it WAS on there! humm.. So I put another copy of it on there but under a different name thinking maybe I saved it wrong.  I rush back out.. thinking maybe Walgreens will be simpler but just incase I take the print with me as well.  I get in, it is maybe a few before 11p.m. and walk over to their machine.. Walgreens is supposed to be 24/7 right? You would think thier Photo Lab would be too.  As I am looking at my card the tech asks me, in a kinda short way, if I planned on having those by tonight, because the machines are all down for the night and there was two dozen orders ahead of mine. Guess Not.. next!  I run to Wal-Mart..again.. and yes their photo lab is also closed.  I just wanted to print them.. sheesh.. what happen to that machine where you do it all your self and it shoots out the pics to you?? Down.  So I try another Walgreens.  This one the lights are not as bright and I should of guess they was about to close but I chanced it anyway.  The cashier was very nice right when I walked in.  I explained to her my situation and how the cards HAVE to get out tomorrow with these pics (ya i know nothing like the last min.)  She synopsized with me but told me yes they was about to close but she directed me to another Walgreens that she knows the Lab is open 24 hours. AndIrush on over there.

I am about to give up and be all pouty as I pull into the parking lot of this last Walgreens.  I walk in and Heather the cashier has a happy smile and asks how she may help (it was slow).  So I went into the whole story and all the run around I had gotten that evening.  She tells me not to worry and she calls the Lab guy to the Photo counter to take care of me.  And I tell him and have doubt that he will be any help either. Oh but Shaun from store #4090 was just the Christmas Angel I needed.  Not that I needed walking threw the process, since I had done it many times, he did, partially doing it all for me.  My card would not read.. he got a special reader. Bing bang boom.. PRINTED AND PAID FOR!  If only that was the end of it. With out looking at the pics I say THANK YOU THANK YOU.. and he asked if I was sure that is how I wanted them.. OH YES.. and he went back to that little back room of no return. 

Then as I walk out I look at them.. the pic was cropped.. like I had done at home but it was TOO cropped.  Sophia was cut out of the pic.. no no no that will not do!  I go back to smiley Heather and ask her if she could call Shaun back out and she does and he is out right away.  I show him the org print and the one that was cropped and he agreed with me that it wasn't right.  He took my org print and went the extra mile and scanned it for me and cropped it just right and printed another set trading them for the bad ones.  Awww Finally..

Before I leave I wait in Heather's line so I could tell her thanks for all her help and ask for the guys name (I hadn't noticed) I told her how great and helpful they both was and I just wanted his name so I could write a nice e-mail.. promise.. I am not a stalker.  That got a good chuckle and just then Shaun is walking out, his shift had ended and he waves to us good night.. I think he stayed longer to help me.. awww.  So there you go.. there is good help out there these days.. you just have to find the RIGHT store on the right night... Na.. I have to say it was all God or else this pic would likely never of gotten done. 

For all that trouble.. the family BETTER like them!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

All about ME>> How much do you know and love me??? Hint the Birthday question is an Important

Take my Quiz on!



Let me know how you did!

Is it over yet??

Must be nice to one day say "Hey, I am not going to accommodate anyone and you have to walk to my drum beat.. OH and if you don't.. I will lay on all the guilt and not take any of it for myself."



Spent all day shopping.. well mostly looking for that one hot toy. Four Wal-Marts, One ToysRUs and One Circuit City later I was able to get it.  Fisher-Price InteracTV Learning System (B9376)(FPR B9376)If only I could of started my shopping a bit sooner.. it was almost 15 bucks cheaper at Wal-Mart but they were all out of stock of it threw out my surrounding area and I was lucky to get it at Circuit City.. only two left but ugh they didn't have the software title I wanted that went along with it and by that time Josh hand insisted I spent enough money and to come home.  I feel a mixture of accomplishment with a tad bit of being ripped for not being able to get the one thing that went with it.  Well at least it will have batteries.

So cross Josh, AnnMarie and Sophia and Lilly off my list, oh and Big Amy too and both his parents. Josh is getting Zane his and mine. He got me a jacket but it doesn't fit. I told him to take it back and use that money on Zane instead since I spent soooooo much last weekend (GAWD forbid, I bought a sweater and a pair of shoes everything else was for what the kids needed for the play!) 

I had the Veggie Tales DVD for Josh's step brother's girlfriend's kids (get all that?) and also the Care Bears three DVD set for my sister's kids in my cart when Josh called me (mistakenly I brought his cell along with me) and he told me to put everything back and we would talk about it when I got home.

Needless to say Josh and I had a not so pleasant conversation, including a suggestion from him that I go HOME then for all the holidays and him and the kids will spend them with his family.. UM I am HOME already!!!! : P  It would be nice if he would see my side for once and stop bending over backwards for his dad and stepmother.. BUT I am just his wife, they are his Family don't ya know. I got sick of how they are about everything and made astand that ONE time at Thanksgiving after 9 years of trying to be understanding and accommodating. Now I am always looking for something to gripe about them, he says. @@ <-- eye roll

Well sorry.. I think leaving my sister who will drive a couple hundrend miles to spend Christmas with us, here at my house while we go down to his parents for Christmas(because they are fragile creatures who can't handle too much of children so my neices are definatly not invited and it always has to be there way) is Just a bit Rude.  Plus I will have cooking and cleaning to do on top of her being here with us because his mother is coming in Sunday afternoon with Uncle Bob right after church. 8 kids in one house on Christmas.. can you imagine the mess?

I had looked forward to shopping as best as I could.. You all may recall that I HATE SHOPPING as it is, but it is always fun to shop for the kids, right?  It should be.. at least that's what they tell me anyway.  Josh had given me $150 last week when his vacation check came.  I had tried not to touch it but we spend about $50 of it last weekend when we got decorations.  I shouldn't of assumed I could of got that $50 back this week after he got paid and was only left with $100. It wasn't my fault he got his check in the bank late and we was charged over draft fees on check card purches.

