Friday, October 29, 2004

ABP Group!! and some oldes but goodies.. plus funny pics : P

Totally digging my shower cap!  Pink with frillys on it.  $3 @ Wal-Mart.  I think I do look like Grandma from Little Red Ridding Hood.  Eww I need to pluck my brows and nice zit!  Zane, poor,poor Zane...he really was wanting his hair to be long and spiky and we go and shave it!  I totaly scolded him for saying Skin Head.. he didn't know what it meant, just that he saw on that old re-run of Grace Underfire, Grace saying we are not skin heads to a couple who thought she was racist and then her son enters the room with a shaved head. 

We have spent over $200 with all the crap we had to buy for the lice and new pillows and pillow cases and new brushes for everyone (no more sharing! or playing beauty shop with MOM's Hair!) and all the stuff for camping too! 

AOL By Phone User's Group

Some examples of me using ABP on my Journal:

Happy Birthday to my Son  

Josh (my husband) on Candid Journal (a fave of my loaly readers lol) 

Me confessing to Josh about candid journal  

My Voice Greeting to J~Land for the big 1 year anversery!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr HEAD LICE!!!!!!!!!

DANG IT!  WE HAVE HEAD LICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This sucks sooooo bad!


I noticed Annie scratching her head tonight.  She has had dandruf real bad in the past but something told me to take a look at her head just incase.  I looked in the normal places, the nape of the neck and behind the ears. It was hard to see any eggs because of her dry scalp but I did find a bug!  I could barley see the sucker because he was about the same color as Annie's head.  This all happens just as Tracy comes in the house to give Zane his guitar lesion and ofcourse she askes right away "should I leave".  Mannnnn  She gave Zane a quick lesion but she was here less than 25 min. lol I don't blame her.

I then looked at each kids head.  Same with Lilly I could hardly tell but I think I saw one or two (or was that dirt?) I didn't see a thing is Sophia's hair and she is blond so it would be easy to tell.  But when we got to Zane's it was soooooooooo easy to tell right away.  Ewww!  Josh boasts of never having head lice before and not even knowing what they look like.  I made him check my head and he thinks he saw some too!  That is going to be a nightmare to get each and ever strand of my long hair!  All this and we are suposed to be going camping tomorrow right after Josh gets home from work! I am so not ready and now I have double work to do.  Plus Tomorrow is the kids fall party at school and Annie is crying because she has to miss it now!

Amy said she will come over tomorrow to help me out with my head and she had some stuff to use on the couches and beds.  Josh is out at the store as we speak getting Nix because Amy says lice has started to build up a tolarance to Rid and last she heard from her kids school they was requiring kids get the prescription from the docs to treat it.

I think we just caught the begining stages of it.  And then Zane says "ohh ya some kid in my class had it the other week, i think".  I am just now hearing about it!  No note!!

New brushes, new pillows, and the shampo to treat it all for everyone but Josh in the family.. expensive!

Electoral College Shortfall Could Put Bush, Edwards In White House -- GOPUSA How funny would THAT be! LMBO

Aplauding Mel Gibson!

This morning I was up earlier than normal, before 7 am! Shocking I know.  I was listening to the sad news that the Cards lost the World series and got sick of seeing the same clip over and over of Tony Lewruso (sp) crying about it.  But I must say we still have the rep of being the BEST and Friendliest FANS in the Country!  So I switched over to ABC and Good Morning America was on.  It was more of background noise as I was waking up the house and getting the kids ready for school.  Josh didn't have to go in till 8 so he was still snoozing a bit when Mel came on. But when I saw what he was talking about I tried to wake Josh up (I don't think he was paying attention lol)

Mel Gibson was on speaking about his views about stem cell research and the issue that is on the ballot in CA put on by Governor Arnold.  Mel went into saying how he was happy about it at first untill he really looked at the issue and saw that embiotic stem cell was going to be funded and that the cells that would be use are from cloned embryos.  He didn't feel that the general public was aware of that is where the stem cells where coming from and that yes he had a problem with it.  He also had a scientist sitting next to him and he went into explaining that there is a solution with the adult stem cells that are being used and the umbilical cord stem cells and that all experiments that have used embryo's cells have produced 0 result.

When Gibson was asked if he didn't feel any compassion for those who suffered like Reeve's and Fox, that could possibly be cured one day from this research he answered that YES he did, very much so, that they are afflicted and many ppl suffer from afflictions but there are alternatives out there NOW and that cloning embroys/human life, he is extremely uncomfortable with.  He even went on to say that if it came down to it and something was produced with these cells he and his family would refuse treatment from them if they had an affliction that needed treatment, but they would insist on treatment by other means. When asked that some say that these cells are just blobs in petrii dish and why should we care, he responded that While he was never in a petrii dish he was once a cluster of cells as was the interview and everyone walking around on this planet, we all once was at that stage of development.  And when asked why should ppl listen to an Actor on this issue he chimed in jokingly.. Ya I know.. I am not a doctor but I play one on TV. hahaha but seriously he is a taxpayer with an opinion, everyone who has an opinion should be heard.  Why as a tax payer should he be made to fund something he finds morally wrong he asked.  And that we are not getting all the facts about this bill and when he tried to talk to the Governor he was put off.. still waiting for that call back.

