Saturday, April 29, 2006

Worried Sick??

Did you every worry yourself so much that it manifested into a physical ailment???  Now.. I don't tend to think of myself as a "worry wort" or tend to let the cares of daily life get to me..and I like to think I can trust God with it all and NOT have to worry but it seems I may have let stress catch up with me.. maybe.  I have been sick with some funky cold since Tuesday or so and it is just now lifting.  At first I atdributied the crappy aching feelings to my period (and thanking God it came Monday morning and not over the weekend).  And when chills and that fuzzy head started to come on I fought the good fight and demanded that I will not get sick.. but then I got a fever and just had no strength.. I pretty much have been a slug since Wednesday.  Yesterday I woke up and finally drained all that nice fleam and fluid that had built up, very gross lung cookies and nose glue overflow (as if you needed an illustration lol).  I can't think where I picked it up.. haven't been around anyone who has been sick and I'm the only one who has been effected in the house.

Thankfully Josh has been home all week to pitch in with the kids but you know how men are lol.  Women are the care givers for a reason.. but I still couldn't help being a tad bit resentful.. why can't I be babied and waited on like I did for him when he was sick last month? but I got over it.. he just isn't build like that.. he tired in his own ways so I will give him some credit.  He did do major grocery shopping and he did make me some chicken broth for lunch once.. and let me hawg the bed while he slept on the couch so he would not be infected too.  But now the house .. that was almost immaculate when we got home Sunday (Audra is a saint and a clean freak) is a wreck and the dishwasher could be ran a few times and the laundry is back to mt. impossible.

So what was I all worried about.. what was/is mulling around my brain and soul.. lots and lots but since most of it is nothing I can do anything about I won't keep kicking it around and playing with it.. I'll give it over to the one who can and will and does have the power to see to it that all will work out as it should.  So what no one has RSVP for that AT HOME party I am throwing next week, it's just my first party in my new house. And God knows how life is on the road for my husband and the fellows he has to work with.. I'll let him take care of those situations andwork on his walk with him.. and he knows the timing of my first daughter's passage into womanhood... if it is time for her first period or just her body getting ready.. so be it.. as if I can do anything about that (BUT DANG IT.. SHE IS ONLY 9YRS OLD!!) And he will bring to justice the ones who have hurt my friend and made him sick over that whole drama.. he is the one who convicts hearts and minds and heals what is broken.  And that D- my Brilliant son brought home on his midterm report in Science (one of his fav subjects!!), Well Lord you are just going to have to give us wisdom on how to deal with that see what is really going on there.  And I just have to remember.. everyone's spiritual health and life does not rest on my shoulders nor by my example(thank God!).  We all make our own choices, we all have our own does no good to cast pearls before swine but it is prudent to be wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove.

Well.. at least my health has improved and I can focus on one thing at a time again.

Friday, April 21, 2006

"I'v Got To.. Get A Way!"

Ladies Retreat seems like a far off time and place.  Oh it was so wonderful, uplifting and fun.. everything a women's retreat should be.  I even got to get away to a winery or two (still need to post pics of them and give all the yummy details) But the stress I have been under since the very day I got home had me saying "OH! When can I go back?!!"

Josh has been out of town working, and even before he left we were somewhat in a tiff and he was working long hours.  We haven't had  a real meaningful conversation for about two weeks.  Dealing with the kids, the bills, the house, the dog and cat, friend's drama's and on and on.. everyone is ME ME ME... take take take.. needless to say I have a very low "love bank" right now!!

Awww but God is good.. all the time!  He has sent me a wonderful blessing in the form of my friend Audra.  I am going on an adventure this weekend.  Going on the 4 hour drive to Evansville IN to see Josh for the weekend!!! Just ME!  The kids will be staying here with my brave friend.

Josh will be working this weekend but ahaa.. the nights are mine.  So I will get some good alone time with myself while he is at work and then some real good make up time with my hubby after work.

I'll be singing: "Thank The Lord For The Night Time" Neil Diamond

So I need to hurry up and get done what I need to get done so I can leave.  Today is pay day so the bills are in first order and then shopping... I am getting a new vacuum cleaner and pricing a carpet cleaner.. also there is this white (white is the new pink this season if you didn't know) dress at Old Navy that I have had my eye on : ) 

I am soooo... OUT-A HEEEERRRRRRREEEE!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Finnaly.. recent pictuers and my thoughts on my new hair.

 B.C. (Before cut) My best friend Audra and Me at Ladies retreat.  Ya, we like that lime green color wayy too much lol

  The girls in their Easter outfits and sporting their new hair cuts too.  Really loving the head scarfs on Sophia and Lilly.. will have to find some more of those.

  My handsome boy Zane.

DRUM ROLL.........................................................




It is a very big change and takes some getting used to.  But it is growing on me I think. 

The positives are.. shower time is cut in half, don't have to worry about my hair blowing in the wind, and wayy cooler in the summer.  I have been thinking about it and how people perceive women with short hair.  I see them, for the most part, as strong, progressive, braining women.. lol so  maybe that is how others will see me now??  The pitfalls.. I receive alot of attention from those who see it for the first time and remember my long locks, can't hide behind my hair was one of my vanity spots, can't wear a bandanna because it looks like I had cancer.. can't tickle my husband with my hair, until it grows out a bit it looks just a wee bit butch (so not me.. going to make extra efforts to wear more pink lol jk) when it dries it sticks up (but I found some great hair products the helps with that)

