Monday, August 29, 2005

Getting ready.. and OH NO.. being waken by the police!

Got to love AOL.COM where you can go and log in to your account while you are away from home and read your e-mail and add to your blog lol.. anyway..

Just a quick up date.  Left my house with my mom and her husband about noon yesterday.  We took the MO side of the River Road this time and made a couple of side trips *WINK* LOL  It was fun.  Sophia is loving all the extra attention.  We made it into Cudahy (south of Milwaukee where mom lives) at 6:00 a.m.  Needless to say we were poooooooooooooped.  Well all except Sophia.  She was wired.

My mom lives in a very small apertment.. about the size of my bedroom acutaly.. if not smaller.  She was telling me some stories on the way down about her strange neighbors.. *gulp*  Anyway so this morning when we got home the first thing Sophia said was she wanted to go explore the hallway.  You know I told her no and to NEVER go out of the apartment unless she is with me or Mom.  We were dog tiered so mom and John went to bed and Sophia and I snugled on the couch watching cartoons.  I dozed off... can you guess what happen>??????????  

Yep... needless to say I about had a heart attack when I was awaken by a policemen saying he had a little girl out in the hall and asking if she belonged to me!!!  One of the wacky neighbor ladies found her and called the police. (thank the Lord it was her and not some other charters) But all is o.k.  besides me benig a bit freaked and Sophia being sternly talked to.

I asked mom if she noticed that we seemed to have a reoccuring theme in our family??  Her and dad were kidnapped when I was H.S. (long story and I have a journal link somewhere about that) and my Sister's daugher being kidnapped a few years ago (again.. I have a link somewhere about that story too).  Thankful each had a good outcome and Sophia was not the one kidnapped this time!!!

Ok.. I am in my hot red dress.. my roots have been done (really I am a natural blonde but once you start lighting up with color you have to keep it up) and my hair is in rollers.  We are alllllllll most ready to drop Sophia off and meet my sis for dinner and then off to see Neil!!!!   We have FLOOR seats!  I am thinking he should pull me up on stage.. I am going to look that good : )  I am going to try and sneek in my dispoable camera.. but they make take it away.. more later friends.. I have a BUSY WEEK ahead of me.. and I haven't even told you all that is going on at the home front!

Friday, August 26, 2005


Soon my mom will be here.  Soon I will be leaving for Milwaukee for a week with her and Sophia.  Soon I will get to go to the Neil Diamond concert.  Soon I will get to see some of my family and old friends.  Soon I will visit my crack head brother in prison.  All too soon I will be on my way back home. Soon my life will have some sort of routine to it.

I did some more cleaning at the old house today.  OMG what a mess.  I cleaned the fridge and deep moped the floors.  Took more trash out.  Josh is grumpy.. because I told him I didn't think we would get our deposit back even if he painted.  As if he is helping clean anyway.. hump.. he lived there too, it is not alllllll my fault. We have four kids for crying out loud.. in very close quarters for over 3 years. He is just a bit stressed that our first mortgage payment is about due and his work is not as picked up as he wants it to be.  I told him I DIDN'T even want to hear about it nor worry about it.  I straight up asked him if he thought we were living in a house we could not afford.. he insisted no.

Friday has come up sooooooo fast!! Were did the week go?  I still have to make sure that the kids are all ready for next week.. clothes set aside for school, snacks bought for school and lunch money paid.  School picuters ofcourse are next week.. and I will be broke.. gurr.Josh may or may not be here while I am gone.. depending on his work.  My friend from church will take care of the kids if he is not.  In that case I told her she could use our van.  So I have to make sure the van is cleaned out and that she knows about the leaking power steering fluid situation.  Don't even get me started about that!!!!

I am excited about my mom coming and her and her husband getting to see our new house.  I am even more excited about a week away.. even if I have to bring Sophia with.  My mom is taking me and my sister to the Neil Diamond concert Monday. She says we have really good seats too!! She lovessssssss him, so I was raised on him and know all his songs by heart too.  I tried to get Shilo to play in my journal.. not sure if it is or not.. I give up.  I picked that one because it describes my childhood to a T!  It still makes me tear up.  I was tempted to put in Kentucky Women in honor of my friends Lori and Jess who are from KY.  Stop thinking I am a freak for liking Neil Diamond lol!!  Ya the Jazz Singer was not such a morally sound movie LOL and I for the longest time thought he was Jewish in real life!  Now he is an old, gray,cigar smoking dude but I still love his songs and am passing on the tradition to my kids.