Bravo.. He said it all for me.

I went to ABC's website for GMA to see if they had a clip or even some print on this interview but nope, they are more concerned about Bill Clinton's surgery (old news) than what was just aired.  It wasn't even in the back pages.  Maybe I just went to the site too soon and they haven't updated but I doubt it.  If AOL news has picked this up (as limited as that article went into it all) I am sure they would have too by now.  I did a deep search on GMA's site.  I wonder why they wouldn't have that on there. (sarcastically) since they did the interview!

I hate to use illistrations from a fiction book but since I just finished reading Stephen King that is what is on my mind (I been dreaming of the gunslinger lol)  In his book Stephen King discribes how children are kidnapped every 20 yrs from this section of the Callas but are returned later.  When the children come back they are what the ppl call roont.  Basicly drooling uncomprehnding people who have the intelgents of an infant and that thier growth is off kilter too.  They grow faster and out of perportion.  What has happen is something medicaly was taken from them, for the benifit of others, these ppl called The Breakers, who's job was to use thier psyic powers to break this beam that held up the univers.  What was taken from the children was used to boost The Breakers powers, make them stronger.

An illistration of taking life to enhance another's life I think.  And for me that is how I see embronic stem cell expermints.  Just because these babies are in dish and not in a womb doesn't mean they are not still human life and to make a human life just to kill it for it's parts is wrong.

Well, I have tons to do today to get ready for this weekend's camping trip and also to get ready for Tracy to come over tonight to teach Zane a lesion on his guitar.  I will be back later to post some pictures

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Simply DISGUSTING! No wonder there is so much violance agesnts Israel!

I am just floored by this!  My stomic litarly is churning!  Teaching lies is why there is such willingness for the Palestinian children to become suiside bombers.. how can a nation or people deal with this mind set!  There will be no TRUE PEACE untill THE PRINCE OF PEACE COMES.

To see how the truth about The Temple and Temple Mount in Israel click here.

Fabricating History

By Aaron Klein,

The Jewish people have no connection to Israel, the Hebrews of the Old Testament were actually Arabs, the prophets of the Bible were Muslim, Solomon's Temple was not built by Israelites but by Arab Canaanites, and the entire Bible is an invention of the Jews, according to a recent educational program aired on Palestinian Authority (PA) TV.

Two senior PA "historians," Dr. Jarir Al-Qidwa, head of the PA public library and Arafat's advisor on education, and Dr. Issam Sissalem, senoir historian and former head of history at PA University, were guests on the featured program and described in detail their assertion that the Jewish hostory is part of a Zionist conspiracy. Both said any Jewish connection to Israel is actually a Muslim connection, even though Islam wasn't founded at the time of the Biblical Hebrews.

According to a translation of the program provided by Palestinian Media Watch, Al-Qidwa explained: "The Bible became an archival document, not representing what the Israelis and the first Jews were, but what they thought they were, what they imagined."

Sissalem then added, "We, as the Palestinian nation fighting for it's freedom and liberation, must not focus too much attention on these false (Biblical) legends. The history of our land continues more than 10,000 years. The land of battles and wars, [many] armies, tribes and commanders came through. I want to point out that we should not focus much on what is called the (Biblical) Hebrew tribes, who are in fact Bedouin Arab tribes."

[Jews] claimed that Solomon, may he rest in peace, built the Temple. Does the land testify to this? Solomon was a prophet and we see him as a Muslim and part of out [Islamic] heritage. There is no historical text that proves the existence [of the Temple] or that it has a real history other than the Bible, and the Bible, as we have previously mentioned, was written based on ancient legends."

"...The Koran came directly from the Prophet [Muhammed]...while supporting all that preceded it in the [Biblical] Prophetic inscriptions, that, as you noted, appeared in the Koran as Muslims believing in the one and only God, and these [the Hebrew prophets of the Bible] are part of our [Muslim] heritage. They have no connection to the Imperialistic Settlement Jews [Israelis] and nor to those that were destroyed."

"When the Zionist movement started to set in motion the Imperialist Settlement plan, it tried to base itself in the Biblical legends; as we said, the Bible expresses a tradition of legends that have no connection to history."

Al-Qidwa says the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is actually a "Zionist invention."

"No one said that the temple that was built in Jerusalem, neither the Canaanite nor Roman, no one said that it was in the place of the [Islamic] Al Haram," said Al-Qidwa.

A Palestinian viewer who called into the program expresses hopes that "Palestine will be for [Jews] a cemetery, Allah willing...," to which both "historians" agreed.