Would I do it again?? Well.. ya.. because I did it for love.  As some of my friends know my girls have been dealing with lice on and off ..mega frustration.. we have done everything in the book to get rid of them but they kept getting re-infected at school. So Josh convinced me to allow him to use the hair clippers on them and just get it all over with.  I didn't have them but I knew the girls were going to feel weird about their hair being so short.   Yes, I cried as I heard the hum of the clippers and the vibration on my head as my hair fell to the floor but it was well worth it so the girls could say.. "my mom has the same hair cut as me.. so there.. girls have short hair too.. not just boys" if ever teased about it.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wedding Pics

Josh's step brother got married a few weeks ago and here are just a few select pics.  It was exciting to get away for a night.  They had the wedding at a winery in IL. near Redbud and we got a room for the night. We had a very good time. The pink suit is also what I will be wearing for Easter this Sunday.  This also gives you an idea of how longgggg my hair was before it got cut.  I know you all are just chomping at the bit to see my new do but I just havn't had pics taken of us yet.  Coming soon promise.  I think my next post will be about Ladies Retreat.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Wow! I'm so proud and excited!!!!!!!

Have I ever told you how smart my son is??? Oh I know I have lol. This is the 11yrd boy that dreams of going off to Oxford to attend school just because his favorite authors C.S. Louis and J.R.R. Tolkin were once professors there. Sometimes I just can't keep up with him, if you know what I mean?  He amazes me all the time.  I am telling you God has some big plans in store for my boy.

This year the after school club he choose to be in was Quiz Bowel.  He loved it because he is a trivia buff and likes that sort of thing. I was a bit disappointed that he choose that club over the Christian Club that was on the same day but as long as he had fun what could I say.  Now I think maybe that was the preparing/testing ground for what is about to come next for him.  Just yesterday he was telling me some interesting unsung Civil War fact he had read about (soldiers when they were board liked to race.. lice.. eww)  and asking if he could stay up later than normal to watch a History Channel Special about one of the battles that changed the course of history.

Last Friday Zane asked if he could go to the Jeopardy web site and apply to be on Kids Jeopardy. He had saw on TV during comercial break for Jeopardy that they were seeking applications (I didn't even know he watched Jeopardy but I'm not surprised) I shrugged my shoulders and said sure, not really thinking much of it but he was pretty excited about it.  At first he asked if he could go to Chicago for the auditions but then kept reading and saw they are holding them here in the Saint Louis area too.  That seemed be do-able.  So I gave him the OK but kept in mind that there must be tons and tons of applications for the Jeopardy people to go threw, what are the chances.

Today I got an e-mail asking for me to call and RSVP for his spot to audition!!!!!  WOW!  Good thing I actually got on the computer today and didn't just do my standard delete delete delete because of massive mail in my box.

I have never been one to really watch regular Jeopardy much less the kids version.  How does one even begin to prepare for such a thing? Can you even prepare for it?  I suggest that he start reading the encyclopedia and dictionary lol.  But above all I just want him to have fun and not get stressed out.  I am not going to lie.. I want him to get on and yes win.. if they are offering money for collage as a prize that would mean a lot to us as a family.

So keep him in your prayers and if you have any hints or suggestion to offer us I am all ears.  His appointment is Thursday, May 4th at 4:00. 

Where to even start???

Can you believe it? I have not done a solid blog entry since March 15th??? Why??  I don't know!  For whatever reason I just have had no real desire to be on the computer.. shocking I know.

Sooooooooooooo much going on.. I do not even know where to start.  I may have to do several entries this week to focus on each topic that has been prevalaint in my life.

Obviously I am not that missed around J~Land.. haven't received any "where you been girl".. or "how you doing".. lol but that is ok.. not pouting.. we all have lives. And UGH! My counter must of gone back to Zero.  While that is very annoying because I have been bloging well over two years and it was way way up there.. I am not going to fuss about it.. ain't nothing but a thang.  And Yes I Know.. there is some way to fix it back.. but that would require more computer time looking up how to do that and I am just not feeling like investing myself to do all that work right now.  I have over 500 e-mails to go threw and delete.  Sorry I have not been able to stay up to date on all my friends blogs and journals.

Josh left for out of town work and will be gone all week, so maybe I will be on more often with out him here. 

Some exciting foot notes of what I have been up to while off line.. Went to a Wedding and got all deck out and had a blast.. just Me and Josh.. no kids.. and we got to stay overnight in a room alllllll to ourselves..heehee. 

Kids had spring break what seems like forever ago now and are already back to school and doing the standardized testing. 

I went on Ladies Retreat last weekend at Lake Of The Ozarks, Awesome time and I hope to post more about it later with pics. 

 Getting to know new friends in life and building new relationships.. that is always fun but also remembering not to neglect old ones too.. you know like the Girl Scout song goes.. "Make New Friends But Keep The Old, One Is Silver And The Other's Gold." 

Keeping up with the house is a full time JOB that I know I should be fired from lol.  But we have gotten some decorating done.. pics later of those.

On a sadder note, One of my Pastors is very sick and in the hospital. Been doing alot of praying and drawing close to the Lord and trying to be there for his family and our friends who are grieving.  Personally I am at Peace with what ever happens because I know and he knows where he will go if he doesn't recover but I don't feel it in my spirit that it is his time.. just yet. Just praying for the Father's Will to be done. Sunday it our other Pastor said that he asked Bill if he could give us a message what would he say and he said, "Don't let the little things in life trip you up with your walk and relationship with God. Your relationship with him is the most valuable thing ever, all else will fall into place, don't get side tracked."  I'm holding on to that this week.

 I have become more active at church and able to go to Wed. nights more often.  The kids are getting ready for Easter, they are in a play at church this Sunday so there has been lots of practices for it. 

Oh and I shaved my head. Ya I think I'll leave you  hanging on that lol.  Till Next time. *wink*