Neil Diamond - Shilo Lyrics

Young child with dreams Dream ev'ry dream on your own When children play seems like you end up alone Papa says he'd love to be with you If he had the time So you turn on the only friend you can find There in your mind Shilo, when I was young I used to call you name When no one else would come Shilo, you always came And we'd play Young girl with fire Something said she understood I wanted to fly She made me feel like I could Held my hand out, and I let her take me Blind as a child All I saw was the way that she made me smile She made me smile Shilo, when I was young I used to call you name When no one else would come Shilo, you always came And you'd stay Had a dream, and it filled me with wonder She had other plans "Got to go, and I know that you'll understand" I understand Shilo, when I was young I used to call you name When no one else would come Shilo, you always came Come today

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Today marks two years since I made my very first journal entry. I have made over 1436 entries since (according to the number assigned to each entry at the end of the link.. so give or take 10 or so because the first one started with the number 10) I average out to posting one entry a day (normaly.. when I am not you know.. moving). According to my counter I have had over 19834 hits/visits and the site meter/traffic tracking program I use estimates I have about 11 to 15 visitors a day, if not more depending on the topic posted.  I have been featured by the editors over the last two years 3 times and twice in the number one spot (but this was before they did it for a whole week and only kept the picks up for one day.. *ahem* hint hint)

I have been trying to read over some of my past entries from the last two years to see how I may of grown or how my writing may of changed.  It is good to do this now and then and I have relived many memories today.  I think the biggest change in style is that I have not kept it as strictly a personal thought journal but also dabbled in political and faith issues and been out spoken on many issues but also I have a feeling of community with my journal that you just can't have with a private paper one.  Yet I still try and not hold back when I write.. but just try to be more aware that I have a readership and that makes me more mindful of grammar and spelling (sometimes LOL) and not airing some other people's dirty laundry or things I need to keep in confidence.

I am not sure I can adequately put into just words how much my journal means to me nor how much I care and love for the the friends I have made because of having an open journal.  I put my whole life out there and for some that may be a scary thing but for me it has become freeing (read my first entry to see why).  There is a saying that writing is good for the soul and I think that is a pretty accurate description of what my journal has done for me.  I often find it easier to get my deepest thoughts out threw writing, then verbally or working out my emotions with the written word then with just brooding in silence.  For some it is music or dance or crafting.. for me it is my journal and writing.  I first and foremost do it for me but I love the feed back and back and forth I have with the friends and readers who come here and I love visting other peoles journals. My journal alert list is way too long but I don't have the heart to cut any one.. they all are like friends and I have to keep tabs on thier lives.  I find I have grown and helped other grow too by the information we give about our everyday lives and thoughts and feelings.  Humans were created for relationships and crave it even when we try and deny it and build up walls because of hurts. J~Land is a safe place for the most part to explore relationships that we may of never thought we could develop in an off line context.  And I have had many friends that I have come to talk with off line also.

To me my journal is so much more than a hobby or a funny side thing I do. I chronicle my life here, I put my faith and beliefs, prayers and  my heart's deepest longings here. I have a voice here! I put my whole self into it.  Most posts have a lot of for thought put into it and some are done off the fly and the top of my head and heart.  Sometimes I am deep and sometimes I am just a nut looking for an outlet.  My joys, my happiest moments, my deep pains and sorrows, and all the emotions in between are found in the archives of my journal. As I said in my Title Description.. Who knows what I will put in here today. I sometimes wonder if those who read my journal know me much better then the family and friends who opt not to read it.  This is my place to be self centered but also giving too.  There are so many levels to my journal and to blogging that the average person who doesn't blog or online journal can't fully understand it.  Those of us who do and do it faithfully know just what I am talking about.

Oh it has not all been roses and sunshine.  We have had those who have taken our trust and love for community and abused it and trampled on it by making fake fiction journals masked as real ones and we have threats of journals being deleted because of mean ppl sending out false TOS Reports.  AND HEY! WHEN WILL WE GET THAT SPELL CHECKER!! And there has been other program glitches that thankfully the AOL Journal Team works on for us so we don't pull out our hair.  The good about journals far out weighs the bad and if you are new to AOL JOURNALS you will learn to deal with the mean sucky people that on a rare occasion want to leave nasty comments and learn that we alldon't have to be the same to love each other and can have give and take dialogues.