  I spent $30 or so on Annie, one big gift for her and just over $16 on Josh.  I really had no other idea of what to get Lilly and Sophia.. I had my heart set on that Interac TV and another title to go along with it (so they both had something to open) and when I couldn't find it Josh said don't just shop to shop and to come home until we figured out what else to get them. (when is Christmas again? how many days away??)

I came home and made dinner.. home made meat balls and spagtti and then went online to see if I could find that toy for the girls.  Some one suggested to me that Target was still garenteeing delivery by Christmas but it just didn't feel right to order anything from them, considering the whole Bell Ringer feasco.  A light went off in me to check Ciricit City because then I could just order it and pick it up at a store that had it in stock.  I found a store that had it in stock but gurr it was more expensive there than Wal-Mart.  Josh didn't want me to order it online and use our debit/credit card.. pay cash.  So after calling the location to make sure my trip would not be futile I rushed over there and bought it.  I am soooo happy that after hunting alllllllllllllll day for it that I finaly have it in my hands to wrap.  I went next door to the Wal-Mart to look for the Dora Title to go with it, with visions of Lilly ripping it open on Christmas (she loves Dora), plus all the other Wal-Marts I had been to had the software titles, just not the game system.  Well dispointment set in when all they had was stupid Sponge Bob (he is one of many charters that is banned from my house).  So I did browes a while at that Wal-Mart and was so happy to find a baking stone.  Josh and I had talked about getting one for his parents and one for his mom.  So I called him and asked if it was ok to get it and he said fine.  I was also looking for something for Amy but was kinda stumped.  Her and I agreed to exchanged gifts but to keep it under $15.  When I saw the wine glasses I knew it was perfect for her and her mother who she lives with.  When I was over for Thanksgiving that is the one thing they was short on.  Set of 4 for under $10, not bad I thought!

I get in the van after fighting the lines and the crowdes and the stupid cell rings again.  Josh asked if I was on my way home yet, that he forgot we agreed to get that Veggie Tales for his step brother's gf's kids.. ohh I had forgotten all about that.  I still needed wraping paper so I told him I will just look at the Wal-Mart by our house when I get that. (I think if I never set food in a Wal-Mart again in my life that would be just fine with me). So after a 20 min drive over there and looking for the title in thier toy departmant.. and them not having it either, I am deflated.  I look for a Veggie Tale and all they have is Silly Songs or the new one.  We dont have the new one yet so I don't know if her kids will like it, but I know they should like Silly Songs and I put it in my cart.  That gets me thinking about my sister and her kids.  I should get them something since they are going to be here and all that.  I spy a 3 disk set of the Care Bears for only $20.  $20 for 4 kids, I don't think that is so so bad.  Then I get the wraping paper I needed and then I remembered I also needed battieries. And now since they sell food as well I got bread and peanut butter for breakfast tomorrow.. mmm and Milona cookies (a small bag for $2 but I am worth it after all my hard work today) and then that cell rings again.  I told Josh I was about ready to leave and that I was disapointed they didn't have the Dora title for that game and he goes into rant that I couldn't get it even if they did have it since I paid so much for the system at Ciricit City... ok... but I did get that dvd for DeGee's kids.. not good enough, he wants a story one not just a song one for them.. he will get it, PUT IT BACK and STOP SPENDING MONEY!  But shouldn't we get something for Marcy's Kids too? We will talk about it when you get home... SO I put it all back.  Bought the wraping paper with the rest of the cash I had on me and used the card for the food idtems.. I did buy soda and cigs earlier too on the card.  I estimated that I spent only $50 from our checking account on the other's gifts and the neccesities for the house (including the stuff for dinner).  So basicly I did stick to the $100 I org. was given on my kids.

I get home.. in a kind of an upset mood.  Then he springs the plan for Christmas Eve on me, not asking but telling me how it is going to be. Ya that was a fun talk...

WELL I feel better.. how about you?? One week to go..

Merry CHRISTmas!


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Yep it's time for the Sat Six again..

1. What is your all-time least favorite Christmas Carol or holiday song? Jiggle Bells.. Batman smells.. If my kids sing that ONE MORE TIME! GURR LOL

2. Who is the most difficult person on your shopping list to buy a gift for, and have you already purchased his or her gift, yet? Well considering I havn't done any shopping yet.. lol But I am going to say my husband.  He said not to get him anything this year due to money being tight but come on... everyone deserves some thing to open.. and I am unsure what to get him.

3. What picture are you least proud of:
    A) Your most recent professional portrait
    B) Your driver's license photo
    C) Your passport photo
    D) Your work ID photo
    E) Your senior class portrait

I like my driver's license pic but it is time to get a new one done next month, I havn't had a portaite one done in YEARS and I never had a senior class pic taken or passport or work id one... so I am stumped.  Ask me next month lol

4. How many Christmas/holiday parties have you been invited to this month and how many have you (or will you) attend? So far we have been invited to 2. One from church and one from his work.  We went to his one from work but missed the one from church since he was working and had the car.
5. A previously-unknown rich relative appears and offers to buy you the car of your choice.  What would you like?

If I am being practical.. The new Dodge Van.. RED fully equiped with dvd players in the back for the kids lol But my dram car would be a BMW convertiable, black.  But if I was thinking of both me and hubby then a Jessie James org Chopper. 

6. What is your favorite thing to wear around the house when you know no one else is at home?  Is that what you're wearing as you answer these questions? I am never alone.. what are you crazy?  But I could live naked under my robe lol but often I settle for sweats and a T-shirt. (see my webpage for what T-shirt)

Wednesday Word List also from Pat.

Ben Franklin may of told his printer to be sure he added the ASTONISHER in the proper place to convey the importance and excitement of the document.

During the Holidays I like to use the pink and green plastic to cover the food because I like the CELLOSHEEN it makes under the lights.

I think it strange that his story had a LACUNA in the middle.  It must be a conspiracy!

With today's technology a TELECINE seems to be the dinosaur of television but I bet some smaller stations on a budget still use them.

By definition a Comminatory Bible would be a VARIORUM if it had notes from several scholars.


Crazy News from My State

AOL News - Stolen Fetus Recovered After Mom Slain

Some people are so desprate for a child! See what they will do? Still no excuse.  Just makes me so sad for both women.