Official Palestinian media and educational guides have long denied any Jewish connection to the State of Israel. At the Camp David peace summit in 2000, President Clinton was reportedly stunned when Yasser Arafat himself denied any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and demanded complete sovereignity.

The official Palestinian textbooks assert that "treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and therefore one should beware of them." Jews are cast as Satanic, violent and cunning, as "thieving conquerors" who have stolen Arab land to which they have no connection, and they "must be fought and defeated," says one ninth grade text.

In addition, when the Islamic Wafq was granted authority to excavate under the Temple Mount as part of the 1993 Oslo Accords, many in Israel charged that the Wafq attempted to seize archeological evidence linking Judaism to the holy site.

According to archeologist Miri Tawil: "The Wafq claimed that they wanted to build a new underground mosque in the area of Solomon's stables. The area of Solomon's stables was known by archeologists to have been rich in Temple-period remains and structures.

Ignoring legal requirements that would have prevented them from destroying valuable Jewish archeology and artifacts, the Islamic Wafq made any hope of excavating these Holy Land treasures a lost hope."

"The Palestinians brought in bulldozers, front-end loaders, dump trucks, and stone cutters that poured into the underground chambers and made rubble of the historical temple area. Sculptures were covered over with cement, and a huge pit, 200 feet long and 75 feet wide, was created. The entire area was effecively stripped of it's ancient remains."

"The Palestinian Authority is struggling with the challenge of creating a Palestinian national identity when no Palestinian national history exists," said Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch.


I have been to the top of the Dark Tower!... and it is a bummer

Finally I finished the seventh and last book in what King likes to think of as his LOTR.. The Dark Tower VII.

I am trying to think back to when my Mom gave me the first book in the series, The Gunslinger and how I got sucked into this long drawn out story.  I think at the time I was more into Anne Rice and her vampire tales (Josh got me hooked on her).  By the time I got to The Gunslinger two other books was out in the series, The Drawing of the Three and The Waste Lands with soon to be released Wizards of Glass.  So I had the pleaser to be able to read all three right in order one after another.  And then King kept us waiting as he churned out his other books, witch I got sucked into also because if you looked and listened close, you may just see the clues and hints that lead you back to The Dark Tower story.  Admittedly if you read book VII King admits unconsciously he had done that and was putting off the Dark Tower. (pissing fans off world wide BTW).  I think I misunderstood until my Mom explained it to me (making me feel stupid) but I thought it all took place in one world but at different times, but Mom insisted that it was different worlds with many times and to her that is what made it so cool I think, plus she just loves King so much.  It a given that the book The Stand, when I read it in High School I had nightmares about it (I think this also leads into my desire to be always prepared to leave the city at a moments notice and have a stock pile of camping gear and food lol) and my interest was peaked when I saw Randall Flag as a recurring charter in The Dark Tower. So I read them all up to Wizard and Glass and then he left us waiting, till he got his life nearly taken with that car wreck and decided to get back to the DK. 

 A lot had happen to me in that time period that he had taken off between books.  I had children, was married, grew up some but most of all I became a Christian.  My focus was taken off of horror fantasy and I lost track of Stephen King and his other books.  I did read Bag of Bones and Dolores Claiborne and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon but my heart wasn't into it any more nor was it for Anne Rice and her Witches and Vampires.  My love for the darker side of fiction faded away and my love for The Bible and devotional about The Lord grew with a hunger and thirst that even surprised myself.  So when it came time to declutter (like a good flylady baby) and donate to The Veterans Thrift Store I followed the rule of "If you don't love it toss it."  I did not love King and Rice anymore and they was just catching dust on my shelves so to my Mother's Horror I donated them.  I remember my brother Tommy was living with us and he was looking at the boxes of stuff I was putting out and saw the books and He said "HEY I haven't read those yet, and aren't those mom's any ways?"  I shrugged him off saying he needed to focus on nonfiction more than fiction and Mom had other copies or else she wouldn't have given those to me.  The Vets need them more than you and her lol. (she still wasn't happy about hearing what I did, those books cost money you know).

So time marched on and I wasn't even aware that last year the V book came out in hard back until doing some Blog hopping and found a link to King's official website (one I used to have in my favs when we had webtv but long forgot about).  I saw it and got excited and called my Mom up.  She laughed and said she thought I knew, she had already read it and was awaiting the sixth book release.  When I went up North to be with her for the surgery it was far from my mind but afterwards I looked at her book self and saw all those old friends there.  She lent me her copy of The Wolves of the Calla after making me promise NOT to give it away and return it to her next time we see each other.

So to my husband's dismay I got sucked back into The Dark Tower.  Josh has never read the books, he has better things to do he says and loves to give me a hard time about how I can sit for days on end until I reach the end of a book.  He groans each time I go to the Library.

As you may recall I finished Song of Susannah and the rant I did on it and how I have been reading the last one, witch is more like 3 books in one since it is broken up and is over 800 pages!  All threw the book my son kept asking me "Have they made it to The Tower yet?  Will you tell me what is in the Dark Tower when you are done?"  He wants to read the books ofcourse but I insist he is too young and that maybe, maybe when he is 15 he can start on them.