If you would of told me two years ago that Hunybea's Open Journal would evolve and become as meaningful to me and others.. that people would actually read it and care about what I had to say.. I don't think I would have believed you. And I think that is a statement I have seen in many people's blog.. really you want to read this thing? Why do you care what I have to say? I think we all have some of the same insecrities and the same wants and needs to reach out and have friendships.. even if they are online.

Happy Birthday Journal.. thank you for always (almost always.. you know those rare outages) being there for me to put my rants, raves, and anything else here.  I know there may come a time when we part and you may be deleted.. but I pray that day will not come and if it does.. back up back up back up! 

And Happy Birthday to you J~Land.  You give me so much more than I could ever give back.  Honestly I don't think any other blogger server could give us the community atmosphere we find here... and no AOL has not paid me (but maybe they should.. or at least give me some props jk)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

We survied the first day of school and some pics

As I get the house more together I will post more pics but I thought you would like to see our kitty Gabriel (named after an angel) and the few things that I do have together around here.



I want to give all these details about how my day and the kids had gone but If I don't go to bed now we will be RUNNING to the bus again in the morning LOL.

Pressing on...

It is just after 2 a.m.  I need to be up by 6 at the latest.. haha.. because I HAVE to get Zane, Annie and Lilly on the bus at 7 a.m. for the first day of school, yikes!  But the good news is my e-mail box is down from over 700 e-mails to just 18 (mostly saved ones for later.. you know the juicey ones that you like to sink your teeth in)

I could go into big rant mode about how my day was but what is done is done and tomorrow is another day, right?. So what I had to go to like 5 different stores to get school supplies and the weekly groceries and that Zane is freaking out about going to a new school and missing his old friends and on top of that he hurt his ankle and is limping around.  And so what Sophia had a melt down at the store because she wasn't getting any of the good stuff for school like her siblings and yelled it was not fair she cant go to school too.  And I am going to drop it that the trash man never came to get our trash as promised nor delivered our cans even after I called twice to make sure. And that shelf with my collectable Home Interiors Teddy Bears that I had bought when we were first married got trashed by Annie and the broom doesn't matter.. it all burns in the end right.   Days like these I can see myself craving that old way of dealing with stress and hitting the bong.. but I am past it now.. relief is in sight and my big spa tub in my master bathroom suite is calling instead.

  I can't wait to get it all together and finish all the final details of this move and get to normal life (what ever that may be).  Baby steps as FLY Lady says.  First step is getting the kids off to school and me and Sophia into some routine.  Josh is out of town so that also makes it hard to get them all ready.  Plus my mom is coming this weekend and I will be going out of town with her next week.  Maybe next month we can get back to not being so rush rush busy busy?  Ya right!

Pictures coming sooooooooon.. I promise!


Sunday, August 21, 2005

ALL MOVED IN.. and the puter is finnaly put back up!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I am sooooo sore and worn out!!!  I NEED A MASSAGE!  But it looks like the hardest parts are done.. we are ALL moved in.  I think the worst pieces of furniture were the fish tank that had to be carried up stairs and our dresser.  Josh hooked the computer back up Friday but this is the first I have been able to even sneeze at it. (ya I am getting a cold too)  I have over 700 e-mails and alerts in my box! WOW!! I have been away for over a week? or is it two?  It all runs together now lol. In all likely hood the alerts are just going to be deleted but I will try and catch up with all my J~land family and friends soon.

The phone has finally been hooked up and we got a new jack for the den... just for the computer.  I also upgraded to the faster DSL.. I will have to see if there is any change and let you all know how that is.  I also got an extra satellite receiver for the den and have a tv in here.. lol  But gurrr... the only place they could place our satellite was on our garage!! What an eye sore!  I would say just switch to cable then but cable doesn't come out here yet. 

The kids are all registered for school and we have met the teachers except for Zane's.  We missed that open house because we had family over for dinner that night.  I will try Monday to go up and see if I can meet her and take a tour of the school.  School starts Tuesday and I STILL have to buy school supplies. They have the schools split up funny here so that I will have 3 of my children in 3 different schools.. but a nice thing is they all will ride the same bus.  We have to be out to the bus at 7:00 a.m.   This will be the biggest change of all.  Last year their bus didn't come till 8:35.. and I barely got up on time for that lol but new house and new habits!  And OHH I did get that waiver for Lilly and that vaccine.  It was simple as pie to do and I did not get a hard time about it from any one either.