Here one women is steeling a baby and killing for it, and just around the corner, somewhere, another women is throwing her baby away by aborting it! What a world we have come to live in!

I had heard rumors when Lacey Peterson was first missing that this may of happen to her, along with rumors of Oculltic activities.  I still know some people, even though Scott has been convicted don't believe he is guilty.


I think the moral of this story is going to be online saftey and to be aware of who you meet in person.  A shame because I have met many wonderful people online, but you can never be too careful, can you?

Friday, December 17, 2004

Forget Target.. At leat China-Mart is stepping up..

Posted on Thu, Dec. 16, 2004 Associated Press

Folks dropping money in Salvation Army kettles at Wal-Mart stores can make their money go twice as far. The world's largest retailer announced Thursday it would match up to $1 million in donations.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has more than 3,600 domestic stores operating as Wal-Marts, Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Sam's Club warehouse stores.

The company said the clock started Thursday on the match and runs through Christmas Eve.

Wal-Mart competitor Target Corp. has joined a number of other major retailers in banning the Salvation Army bell ringers, saying it was not fair to select certain charities and not others for the coveted space.

Wal-Mart, as well as Kmart, kept the bell ringers. Wal-Mart restricts, however, which groups can solicit at its properties but allows its local stores to select the specific nonprofits.

"We hope our customers join us in donating what they can to benefit an organization that does so much in our communities to serve families in need," Wal-Mart spokeswoman Betsy Reithemeyer said in a news release. "The Salvation Army red kettles and the bell ringers are truly a holiday tradition worth keeping."

The Salvation Army said the kettle donations are spent locally and said the Wal-Mart match will extend local donations.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

ya, just about true...


I would like to note that I am not registered to any party but the Republican Party does for the most part fall in line with my big issues.  But I look at each canidate dispite the party and if they are better than the Rep running and fall on my side of the issues than I would think nothing of it to vote for them.

You Are a Religious Republican
You make up the conservative, Christian, dedicated core of the Republican Party. You believe it's important for religious people to stand up for their beliefs in politics. And for you, this means voting your conscience - which almost always means voting Republican. Your pet causes include the sanctity of life, school vouchers, and prayer in school. What political persuasion are you?

Finally! The pics from the Christmas Play!

I really apreshate my dig camera after getting these back from being developed!!! Some are so grainy and I had to do alot of editing and croping! And soooo exensive!  $18 for the throw away camera, and $10 for developing plus the cd.  MAN!  BUT I am glad I got some pics, no matter the quality.


The kids are soooooo cute!  I think AnnMarie makes a perfect Mary! Now if I could just get Sophia and Lilly to stop Baa Baaing, the play is over with for this year.. Let us not hold to that old joke of Mary had a little lamb shall we?? I got that alot as kid lol.


It was alot of work and practicing for this year's play and some ruffled feathers since the other church was part of it, you know how some ppl can get. But all the effort was well worth it and it was all very moving.  I loved how the organizer lady of it all said to the children, we are not here to entertain but to minister.  Children can minister also, not just grown ups.  Very good point!

I think Zane had said some one from church was videoing the play, so I hope I can get a copy to share with my family who for what ever reason or another would not.. I mean could not attend.


As you can hear I posted a new song the other day, I had planned it to go along with these pics.

It reminds me of when I was the STAR of the Christmas play growing up.  NO really I was the STAR, the Star that lead the wisemen to the manger.  I wish I could find that picture to share with you but I think my mom still has that one.  I will have to ask her some time.  I remember I so wanted to be Mary, since that was my name but I was too young at the time for the part and all the big roles (at least in my mind's eye) was taken.  But being the star made me feel special and important as I lead everyone on to the stage.  There really are no small parts, especialy in the Christmas Story.


I do not know WHY! my pics are not coming up.. I keep getting an error message from AOL'S YOU'V GOT PICTURES when I try and go there!!  I had spent alot of time on that alblem.. so it better of saved.  And what is up with Journals?? Looks like they are monkeying with the fonts and looks again.. some times bullets show up in my other webpage section? : P

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Just another entry.. some updates from last weekend

Is it Tuesday all ready?  bla.. lol

We had a nice weekend.  Sat. night little Amy came over and babysat for us so we could go to Josh's company's informal Christmas party.  I have found that she is cheap, lol all she requires is computer time!  Plus she loves the kids and the kids love her.

I was excited to go out, no kids, just me and my man. I dressed up and over spent on a nice red zip up sweater and new black shoes.  Went perfectly with the black jeans big Amy had given me last week.  Jeans that actually fit and make me feel like a women! I have curves! I wore the size 14 (whahoo) jeans a few times to church and got many comments of how nice I looked and asked if I had lost weight.  I always blush at complements, especially if I am not trolling for them. I guess maybe I have lost some weight, I haven't really been trying but being broke is a good diet, no junk food! I just think I wore jeans that fit good instead of the ones I normally wear that are cut for a man and are a bit loose on me anyhow.  Josh is always grumbling that I am wearing his clothes.. sorry hon. but I don't seem to have any of my own clothes that fit me!

So the informal party was at a bar and there was a good band playing.  Josh, being new, knew a total of 4 people I think. The drinks, as bar drinks tend to be, was expensive.  I had two Jack and cokes and that was like 10 bucks. After about 30 min. or so of being there Josh was ready to leave.  I told him to have one of the guys he works with introduce him around, but he is a chicken and refused.  We was uncomfortable and out of place but I didn't want to just leave and go home!  How often do we get to go out with no kids??? Umm.. about never.  But being the fuddydudies we are, we could not think of another place to go that would be reltivly cheap.  I suggegsted we call up our old friends S & B.  Make them come out and meet us some where for a few drinks, like in the old days. (lol the old days, as if it was sooo sooo long ago).

Josh gives them a call and they are already having their own little party but we are invited to join them, but asked to bring some wine.  They gave us the name and brand and told us where to find it at Dirt Cheap (it is a liquor and cig store here) but by the time we get there it is closed and locked up. So we just head over to their apartment.  They have all these lights and decorations up! I nudge Josh and say.. see! They live in an apartment and have lights, we live in a house so we could do some lights!  I have been bugging him that I wanted to put lights up this year on the outside, but he doesn't wanta.