Today I finished it!! Close call since the book is due tomorrow and can't be renewed because it is on reserve.  After dinner I teased my son.  "Zane! I know what is at the top of the Dark Tower!!" "What is there Mom?" Josh rolls his eyes at us. "If I tell you it will ruin it for you. Ha ha ha you have to wait till you can read the books for yourself".  I am so mean some times huh? *evil grin*

*******************SPOILER ALERT****************

So this is where I review the book and give my rant on it.  It will have details that Will spoil it for you if you want to read the stories. So beware.

This book is soooooo long and I cannot go into each detail fully for charter limits lol.  Will say there are some great twists and turns along the way to The Tower.  The KaTet is broken up and reunited and then sadly broken for good.  Was there any dought that Roland would make it to his Tower alone? Sure there was a hope that beloved charters like Eddie and Jake would make it but nope, they die but die well like true gunslingers. So does Oy, the best friend a gunslinger could ever hope for.  Roland does soften in this story and if only he would have cry off his quest for the Tower he could live a happy life!  He was told as such after they saved The Beam and freed the Breakers!  All would be restored he didn't have to go to The Dark Tower.  As readers we wanted him to go, to actually see it ourselves threw his eyes.  Ofcourse King makes many appearances in this book or his likeness does.  I will admit it was cool and I probably would have done something similar but no one would care IF I DID, I am a nobody and would not be recognized.  I wonder how much he wrote is fiction and how much is truth but he is a good talespinner indeed.  He does give us a happy ending for Eddie and Susannah and Jake and a promise for Oy too.  I must admit I cried some when Roland cried out each name of those he had lost in his quest, it was a very moving scene.  Then he ends it without us seeing Roland in the Tower but gives us finally what we want but not without a warning that we would be disappointed if we read on and a pleading to stay with the happy ending. NO WAY could I do that and he knew, oh he knew.

Do you want to know? Really know??  That is the point of the whole series isn't it?  I thought so but I was wrong again lol.  What is in The Dark Tower and what is at the top really didn't matter, the biggest thing was saving the beams and the many universes, aworthy cause but Roland and us would always be drawn to The Tower if we didn't find out.

Roland has my pity and my tears.  As my father once said when I asked him if after we die if he thought we would come back again his answer was "I sure as Hell hope not! How terrible it would be to have to redo it all again. Nope we only die once and we only get one chance to live life".  Sadly for Roland that is not the case but my hope is one of these times, how ever long that may take, He will cry off his quest and LIVE for real, for keeps and change what is at the top of that Tower.  What is there now is nothing but Purgatory, a loop around and around till he gets back to where it all starts and all ends.  Yep, Ka is a wheel! 

************End of Spoiler, Read on***************

LOL Was that coded enough for ya?  My only big complaint is how he treats the name of Jesus and kinda mocks God all together.  King has some issues and all I can do is pray for him.  Would leaving those things out hurt the story, well maybe and I am bias because I am a Christian.  I know I could never write such things about God, because it would hurt my soul too much to defile him in that way.  For me there are NO OTHER Worlds than this and it is all for keeps.  As C.S Lewis once said (paraphrasing) If there was multiple worlds Christ would have to die multiple times for those worlds sins, and as he said on the cross IT IS FINISHED.  I know Mormon's believe if they reach some level of maturity they become a god and will have a world to rule and rein over like this one.. hooey.  Scratching my head over that one since I don't see that anywhere in the Bible.

Well, that is the end. The end of my reading of King and any other books he may put out in the future.  I do believe him when he says this would be a good spot for him to retire, Kingdom Hospital sucked lol.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Calling all coffee drinkers!! And an update!

OK I am doing some plot and minor detail development for my NaNoWriMo Novel before the actual beginning of the novel writing starts Nov. 1st.  I want to get as much pre stuff done as I can so I can plow right into it.  It is kinda finally sinking in how corny all this is but hey now I can say I am writing a book and sound all scholarly at parities and chats lol.

I am not a coffee drinkers what so ever! In fact I dislike it extremely.. I wont even kiss Josh after he has just had a cup of Joe.  But I need to know about coffee and its parfanilia for my book.  One of the central settings takes place at a coffee house.  Here is where I am asking for help, help me do the research! If you are a coffee drinker tell me about your fav kind, where you buy it and if you have ever been to a coffee house what it is like.  StarBucks doesn't count! Either shoot me a e-mail or leave it in my comments section.  THANK YOU!!  Ohhh and also my central charter is really into music and singing, So any info you can give me that you think would help me for research would also be appreciated. Links are good. And I will say a big THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU in my dedication page and forward to you all! LOL