I am 90% unpacked and maybe 80% organized lol. We had a small family birthday party this weekend for all the July Birthdays. It was the first get together we have hosted in our new house and I was stressing over getting things done and Josh was on me about worrying how the house looked.  He wanted to know why I was so grumpy (besides being on my period gurr) I said I wanted it to be perfect for our first visitors to see.  He gave me a smart word that IN THAT CASE I will always be stressed because it will NEVER be perfect and then I will always be a grump.  So I had to let it go that my book shelves were not all unpacked and the rooms not all vacuumed and the laundry still in baskets.  My husband is just too smart sometimes.

This was just a quick up date and I PROMISE more to come soon with pictures.  I also have to tell you about our new family member : )

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tried to post this thur IM.. but as you can see the darn thing wouldn't listen! Still a good site.

Me" [1:01 P.M.]: Moving Tips   Wish I had read this like 3 months ago LOL   Some great ideas if you know you are going to be moving!!
AOLJournals [1:01 P.M.]:  Hello Hunybea4him! I can post entries to your AOL Journal(s). Just type what you want to say, hit enter and I'll post your message as a new entry. Entries must be at least four words long. If you have questions, please type "help."
"Me" [1:01 P.M.]: Moving Tips   Wish I had read this like 3 months ago LOL   Some great ideas if you know you are going to be moving!!
AOLJournals [1:01 P.M.]:  Hello Hunybea4him! I can post entries to your AOL Journal(s). Just type what you want to say, hit enter and I'll post your message as a new entry. Entries must be at least four words long. If you have questions, please type "help."
"Me" [1:01 P.M.]:  help
AOLJournals [1:01 P.M.]:  Help
To add an entry to your journal, simply enter four or more words.
Journal Commands
Change Journals- Type journal: followed by a journal name (e.g. journal:my first journal).
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Add Music to Entry- Type music: followed by a description of what you're listening to at the moment (e.g. music:springsteen).
Add Mood to Entry- Type mood: followed by a mood (e.g. mood:happy).
Quit Journal- Type quit to leave the journal you're currently working on.
"Me" [1:02 P.M.]:  journal: Hunybea's Open Journal
AOLJournals [1:02 P.M.]:  OK, I will post entries to the "Hunybea's Open Journal" journal.
"Me" [1:02 P.M.]: Moving Tips   Wish I had read this like 3 months ago LOL   Some great ideas if you know you are going to be moving!!
AOLJournals [1:02 P.M.]:  Hello Hunybea4him! I can post entries to your AOL Journal(s). Just type what you want to say, hit enter and I'll post your message as a new entry. Entries must be at least four words long. If you have questions, ple

Monday, August 8, 2005

VICTORY over a messy garage and Finally the hair cuts!

Saturday we worked ALLLLLLLLL day at the old house.  Josh and Zane worked on the garage... and whaaahooo... they got it all spic and span and ready for moving!!!!  The girls and I worked on the basement and the playroom and besides 100 loads of laundry the basement is all good baby!  I would of took before and after pics of the garage and basement but you can just use your imagination and trust me when I say they were disaster areas.  Josh swears that he is never ever.. never again going to let his garage get that way and I swear never ever will I let my basement get like that.. haha we don't have a basement at the new house but I will try my very best to stay on top of all our laundry.  I am thinking I am going to just have to do laundry EVERY DAY. You can imagine how much a Six person family accumulates.  But the good news is now I know where all the clothes went and we will not have to buy as much school and winter clothes as I thought.  I am looking for that stuff you can spray on cloths that are hanging to get the wrinkles out.. I can't remember the name of it.. I know I saw a commercial for it like a year ago.  Josh said he saw it.. it is called an iron.. haha funny.  I am iron challenged and would rather go the easy route and spray something on.

Josh is back in KY and I am left to finish packing up the house.  We are sleeping at the new house full time now so I am getting up early and trekking us back to the old one.. where the puter  and TV is still hooked up.  I find I get alot done at the new house because we don't have them yet lol.  But I also feel out of the loop on news and my journals!!! Last night we ooh and awwed over the moon and how BIG Mars was. The stars are real bright where we are out of the city and I wanted to go and look up Mars facts for the kids and see if it will be like that again tonight and I was shocked this morning when I saw a newspaper with the big headlines of Peter Jennings Dying. I will catch up with all of my journal friends soon.. promise! 

The moving truck is ordered for this Friday.  We plan on loading everything up Friday.. bug bombing it and then letting it air out Saturday morning and then unpack it.  I do not want any tag-a-longs to come to my new house and infesting it.  We may still just get on a maintace plan with a local company for the new house just incase and with new construction you wouldn't guess all the insects that come out of hiding and is upheaval around. 