We had a good time over at S and B and when ever S started his Bush bashing I just asked for another glass of wine lol. There was a few of the old fav ppl over and some new ones and we played a dvd game called "Seen It".  It was good but malfunctioned on a few selections, that or some one was a bit too Merrry to operate a remote. OH and S let me have some of his Port Wine.. mmm.. and again I reminded him my birthday is in Jan lol.  It was a fun night, I was cleaver and witty and well dressed.  I didn't have to worry about yelling at the kids to stay away from their dog or dont touch this or that.  Very relaxing.  I was hoping to have a repeat of our night with S &B and invite them over for New Years Eve.  We have lived out here for 2 yrs and they have never been to our new house.  I wanted to play hostes for once.  I shot them over a thank you e-mail (getting good with those) and a suggestion of NewYears party at my house, with cute smilies   I do not regularly e-mail or IM with S & B.  This was the first time we had been over to their house since the start of summer.  We all have freinds like that, who we have grown apart from for one reason or another, but I know ours is not so much because of distance but because we are now devoute Christians and they are proude heathens lol. No, not really funny, sad really, and not my choice for us to be astranged, more thiers.  Anyways with visions of a small NewYears party dancing in my head I shot over an e-mail to thier hot mail account.. no responce.  So I see S online and I IM him.  I do this sparingly since I know he mainly uses that screen name to talk with B when she is at work.  I just asked if he got my e-mail and he said he never checks that account and gave me his new e-mail address.. with the request I dont send him no religious fwds, no offence. *sigh* Not that I was planning on doing that, I dont do fwds often.  Then he reads the e-mail and yadayada.. ya they had fun too Sat. and yadayada.. they never go out on NewYears too many drunks on the road.. crash at our house then.. yadadaya.. but their dog.. bla bla bla.. excuses excuses lol. Needless to say they will not be coming over anytime soon that I can tell.  Oh well.. too bad.. so sad.. see you in six months as it normaly goes.

I love S & B so much and pray for them often.

Sunday it was very hard to get up, as you can imagine.  We had to be there early so the kids could be in costume for the big Christmas Production. Rush, Rush and out the door.  UGR. I forgot my camcorder/camera! And Josh was not in the mood to turn around so I could get it. So after I got the kids in costume I ran to the Gas Station to get a throw away camera.. $18!!! for 27 exposures!!  But I was in a time crunch and had not choice.  So the play was great.. Annie was Mary, Lilly and Sophia was little lambs and Zane was a bailiff.. (the Shepards in the play got arrested for disturbing the peace and was on trial)  As you can see, no pics to go along with this entry.. no instant gratification here.. I have to get the film developed, it is on my list.

After church and a nap we went out to get a tree.  I just was not in the "mood" but was pulled along anyway.  So we got all our decorations out and find that most of our stuff is broken and the topper we have just doesnt go with the tree.  A trip to K~Mart and Wal~Mart and The Dollar Tree, and still no tree topper that seemed right was found.  Everything looked poorly made or just tacky.  So our tree is up and the house is decorated, it looks like December around here.  I will post pics later.  FYI Josh HAD to have tincil on the tree this year.. so guess what is all over the house and a pain to get up? Yep that plastic silver that is supposed to look like ice cycles.

Well I got to go.  Josh has to get a tooth pulled this after noon.. my poor guy.  He has not been able to get a decent night's sleep in a week.  Rach it must be contagious!

UGH and no news on the Job front to report.. I am about ready to give up and take it as a sign.  I DID TRY!  AND YESSSSSS I KNOW! IT is my turn for the Journal Land Novel.. I promise promise to get it out by tomorrow!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Repostings from last Dec About Santa vs Jesus also post about Christmas Lights

The following is from last Dec posts. Remember? When we had such a restriction on charter limits? The one was broken up into two posts, so instead of just linking you there I thought I would repost it. 


Had about a 2 hour drive yesterday to go and pick up hubby so I caught part of radio show that brought up this question, how do we celebrate this season and do Christians let the secular influence them and how they teach their children on this season.  Talking about pagan idols and Santa being one of them and comparing Jesus and Santa.  Trying to get the transcript to this show, cuz I know I will not do it justice here but I will post my thoughts. 
How many among you who are Christians taught your children to believe in Santa Clause and what happen later when they found out it was a myth?  Did they question you if you made up Jesus also?  I have heard this before and think how horrible the parents feel. The child devasted because they have been lied to thinking, If he was a lie, what else have they lied to me about?   I have also heard of the parents who flat out tell their kids that Santa is made up for fun by those who choose not to celebrate Christmas to honor Jesus's birth.  As mean as that sounds, those kids grew up well adjusted and was taught to honor the true spirit of Christmas.
On the surface Santa seems harmless and I confess I used to use it as a way to get the kids to stay in line.  "Be good or you won't get any thing from Santa" or have them write to him so I could get thier list of what they want.  I am coming to the realization of what this has taught them.
Be good and you will get presents, Be bad and you will get coal.  No unconditional Love there.  Take your requests to Santa instead of to the source, Jesus,who will bless you because he loves you unconditionally.  Be greedy, ask for yourself, me me me, my my my.  How is that honoring our Savior?  It is his birth, how can you give a gift to him?  He says Do unto the least of these and you will have done unto me.  I am also supporting a lie, a myth and that is something I do not want my children to see me doing, lying, for I do not want them to lie to me or anyone else. And I want them to share my faith, and not think that too is a lie I made up to keep them in line.  We have taken the t out of Christmas,  Christ Mas.  the t is the cross, and with out that you are not giving Honor for what he has done for all the world.  Died so that we may be forgiven and have a relationship with God.
There will be mixed reactions to this I am sure, the OH I have never taught my kids about Santa, and will applauded me and then there will be those who say, Oh you have opened this up to me and then there will be those who will be angry and think how wrong and mean I am.  That is fine we are all allowed to choose our opinion.  But for me and my house we shall serve the Lord and Honor him always.
My older two children have been told already in the past years that Santa is really Mom and Dad and they are just fine.  But I have not done that with my 3yrd and 2yrd.  And I am seeing the contrast.  My 3yrd thinks Christmas is just about her and presents from Santa.  She can't wait till it snows cuz she thinks that is when he will come.  We watched that old cartoon about Santa and how he became Santa.  One of the songs was If we all was Like Santa what a wonderful world this would be.  I say, If we all was more like Jesus what a wonderful world this would be.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS:   Christmas just isn't Christmas with out them. We have to have them on our trees and for some on the outside of the house.  They make the season so pretty and I for one enjoy riding around to look at them each year. They make us merry and all that jazz.  I am sure you have noticed that on the packages they come in the little made in China tag and I am revolted by that actually. Every thing is made there, why is so much of our junk made over in China, what about American jobs and all that.  Something even sadder to think about.  Those lights put together just so we can have a Merry Christmas, are made in force labor camps in China.  And we are not talking about hard core criminals here, we are talking about women, men and children who don't tow the State of China's line and do such horrible crimes as Talk about Jesus or talk agents the communist regime. Over a Million people are in these prisons. They produce most of the GNP of China.  Have you ever taken one of those little lights apart? Ever try putting them back together in a rush?  Not so easy.  Think about having to do that for 20 hours a day. Think about if you didn't meet the quota for the day the beating you would get, the food that would be with held. Think about living in a cell smaller then most of our bedrooms with 40 other prisoners.  Hard to believe but it is very true.    So next time you light up your tree or house, say a little prayer for those who made those lights for you to enjoy with their blood and tears.  Say a little prayer for the persecuted church who would not reject Christ and choose to bear their cross for him in such prison camps. Think about that the next time you light your tree and the next time you want to whine about how hard you have it.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sat. Six Time!