OK the update is YESSSSSSSS, Josh's paycheck did come in the mail today  (Thank God!) and was promptly deposited when Josh got home.  I was able to get some groceries and we had a nice balanced dinner tonight.  It really sucks living paycheck to paycheck!  I swear, next year, no really, next year when he is journey men we will be putting a good amount aside each check as a fall back for situations such as these.  Apparently Josh had a very bad day today at work, he didn't get into it a lot, I could see the frustration on his face and the weary look in his chocolate brown eyes so I didn't push for details.  All I could say to him is Tomorrow is another day.  Speaking of tomorrow, I have to get up early with Zane because he has choir club before school.  Last week I had given a note to the music teacher who runs the club telling her we needed to car pool with someone and if she could help us out with someone that lives close to us.  Friday a nice lady for the PTC called me and said she would want to meet me and my family before she started taking him but that it would be no prob. for her to pick him up in the moorings that the club meets.  She has two other kids in it, 3rd and 5th graders and later I found out her son is in cub scouts too (but with a different pack).  So today she and her family stopped by to meet us for a few minute.  They seem very nice and the kids should get along well.  So we have to be ready by 7:45 tomorrow morning.  Tonight Josh has been in camping planning mode.  So I have my lists and orders of what I NEED to do to get ready for the big camping trip this weekend.  I am soooooo excited, can you tell??  I hope the weather is as nice as it was today!  I took the girls for a walk today and we was roasting.  I had dressed us too warm!  I did bring my camera , on the search for the next photo scavenger hunt.  This time the theme is something we think is unusual  I think I found a few things and will post them Thursday or before I leave Friday.  But the rest of you have until the weekend.  Also Thursday Zane has his first guitar lesion with Tracy, so as you see I am already trying to get too much done this week lol.  I will just have to remember the FLYLady motto "I can do anything in 15 min." and get me a timer going.

OK! Go and give me a  in my about Me section and then leave me your ideas and research help on the above questions!  Thanks again

This was toooooo cute not to post!! The 7 UPS!

The 7 Ups!

1. Wake Up !! 

Decide to have a good day.
"This is the day the Lord hath made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalms 118:24

2. Dress Up !!                     

The best way to dress up is to put on a smile.
A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.
"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.
Man looks at outward appearance,
but the Lord looks at the heart."
I Samuel 16:7

3. Shut Up!!
Say nice things and learn to listen.
God gave us two ears and one mouth,
so He must have meant for us to do twice as much listening as talking.

"He who guards his lips guards his soul."
Proverbs 13:3

4. Stand Up!!

. . . for what you believe in.
Stand for something or you will fall for anything.
"Let us not be weary in doing good; for at the proper time,
we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good..."
Galatians 6:9-10


5. Look Up !!

. . to the Lord.
"I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me".
Philippians 4:13

6. Reach Up !!
. . . for something higher.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and lean not unto your own understanding.
In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path."
Proverbs 3:5-6

7. Lift Up !!
. . your Prayers.
"Do not worry about anything; instead
Philippians 4:6


If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.
If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it.
He sends you flowers every spring, and a sunrise every morning.

Whenever you want to talk, He'll listen.
He could live anywhere in the universe, and He chose your heart.
What about the Christmas gift He sent you in Bethlehem;
not to mention that Friday at Calvary.
Face it, He's crazy about you.


Invite people here that you care about.
I thought this was mighty special, just like you.
Pass this on and brighten someone's day, and remember . . ...

God answers Knee-Mail!


Starving Artist AND My Pastor.. a modern day Job?(Job as in the bible, not as in work lol)

Old Mother Hubberd went to the cuberd to get her dog a bone.. you know how that nursery ryme turns out... that is about the condition of my cuberts and my refrigerater. Noo I am not grumbling and complaining.. there is food there.. just the stuff no one will eat. Canned Salmon, Pork and Beans, Apracots, Big box of Bizquick, a few cans of tomato soup (but not enogh for everyone to have a meal) and a box of poppyseads mix of muffins and white long cook rice. In the fridge we have a tub of vegtibal spread (supstitute for butter) a bag of onions and all the condiments on the door, freezer just one pound of ground turkey, a package of peta bread, and ice.  We have half a loaf of bread and hot dog buns. ohhh wait we do have a big big jar of peanut butter (kids would die with out thier peanut butter)

It is obvoius I need to go shopping! And I would.. if I had the money to.  Josh's paycheck gets mailed to us and it is always on time.  Well not this week!!! It is suposed to be here on Thursday 1:00 on the dot is when our mail comes. Today is Monday so you get my point.  We survived the weekend and every one was well fed. I let Josh cut up my stock pile of little party weeners that I was saving for the next homegroup and we also cooked up the last of our chicken and made soup with the chicken broth we did have.  Kids ate up the last of the cereal.  Last night I took the our last $13 and got soft tacos for everyone at Taco Bell.  Not very satisfing for me but it is what Sophia begged for.