Today I finally went and got the girls their hair cuts.  I LOVE Lilly's. It is a big change but I think it makes her Big eyes come out.  Annie wanted a bob too.. just like our new neighbor's girls.. I guess it is O. K... I will miss her long hair more then her I think.  That is one thing off the long list of things to do checked off.  I have a lot of work to get done in the next week.. and to top it all off the kids have VBS with our church this week.  Some how I was recruited to help with VBS.. I don't remember signing up for anything but low and behold my name was on the printed out list LOL.  Not complaining.. I want to be more involved, it is just a busy week. 

Plus Josh's sister Pammy and her family  is coming in from out of town this weekend.  She will be staying at Josh's Dad's but we are trying to plan a party for the next weekend.  Certain family members have said they can not come..*ahem* the same ones who did not want us to move into our new house.  As if it was a personal thing against them! What ever.  They just don't understand that house is 20% cheaper 20 min. down the hwy from where we live now.. then if we went and looked for a house closer to them. That is not much of an extra drive to make and we have sooo much more room.  Anyway.. I am letting it go.. will not try and do tit for tat and still go to their gatherings they insist we go to even if they will not come to ours.

Going to do more packing..I am sick of it.. I am starting to feel like maybe I should just throw it all away lol.  But I am keeping in mind.. THIS IS THE LAST MOVE WE WILL EVER HAVE TO MAKE!!!


Friday, August 5, 2005

Playing house

When do you stop felling like you are playing house and cross into reality?

Playing house used to be my favorite game growing up.  I still play with the girls with their dishes and toy dolls. When we got them their play kitchen it was one of  my happier moments LOL I was almost as excited as they were.  I was thinking today about some of my childhood memories (the few that I have lol) from when I was little and played house.  Why is that most little girls preferred game?  Coping mommy and wanting to be like her, maybe?  Pretending you have your own kitchen and your own baby, good practice for real life?  When I was a teen I remember writing a journal entry about a dream I had of me all grown up with my own family and house and how exciting it was but when I woke up I was scared that it was real and that I was not ready for all that yet.  I felt relief waking up out of that dream.

Now I am all grown up and have my very own house.. beautiful house LOL. And my own children and husband.  I get to put my dishes just where I want them and feed my babies and move my furniture around till it is just right.  I drive a min van and I seem to be almost your proverbially soccer mom.  But sometimes I really do still feel like that little girl who is playing house.

But this is not a game.. this is real life.  I am an adult! awww!!! You know you are not playing house anymore when you have bills.. the kids talk back and are not always happy and you are more of a referee, making dinner and doing laundry is not fun but a chore.  You can not just walk away at the end of the day from this game into your mommy's arms.. because it is real life.

Just a word for the younger girls.. don't rush to grow up.. it is very true when Mom says it goes by so fast and you will have your own family soon enough.

And I am happy, really.  This is all and more than I ever dared to dream of.  But sometimes I still miss that little girl I was.. I did grow up too fast and wild.  I will enjoy each mile stone with my own and make sure they don't try and grow up too fast.

You know what else I loved to play as a little girl? School and Teacher.  Maybe sometime soon I will wake up one day and find that I am in my own class room teaching my own students? lol It is on the list.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

ohhh yaaaa!!

Just got off the phone with Josh... HE IS COMING HOME!   They had some prob with equipment so they are heading back in town but he leaves Sunday night.   I told him to meet me at the new house At least I will have him to help more now.. and his truck LMBO.

"Only he who can say, 'The Lord is the strength of my life,' can say, 'Of whom shall I be afraid?' -

Alexander Maclaren

I find it quiet interesting that this Saturday is the 60th anniversary of America dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan.. and my husband just happens to be working at a Nuclear Power Plant this week.  There is alot of rumors of terror attacks on the US secluded for this weekend using nukes.

I am fighting the urge to go into Survivor mode and stock piling to the hilt and making a fall out shelter.  I want to.. but my husband thinks I am just a nut and that is fear talking and I should just trust God to keep us safe if and when something does ever happen.

For most of my adult life I have had a recurring dream.. one of fear where for some reason or another I have to get me and my family OUT of the city as fast as possible and be "prepared".  That is why I enjoy us camping each year and accumulating more gear, because I always have it in the back of my mind.. ohh this will be a good thing to have on hand.  And that is why my dream car is not a BMW but a Hummer.  No not the new Hummers.. the old Army ones! So I can go on all terrain and if need be drive over other cars LOL. 