1. What is your all-time favorite Christmas Carol or holiday song? It is a tie between "Christmas Shoes" and "Mary Did You Know". 

2. What percentage of your Christmas shopping have you completed? big fat 0%!!!  But now we have a bit of money so I am going to get started on that.

3. Other than yourself, which of the following would you most likeyour child to have as a role model and why:
    A) Doctor
    B) Politician
    C) Professional Athlete
    D) Businessman

Think I will have to go with Pat on this one.. A) Doctor.  They HELP people for the most part and are instriments of God and particpate in the healing others (for the most part)

4. What current television show would you most like to see disappear permanently? All those afternoon talk shows.. who's may babies daddy, the love triangles, the corssdressers and bla bla bla.. think we could live with out those but my all time fav to hate is .. but of course.. Jerry Springer.
5. Have you used any themed photo wall calendar in 2004?  Do you already have one ready for 2005, and if so, what is next year's theme of choice?
The Purpouse Driven Life calendar is our current one.. I got it for free off thier web site (but I did have to pay for the shipping)  Havn't given much thought to next year's.  I may make my own on the computer.
Armand:  Read this quotation from Ralph Waldo Emerson recently posted in Armand's journal, "Uncommon Sense."  Given the context of the quote, how have you been most successful in your life?

I would like to think I have done many things on that list but my best success is my children.. but I give God all the glory for them, no way could such beautiful, smart, and caring humans come from just little old me.


I also like to do Pat's Wed Word list and put them into a sentance.  There are some real challanging ones this week.

I would describe my daughter as a FIBBERTIGIBBET type of person. She is very goofey and if her hair was not brown you would think she was a natural blonde.

In Britain they would discribe the kind of antics on Jerry Springer as a KERFUFFLE with the way the guests are always fighting.

My husband drives me crazy with the way he has that CALLIPYGIAN backside but his most sexy quality is his deep brown eyes.

It is a great talent that Jim Carry has with the way he can ONOMATOPOEIA the sounds and actions of so many charters.

The police would not let us cross the street because they were investigating a case of DEFENESTRATION at that highrise building.  It reminded me of a recent episode on ER where a mother had thrown her chidren out the window.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Got snow flakes on the brain!

Ok everyone is doing it! lol  I got addicted last night to the one site everyone is posting in thier ~J.  Then today it was down so I went on a hunt for some other sites where I could make my own snow flakes.. you like???

Here are some links if you dare to get hooked too.

Snowflake Designer (where I made the above)

114 This one is like snowflakes made of stars.. very cool

Wonder for Site  This one is more geometrical

Make a snowfake pattern  This one is fun too

Make a flake  This one my son did at school today in computer class.. I give it a C because .. well you will see.


Yessss I know... Way too much time online today lol

OH YA!!! here is a site I got from watching PBS last week.  Actual pics of real snowflakes.. beautiful.. put that on my list.. and even tells how to make your own real one, not a pic lol.  Good science thing for the kids.

Thursday, December 9, 2004

Sending a Thank You Note.

I have read on various job hunting websites that it is a good idea to send a Thank You Note to your interviewer within 24 hours of the interview.  There was tips and hints on what to say and the kinds of styles you could use.  I took those into consideration as I wrote the below note but I really just wrote what felt comfortable to me.  I think it sounds good and very professional, but not too professional where I come off snooty.  What do you think?? Ofcourse I did change the company name for privacy.


Dear Kathy,


I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the interview yesterday and for taking the time to see me. You made me feel comfortable and at ease, especially while going over with me my test results from the software testing.  I was very happy to see how strong my scores were in Word and reaffirmed to me a few areas for me to work on.  The whole process was very helpful.  I am ready to jump in and work on those tutorials you offered to send me.


ABC STAFFING seems to be a good match for me and I look forward to the possibility of working on the ABC STAFFING team. I am eager to be in the work force again and prove, given the chance, that I can be a dedicated and productive employee. The idea of working for various clients and getting in more experience in the clerical field interests me greatly but I also would like something consistent too. I will be checking the company's web site soon to see what is open and if there may be a position I am compatible with.  I also have looked over the group benefits information you gave me and will likely send you back the form for declining it.  The benefits I have threw my husband's work fills our needs but thank you for the opportunity to enroll.


Please let me know if you need anything else from me and what the next steps are in this process.  I look forward to talking with you again and thank you for your consideration.