Even if his check was on time it will only have 3 full days on it and that may just cover the checks I have floating and the aol direct withdrawl.  I am afraid to look at my acount and see if our rent check cleared or not.  When we wrote it the money was in there but the lady at the land lord's office likes to hold our checks for some reason and wait till we have dipped into the money that is suposed to be for rent.. then she depsoits it and ofcourse it comes back and bounces. I tell Josh each month to give her a money order or cash but he prepfers to play the check game.  And then I read this articl about how banks are changing how they are cashing checks, making it faster and how that is going to mess alot of ppl up.   I found myself eyeing the box we have set aside at church that goes to the food pantry.  If that paycheck doesn't get here today Josh is going to the office (old company he is at a new one now) and ask them to issue him a new check and give it over to him.  We are getting hungry!  This new company he is with is keeping him busy and that is always a good thing.  He worked for them last week for a few days and they have him working all this week.  He said they would give some over time but this weekend we have a planned camping trip with the Cub Scouts.

So I went this website the other dayNational Novel Writing Month - National Novel Writing Month off of Ramblings of SheWhoReads.  I have been bitten by the writting bug and like a fool joined up.  I made Josh guess what I wanted to do, trying to break it to him because this WILL be time consuming if I want to meet the last day of Nov dead line.  You think I can write 50,000 words in a months time??  I am kinda working on the out line and charthers since to be fair I can't start writting the story until November 1st.  I am thinking of using the story I submitted into The Journal Land Novel.. *snif* since it wasn't picked for this time arounds story.  I am also doing some research too. lol  So that is where the starving artist comes in.

I also wanted to put a little bit in about my Pastor Bill Kaber. I love him soooo much.  He is one of the sweatest persons you will ever meet.  He really does  have a Pastor's Heart. I could tell you story after story about him and build him up big time but I don't have the room.  Just know he is a wonderful man of God and he is obedaint to him.  When my family first came to our church Kathy had told us he was battleing bone cancer (a rare form) but I would of never guessed it untill this last time when he went threw all the cemo and radiation.  People with this type of bone cancer they say DO NOT make it but Bill fought it hard and trusted in God to see him threw and holding each promise God had ever given him.  And he made it!! I am not up on all the jargin but aperntly his counts was very low but not low enghough to be considered in remision.  at the begining of last Spring he went down to Florida and did the stem cell transplant thing.  The one where they take his own healthy stem cells and grow them and then give them back to him.  This too made him very sick since before they give yout he stem cells they have to strip your imune system down but he made it threw.  He seemed to be doing so well this summer and you kinda forget that he was ever sick.  Then this week we found out that they did an MRI on him and found tumors on his spine.  So it is back to the radation for him they say.  Bill gave the message this week and it was very moving.  I am crying now just remembering it. Talking about how we don't know everything, we dont have the mind of God and how we are being changed each day with each trail.  If life was perfect we would have no need to get on our knees and depend on him and trust him.  That it is all for his glory, no matter the out come or what we see with our natural eyes.  He is our strenth.. it was just an awesome message.  I was going to get a tape of it but they wasnt ready to copey it and promised to get one to me Wed.  I am also going to ask if the person in charge of the website has just been busy or what? It hasnt been updated in forever and some of the messages at church I want to share so much with my friends here.  I am going to offer to help out if they will let me with putting the sermans on the webpage.  So please keep Bill in your fervant prayers and our fellowship too.  We are talking about another church joining us, kinda melting together and becoming one.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Train Wreck Of THoughts.. what ever happen to her?

Going threw my links I am kicking myself for not noticing that Nettie was gone!!! How long has she been deleted? I loved her sooooo much.. why didn't she fwd us a new addy?!!

I kinda sorta remember her saying she might be going off line, I think? But I was in my own drama at the time so I think I forogt? *DEEP SIGH* Well now I miss her!!

For those of you who didn't know her and those of you who do and may recall.. She was a young mother who loved loved loved her booboo baby girl.  She was an oxycontin addict that was in treatment but she seemed to of been doing real well with that situation in her life (cuz she loved her daugher so much)  She was a bartender then quit and went on to better things and got excited about her new job.  She lived with her boyfriend and was always in drama about him, but you just know they would end up together, married or not (i suggest she move out till they was ready for that comintment)  She struggled alot but she was a strong person in my opinion!  I would love visiting her even though she posted less and less often and kinda faded away.  I will have to remember her in my prayers.  If any of you have a favorite memory of her leave it in my comment section and if you know if she moved to a differnt IP fwd me her addy!!!!!!