I have my fall out shelter all plotted out in my head and just the perfect spot for it in the house, even though we dont have a basement. I found this guide posted on Freedfromevil's blog very informative and helpful.  But because I can't make one by this weekend and my husband may never agree with me.. I shall just trust God to take care of us if and when something happens. But I think I will go and get some bottled water this week and basic can foods. LOL  But to be honest I can not remember having that nightmare since I have become a Christian and I am not really all that afraid but still.. there are examples in the Bible where God prepared his people for hard times.. thinking Joseph and the grain stock piles in Egypt for the seven years of drought. 

Josh should be home Friday and away from that horrible place he has to work at this week.  He is working 12 hour shifts and is not allowed to take his cell in with him, so I have not heard his sweet voice but on the voice mail. When he called yesterday I was out at the new house working crazy.  I thought he would of called me again by now but maybe he thinks I am being productive again today??? LOL NOT.  But I did stay up till the wee hours of the morning going threw laundry and cleaning out my bedroom closet.  OH MY! The things I found in there! Dresses I have never worn and had forgotten about.  I had to try everything on to see what fit and what didn't so I could declutter and get rid of stuff. I am happily getting rid of alot of clutter!  There was this way sexxxxxxy red dress and I filled it out very nicely.. if only I had a place to wear it out too.. it is not exactly a church kind of dress.


Well that is enough of a break.. back to work.  I think I am also going to take Lilly and Annie to get their hair cut for school.  I am thinking bobs.  But it would really be a shame to cut their long hair but I am not going to have a repeat of last year and the lice incidents.. And I think it will be easier on us all to care for,plus it is SOOOOOO HOT out it will be a relief for them I am sure.. shoot I may even go and get mine short too.

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Late entry for the scavanger hunt..

Last week's challange was post pics you took of something tiny and something huge.. I knew what I wanted to post but time escaped me.  I think pics of my old and  new house is a good pick for this challange dont ya think lol.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Knew it wouldn't last long...

Just got a call from Josh....his work is sending him to Paducah,KY. UGH!!  The good news is it is only for 3 days at a time so he will be able to come home every 3 days.  Sounds like they are going to send him down there 2 times or so.  I can't complain much.. we need the extra money that he gets for out of town work AND this is second shift.  As if he was going to help with any packing anyway.. lol.. he has not packed ONE box thus far.. but he has busted his hump moving them *hehe*







LOL  Do you ever argue with yourself like that???

I felt like a Queen in my Castle!

Yesterday we got a good jump on our moving to the new house.... my house!  Still hard to believe!!!!! We unloaded everything Josh's mom gave us that she did not want to take on her own move to Vegas and some other furniture from our house.  We decided to stay the night at the house.  OUR FIRST NIGHT AT OUR OWN VERY OWN HOUSE!

After the unloading of the truck I had to drive Josh's mom back to her place.  She couldn't stay because she had alot to do before she leaves Wednesday.  It was about a 2 hour drive but it was nice to chat with her for awhile.  A bit of bonding.  When I got back Josh told me that we have already been offered a kitty.  Josh told me Hollie our sales lady, had been down and gave us a goody basket and told him she had found a kitty that needed a home.  Her mom is a Vet and the kitten was treated for everything under the sun.  Apparently it was sick but is all better now.  It is a male, long white hair.  I am thinking it may look like fluffy from Stewart Little or that cat that wants to take over the world from Cats and Dogs. Ofcourse we haven't totally decided yet and have not told the kids anything about it. It WOULD make a nice Birthday Gift for Sophia. And I guess it is a sign that I want it if I have already named it? LOL  I told Josh we would think about it and maybe in two weeks after we get all moved in and if she offers to de claw it and get it fixed.. or at least chip in and we could pay half.

I tell you really.. all those pictures really DO NOT do my house justice.  I am still in shock but starting to feel like it is not just a dream anymore. As I was taking a shower in my luxurious master bathroom suite and anticipating going to bed with my husband, I truly did feel like a Queen!  And you better believe that my husband treated me like one too *giggles*big smiles*

I had a wonderful thought the other day.  If God has given me such a wonderful earthly home.. just think how much more my Heavenly one will be!!

Well.. MORE PACKING and moving to come.  I want to do it all NOW and get it out of the way but we still have so much to do.  Next weekend we have PROMSED ourselves that we are going to tackle that garage and clean it out. *YUCK*