Best Regards,

Mary B. Hamm


(I DID have my e-mail and phone and address info after my name here but I'm not posting all that HERE LOL)

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Had to pass this e-mail along so you could watch this situation in the News..


Gateways Campus Partner, Stephen Williams, to Appear On Hannity &
Colmes (FOX NEWS) Tonight!

Fifth-grade teacher Stephen Williams, will appear in front of a live audience of several thousand in Northern California on Hannity & Colmes (Fox News Channel). With Stephen will be Alliance Defense Fund attorney Jordan Lorence. The program airs Tonight, December 8 at 9 p.m. EST (6 p.m. PST)

On Thursday, December 9, they will appear on Good Morning America (ABC) at 7 a.m. (all time zones).

Stephen is suing his school district because of religious discrimination. He has been barred from teaching his students about America's Christian heritage because school officials think that, since he is a Christian, he may try to evangelize his students. However, Stephen has never tried to do this in his class and he has told his principal that he understands the prohibitions against proselytizing.

In my view, this is a case of a teacher who has the boldness to teach the truth about America's Christian heritage, and a school principal who is more concerned about "political correctness."

(By the way, during December last year, Stephen taught his students about Ramadan, Diwali, Hannukah, the Chinese New Year, and Christmas.)


I’ve been in communication with the Williams over the past few days, and I spoke with Stephen’s wife yesterday. One way to know the heart of people is to listen to their prayer requests. The Williams' prayer request was that people would stop sending hate e-mails to the school. Let’s join them in that prayer.

Also, I ask that you pray for Stephen’s colleagues at school. You can imagine the reaction he is receiving from some of his fellow teachers. Finally, pray that not only would Stephen be victorious in his lawsuit, but
that his example of courage and grace under fire would inspire thousands of other teachers to “come out of the closet” and be bolder. There are many legitimate ways that teaching about the Bible and Christianity can appropriately and lawfully be included in public schools. Pray that more teachers will move from fear to freedom in their schools (especially this Christmas).

Keeping the Faith in Public Schools,

Eric Buehrer
Gateways to Better Education

PS.  To send Stephen a note of encouragement, reply to this E-mail. I will forward it to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Gateways has produced Christmas Restoration Cards to explain in
user-friendly terms how to lawfully teach about the birth of Jesus.

The eight-page booklets (designed to look like greeting cards)

* A model holiday policy that has been endorsed by a federal court
(beating back an ACLU challenge). The policy clearly states: “Music,
art, literature, and drama having religious themes or basis are
permitted as part of the curriculum for school-sponsored activities
and programs if presented in a prudent and objective manner and as a
traditional part of the cultural and religious heritage of the
particular holiday.”

* A quote from the Supreme Court revealing that it assumes public
school children are singing religious Christmas carols.

* The national PTA’s endorsement of what it calls “sacred music” in
public schools.

* An answer to the question, “Don’t we have to allow equal time for
all religious holidays?”

* Eight Constitutionally sound lesson plan ideas.

* Excerpts from the U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines on
students’ religious liberties to express their faith while in public

Click here to order Holiday Restoration Cards

That wasn't too painful..

WOW! My hair looks dark in that pic.  Must still be from when I dyed it a few months ago.. I think it is safe to try for a lighter blonde now? Don't you? Back to my normal color lol

Anyway.. I got threw that interview at that temp agency.  I was there practically alllll day and I missed my doctor's appointment.. note to self, call them tomorrow to reschedule... oh and e-mail the lady a thank you for the interview ( I read that somewhere).

We ofcourse over slept! Was there any doubt that we would? LOL Plus he kept me up later than I had planned...

(((((((I LOVE MY HUSBAND)))))  We got up at quarter to six, when the plan was for five.  So Josh kindly agreed to skip school this week and make it up some other time.  Oh, that made my life so so so so much easier!!  So I didn't have to drive him all the way to school and I didn't have to drop the girls off at Amy's and I didn't have to worry and fret if Zane and Annie got off to school ok.

I made it to my appointment on time, despite my shaky getting off point this morning.  I even followed the driving directions to the letter, shows I can follow directions (when I want to) and I didn't get lost. I got in and filled out a ton of paper work and also took a bunch of tests on their computer programs. I was a bit nervous over that.  For the office skills portion there was a bunch of math and spelling correcting and proper punctuation.  I think I did ok on the punctuation but for the spelling and math.. well needless to say I scored low on that compared to my other tests.  I was singing the praises of Pat's Grammar Corner when it came to proper use of apostrophes.. at least I know I got that part right.  But on the rest I am thinking.. NO way in real life would I do that in my head, calculator would be my best friend and also that is why we have nice things like auto correct and spell checker. Yes I know, lazy, that is how people get dumbed down and what a hypocrite I am, when I make my son work so hard on his math and spelling lol but that is different.  To quote my mother "Do as I say, not as I do" at least on the education stuff. I did real well on testing in the Word program and my typing skills (I knew I would) but I was real low on the 10 keys (I knew that was one of my weak points too). I have to give myself a slight pat on the back for testing well on Windows 2000, since what I mostly work with is XP.  They are basicly the same with just a few changes here and there.  I had never done a mail merge before and that was on the test. But it was sooo simple to figure out.. now I know how to do it for my Christmas cards .

OH YA! That reminds me JESS, I got your card today! THANK YOU!

The interview section went really easy I think.  She didn't ask any of the hard ones I had practiced last night, but I am sure at one time or another I will need to answer some of those. The lady seemed to like me, please I hope she liked me, and very understanding that I am re-entering the workforce after four years of being a stay at home mom.  I felt so at ease that I even asked if she thought the $10 an hour I was asking was typical for an entry level position and she said most of the jobs they send people out on start at that. So that is a relief. She said she will send me some links to thier tutors for excel and for me to work on  my 10 key stroke, but other than that I did well.

Ok so the next step is she is going to check my references and back ground and all that fun stuff that you pray you can trust the people you put down.  Then she will call me.  How it works is I am employed with them, but I still have to apply for and interview for the jobs they send you out to.  She said for the most part it is temp work, with a start date and a definite ending time but there are times when a company will hire you on permanent.  I don't mind that.  It would be neat to work at different places and not get board with the same scenery but I do need something consistent.