I got pretty deep in my Stephen King book tonight and I just HAD to take a break before it got too intense and there would be no stoping point lol.  So I decided to do what I have been putting off and that is revamp my Other Journals Links!  I am soooo lazy and it was hard to find the links to my fav journals because with that alerts button you don't have to save the URL in you fav folders.  Bascily what I did was went threw my e-mail alerts and put the ones on that I read most often.  I am sure I have missed a few and if you feel negeltected leave me your link and it will find it's way on the list.  I just did the journal names, not fancy like I have seen some ppl get with that side bar.  I also went to my links section and recheck them to make sure they was current.  And I got lost on some sites just reading lol so much info to bone up on. Ohh and now I am tempted to start to add more blinkie pages but that would be time consuming lol.  I know I need to add a few more of my fave sites to that list but I don't want to clutter up my journal (that would be a bad flylady thing to do *wink at Rach)

Also if you are preceptive you will see I was playing with my About Me section as well.  I saw the hug thing in an entry over at Anna's blog and I HAD TO PUT IT in my about me section.  I guess I am just a bit, just a wee bit, envious of all the blogs I read and how they always have tons of comments and I am lucky to get 4 or 5 (on a good entry).  I realize that stuff isn't all that important and that there are lurkers maybe who just glance at me here and there and I HAVE AWESOME friends who do comment!So for all those who love me and do or don't comment, could you please at least give me a hug when you drop by?  Hugs are a good thing and that hug counter will change to cute smilies with each hug!

Ok now that I am done sounding pathetic and desprate lol go give me a hug and then check out my other journals section and see some of the newier journals I added.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

AOL News - Hamm Can Keep His Olympic Gold, Court Rules You may recall I have been following this and that Hamm is dear to my heart. What all this reminds me of is parents from two sides arguing who's kid really won and the kids going.. does it matter we had a good game and did our best!

Confronting Iraq - Documentary defending Operation Iraqi Freedom Another Documentary I would like to get but it will have to wait till Josh has a full paycheck again. I seem to be with out the $19.95 donation it would require to get this film. I am thinking that when I do get that other one I ordered a few weeks ago and maybe this one donating it to the library. Click the link to watch the trailer.. IT IS GOOD!

Field Trip time!~

At the beging of this month my second grade daughter AnnMarie brought home the permission slip for a field trip to the Zoo and she asked if I would go too.  I told her I would see what I could do but unless I could get a sitter I dought I could go.  I was talking to my friend Amy shortly after and told her about Annie's class going to the Zoo.  SHE is the one who sugested I go along, since it seems like Zane has been favored lately and Annie needs to feel special also.  She said she would for sure watch the younger kids so I could go that day and that was the end of the conversation and I forgot about it till Monday of this week when the reminder slips came out.  Amy and I have go in sperts where we will talk every single day for hours on end and then could go a week with out talking.  That is just how it is sometimes.  Amy has had some medical issuies lately and has had spent alot of time at the docs and also her kids sports stuff so we havn't chit chatted in awhile.  So when I called her house Monday and didn't get intouch with her I wasn't stressed about it.  But Tuesday I was calling her house and her cell with no answers.  I did leave a message with her mom and her son to have her call me but she may of not gotten those messages.  I felt bad that I only remembered the field trip the week of and had not reminded her but Josh told me he knows for a fact he over heard me talking to her last week about it.  I dont remember that conversation.  Any ways, I still havnt talked with her.  I resigned myself to not going on the fieldtrip and breaking my excited daughter's heart in the process.  And Lilly and Sophia too! They was excited about getting to go to Amy's house.  I told the girls that Amy has been sick and may not be able to watch them.  When I woke up yesterday morning and Josh was gone off to work I knew I was stuck home and could'nt get to go.  Then 10 min before Annie and Zane had to be on the bus Josh calls me and tells me he is on his way home and for me to get ready to go up to the school, he had yet again another rain day and he could watch the girls so I could go.  So at least Annie was happy about it.  Lilly and Sophia was not lol.  I was not prepared so I was rushing before Josh got home to get cleaned up and dressed.  When Josh got home he told me he had an apointment after luch with a differnt company for a job but he could take the girls with him, that meeting the guy was just a formality since one of his co-workers refered him and was a real good refrance.

So as you can tell from all my pics the kids had a good time at the zoo!  I am glad I got to go.  The teacher had it all planed out ahead of time and had a group assigned to me and if I had cancelled it would of put a wrench in all that. That boy Travis is a TALKER!  I did not want to be rude and ask but I think he has a medical condition and that is why he is so small.  He is about Lilly my four year old's size!  He is soo cute!  He has a brother in a differnt class that went also and they are about twins!  I plan on taking some of the pics up to Walmart or Walgreens and get some developed for the kids in my group to have as a memory of our trip together.  Yesss I am a picture freak lol

Zane also has a field trip tomorrow!  This one I really wish I could go to!!!!!!!  His class won a contest and gets to go to the Science Center and eat lunch with an Astronaut and free admission into the Space Exhibition where they get to touch real moon rocks, build a Mars habitat and other cool stuff I am sure!  They get to eat lunch and talk to and have a meet and greet with Col. John Fabian. Zane said there are still openings for parent volunteers to go along but I know for sure Josh will be working and I am not even going to ask Amy to watch the kids.  But the picture oppurtinites is dancing in my head lol.  I am considering letting Zane take the video camera but I don't think that would be a good idea.  I may call his teacher and tell her SHE could use it and take pics and I would put it all on a cd for her class later.  But aparently she is at some E-Mints training today so they have a sub.  Zane got a throw away camera for his Birthday so I know he plans on bringing that on the trip.  aww but it's not digital and we have to pay to have the pics developed, no instant gradification there!