I want to thank all of my friends who commented on my hair & suit and sent prayers and love my way! aww you make me feel so special!

Also I think my husband has a thing for the power business women look lol I promised him I wouldn't repeat the comment he made about the suit, but he knows what it was!  All I have to say in response to it.. Heck no, then I would have to iron it and get it dry cleaned!

Tuesday, December 7, 2004

HELP!!!!!!! This is what I am wearing.. but Hair Up or Down??

I was playing with my camera and remembered I had a handy dandy remote to take the snap shots so I didn't have to hold the camera.. but oiy.. the lighting is BAD! I tried to enhance the pics as best I can but I know they still turned out blaaa..

Ok, so now you can see my short hair and Annie's.  Not too bad, not too short.  Annie loves hers!  I thought when we cut it she would cry and cry (like I wanted to do) but she was excited about it. That is what is IN now Mom don't ya know! Plus it is easier for her to take care of. But aww after we cut it she did ask to take a peice to tape in her journal. (the girl writes in it every night, she will be a blogger by 12 for sure)

So as you can see (well kinda) I got nice suit to wear.  It is greyish/tan color and a pink undershirt.  Amy came with me to Good Will to help me shop.  I HATE clothes shopping.  The suit is a 16 but I could probly fit a 14. And what is up with Good Will charging soo much for thier stuff! The suit was 25 and the shirt 6. Ok that isn't so bad, but still when I only have 40 bucks to my name it is steep.  I couldn't find shoes to go with it and I am still in need of a winter jacket.  Good Will had some jackets but the best one was $50 for crying out loud.  I can get a new leather one for that!

I think I am all ready for the interview. An online friend was quizing me from a job interview question site. So I have some idea what I am going to be saying. Whis I had saved the IM so I could review it lol.

Well I have a busy busy day tomorrow, mostly driving around from place to place...

Take Josh to school by 7 a.m (it is about 45min drive or so)

Get Sophia and Lilly over to Amy's and call to make sure Zane and Annie have gotten off to school.

Turn back around and get to my interview by 9:00

Then my doctor's apointment is at 11:45 (what was I thinking, an interview and a GYN examin in the same day!)

Then back over to Amy's to get the girls..

Than trun back around and get Josh

Home, Oh ya least I forget, shopping for some food for dinner.

Take Josh to work so I can have the car

Then Church so the kids can practice for the play

And then when I am all worn out and ready to nod off.. Get Josh from work.

I estimate I will log about 75 or so miles on the van.

I guess I need to get used to rush rush if I am going to geta job. : (

Ok! I am off to bed.  I will check back here in the morning to see how you voted for my hair.  PLEASE comment, even if you are lurker.. and PLEASE, PLEASE pray for me!

Oh yes and before I forget.. I wanted to do an entry on it but time got away Happy Hanukkah!!!! 

Alll rightyyyyy Thennn... Somewhat true.. but mostly not, I think

You Are a Peacemaker Soul You strive to please others and compromise anyway you can. War or conflict bothers you, and you would do anything to keep the peace. You are a good mediator and a true negotiator. Sometimes you do too much, trying so hard to make people happy. While you keep the peace, you tend to be secretly judgmental. You lose respect for people who don't like to both give and take. On the flip side, you've got a graet sense of humor and wit. You're always dimplomatic and able to give good advice. Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul, Hunter Soul and Visionary Soul What Kind of Soul Are You?  

Thought this intresting from the Laugh and Lift as I prepare to go shopping for interview clothes..

Have You Been Using Fig Leaves?
(by Rev. Eric McGrath,

    The story of the fall in the Garden of Eden is pretty well known by most people. Most people know how Satan tempted Eve and she and Adam sinned by disobeying God.
    There is one little portion of the story that is often overlooked and it is unfortunate because it is really very important.
    Genesis 3:8-21, we read of how Adam and Eve hid from God initially, but then later appeared before God when He called for them. They had sewn fig leaves together to try make themselves acceptable before God.
    In the end God, provided them with coats of skin for them to wear.
    Now what is the significance of these verses? This is very important because it sets a standard that is consistent all the way through the Bible.
    The leaves sewn together were Adam and Eve's attempt to appear acceptable before God - in other words to appear righteous before God. They thought they could do something to be made acceptable in God's sight.
    But God established the principle that is carried all the way through the Bible at this point. That principle is this "Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin". Man tried to make himself acceptable with fig leaves, but they needed to be made acceptable through the provision that God gave them, which involved the shedding of blood - the animal's blood in this case.
    In verse 15 of Genesis 3, we are first introduced to the fact that God was going to provide a Saviour through the seed of the woman - that was the first reference to Jesus Christ. The big word for this is protoevangelium.
    Jesus Christ would come to earth and shed His blood and he would once and for all be the sacrifice for man's sin. Only through personal and explicit faith in Jesus Christ as our Saviour, will we find right standing or righteousness before God.
    And yet today men still try and appear acceptable to God by putting together their fig leaves. They try through the fig leaves of being religious - fig leaves of being moral - fig leaves of being a good person - fig leaves of "church-ianity" - fig leaves of denominationalism, and so on. All of these amount to fig leaves of self-righteousness.
    It is interesting that in Isaiah 64:6, God says that all of these "fig leaves" that we can produce, thinking they will be found acceptable with God - are seen only as "dirty rags" by God.
    And all they end of doing is seeking to cover sinful hearts - hearts, like Adam and Eve's which would not and will not submit to and be obedient to God's will.
    "Garments of righteousness" (Isaiah 61:10) can only be provided by God Himself, just as He provided coats of skins for Adam and Eve.
    And this He has accomplished through Jesus Christ and His death at Calvary, where He shed His blood for us.
    What kinds of "fig leaves" are you sewing together to cover your sinful heart?
    Why not accept the "clothing of righteousness" that God makes available to you in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ?
    "The wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord." (Romans 6:23).
    Our "fig leaves" fall short of the righteousness required by God. Jesus Christ is the only sufficient "skin" we can wear. When we accept Him as our Saviour, His righteousness is transferred to us and then we are found acceptable in God's sight.
    Are you accepted in the beloved, my friend? You can be with certainty.

Monday, December 6, 2004

5 ppl you meet in Heaven and my thoughts on it and Heaven.

I have a few things I could write on today. How my day went yesterday and the first service of the two churches jointed together and the dinner or how we took the kids to the mall (ugh) to see Santa and some of the things that irk me about that, or how I can finally say we are Lice free and give more detail about all that or talk about the song I have in my journal today and why it is special, or comments I have about two journals who seem to be going threw similar situations about certain ppl not all that happy with how they word things or the content of their journals.. but I think I will save all that and throw my 2 cents or so about that movie I saw last night, The 5 People You Meet In Heaven.

I saw it last night with my family and cried here and there and it helped pull me out of my rotten mood I was in for a bit.  I think I am fighting the winter time blues here.. being mad at things when really it is nothing but a thang.. I can wait for a tree to put up, I can wait to buy clothes for that interview, and yes I can even wait to get a new winter jacket and shiver here and there when I do go out in my flannel or sweater, buying Christmas gifts for all my loved ones can wait, getting the dental sugary that I NEED can wait, stamps for cards that need to be sent can also wait.. but some days it just hits me all at the same time and I just feel rotten. Can you see that December is my "test my patience and resolve month"?? But as the saying goes.. all good things come to those who wait. So I am holding on to that and am expecting to be blessed for it.

I saw commercials the last two weeks for that movie The Five People You Meet In Heaven. At first I thought.. oh it's one of those movies, scoff.. lol. But the more I saw the commercials the more I wanted to make it a point to see it.  Sunday was busy busy and I had totally forgotten about it until we came home from the Mall and started making dinner. We turned the TV on and missed the first ten min. of it but still I don't think we missed much of it.

I wasn't going to do an entry on it. I liked the movie very much but it didn't occur to me to write on it, as you can see I have a lot I could write on lol. But when I see that two other journals have watched it and wrote on it I want to get in on the fun. Marcy & Lanny both saw it last night and have entries on it.. so go check out their view point too.

The movie did have a very good message to it, that you are who you are for a reason, you have touched people in ways you will never know.  No life is insignificant and there is a purpose to it all.  That is what I took away from it, I know that the five people in the main charter's heaven also taught him a lesson before he could move on, and Marcy goes into detail about it in her summary of the movie. The movie reminds me of a poem I read in The Purpouse Driven Life, and I made a small website about it on one of my other screen names.

I do think in Heaven there will be lessons to be taught, if we have not learned them here on Earth.  Lessons about God and who he is and he will mature us spiritually if we have not come into that maturity now.  Like a school " )  And here is the sticky part, where I talk about religion and my beliefs. I know many avoid it for fear of offending some one who reads.. but I think we all know by now I don't care who I offend (at least on that subject) and since this is my journal I write as I choose. No one will be taught those lessons or step one foot in heaven, if they have not made a choice here on earth to believe him and live for him. For the wages of sin is death, we all fall short of the Glory of God, we die ONCE, and then the judgment. We all deserve hell and an eternity separated from God, but he has made a way to cover our sins, Psalms 103:12 says, As far as the east is from the west, [so] far hath he removed our transgressions from us, That is the Gift He gave us on the cross, so that our sins may be covered by the blood of his perfect Lamb, and judgment be passed over, but those who reject that gift, will get what they deserve, sadly. No one can live a perfect life with out sin, for even our thoughts are judged, have you ever hated some one? To God that is the same as if you murdered that person, have you ever had thoughts of cheating or had lust for some one other than your spouse? To God that is the same as if you went out and had the affair.

In the movie and I assume in the book(the book is on my list now to read) the main charter does talk about God and slightly about his relationship with him, how during the war he made "deals" with him and then after disappointment ran from him and hid from him.  He asks do you think he even knows I am here, and the person says she thought most certainly she thinks he does.  I know going in to a rant about all that will be pointless.. this was not a Christian movie, but a secular warm fuzzy movie.  I think the main charter Eddie is like most who people out there, he has some scense about God, he has heard about him and talked about him and to him here and there, but has never truly come to know him and trust him.  He is disappointed with how he has lived his life and thinks it is a failed one and had no point or purpose, not how he wanted it to turn out. And that is why I like how the movie pointed out how he was where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be. There was a plan for his life, even if he didn't know about it. God can use people, even if they don't trust in him.  But I wish it would of gone on more about God himself and his great love for all and how in Heaven that yes all tears will be wiped away and that now we see in part but soon we shall have full understanding. How in heaven we will serve and worship God, gladly and joyfully.  Heaven will not be all about you and your idea of perfection, but it will be all about God.

In heaven there will be rewards for the things you have done here on Earth and for your service to him, the Bible speaks of the many earned crowns that will be cast at the feet of Jesus. I have also heard it said that in Heaven people shine, and depending on your reward for your works is how brightly you will shine. I also know there is a place in the Lord's house, for he said there are many rooms, so in Heaven we will LIVE with him.  Revelations speaks of the earth passing away and God creating a new Earth with descending on to it a new Heaven, so that God will dwell with us.  In Heaven we will have jobs to do, on that new earth,depending on what we have done here and now and shown what we can be responsible with and we will cheerfully do it.

I look forward to Heaven, and living for eternity with God, for that is where my true home is, I am just a visitor here.  What I look forward to the most is seeing those who I have touched and have touched me in some way that I may not realize now. That person who may come up to me and say, Remember that web site you had up, I read it and because of you I am here or that person who had no money and I gave so they could be blessed and them comingup to thank me for being obedient, or for me going up to those who gave when I was in need and telling them, you know that food you donated to the food pantry that time, it feed me and my family for a week, or thank you for giving, donating to that ministry, because of that I was able to hear that tape that planted seeds in my heart to come to know Jesus. How awesome that is all going to be!

Annalisa Just posted a realy great poem and I think it ties into this post very well.. so check it out too.