Well I could go on and on with this entry since it has been two days since I blogged!!!  I will leave out the details of me ruining dinner lastnight and us ordering Chinese or the stuff about us following the Cardinals games and how they are just one game away from finishing up deciding who gets to go to the World series (Redka I really was rooting for NY so we could talk smak to each other lol sorry they lost).

OHhhhh ya I about forgot!!! Do NOT forget to go and vote what story line you like best at the A Journal Land Novel!  There are 3 story ideas up there and all are good!  I will not bias you by telling witch one is mine LMBO!  Go now! Only 3 days left till Lori closes the polls!!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The weekend recap.. I voted for Kerry..Before I voted agenst him And Zane's B-day Family Party

This weekend was  busy one for us.  Sat we had a retirerment Party to go to and then Sunday after church we had a family party for Zane.

The retierment party was all the way down in Festus.. I should put a map on here so you can see just how far that is for us to drive lol but it was not so bad.  I forgot my camera! I wanted to get some more fall pics and also of the old timers at the party. Oh well.  It was a surprise party and it was held outside at a park pavillian.  Ofcourse this weekend had to be A COLD ONE!  And I have not gotten new shoes yet, so I had to wear my sandles and Josh's leather jacket.  *snif* I want my own but not a biker one.. a classic one.  But still I am one  hot mamma dont ya think lol and I know I was the bell of the party lol jk.  The party wasn't that bad and I tried to side step the politcal talk as much as I could.  It is neat to hear old timers talk and hear the journeymen remembering when they was an aprentice under them.  Josh's local BA (business agent) showed up in full Kerry suport wear.  I should of kept my mouth shout when I was looking at it.  All I said was I wish I had my camera (so I could write in my blog about it and make fun but I didn't say that lol) and he lights up and askes if I wanted one. (ohhh nooo) I politely say no thank you and he steps back in shock and says NO!? Why not! Umm I am going to go sit over here by the wives where it is safe lol.  This ofcourse leads into the men talking about polotics.. good to see Josh and I was not the only NON Kerry supporter but it is hard when you are in the minority lol.  It didn't get ugly, it was more playful than anything.  I should of expected it since this was a union party kinda.  I don't think the guest of honor was too keen on the political yack either.  Really there is a time and a place for all that but I like the BA.  He is a really nice guy and Josh used to work with him and says he is as honest as they come.  He wont hold it agenst us that we are not Kerry suporters but he sure tries to change your mind.  He pulled Josh aside before we left and said well I can't change your mind so I wont try but I just want to know why? Is it the Religious thing?  You have to know Josh is very timid when it comes to these things, God is still working on his back bone and public speaking skills (just kidding sweetie) But he replied that yes that had alot to do with it and left it at that.  I told Josh to go ahead and take a t-shirt and make him happy. A free t-shirt! I turned it inside out and wore it to church under a sweater lmbo.  I am still trying to think of a creative way to mess with the lettering on it.  Any ideas?? LOL

Sunday was a nice day.  Church was real good.  It was kinda an impromptune service, an out of the ordinary one and unplaned.  We sing worship music before the message and sometimes that last along time or it can be really short, depends.  Well pretty much we had music all service long as Jesse got into his message.  I can't explain it.. you had to of been there.  But church let out earlier than normal so we showed up to Josh's family's house alot earlier than expected.  I went with Jeanne (Josh's stepmom) to go and pick up the cake from Sam's Club.  Josh likes to make home made cake for the b-days but they opted to order one because the icing we use is too sweet and they like that whipped topping.. me too but we don't like paying $30 to have it. Tommy, Josh's step brother brought a friend.  He hasn't brought home one of his gf in along time so Jeanne was very excited about it.  Her name is DeGee (not sure of the spelling)  And my kids took to her right away!  They rather hug her than uncle Tommy.  Jeanne offered her a glass of wine and she took it but Tommy pulled her aside and told her that DeGee is Morman and dosn't drink she is just being polite mom. LMBO TOMMY AND A MORMAN? THAT WILL BE INTRESTING.  But I like her and I told him before they left we like her she is a keeper and he said I like her too big smiles.  They was very lovey dovey and I have never seen him that way with a new gf.  The boy is going on 34 he needs to settle down already! Oh and DeGee apernatly has 3 kids so that would be an intresting mix.  Tommy with a built in family? humm.. but he is great with my kids, just not when they was babies.

AS you can see from all the pics Zane got just what he wanted!  Expect to see alot of pics with him and his guitar.  The boy was up at 6:30 this morning playing on it! ughhh what have we gotten ourselves into.  He is already reading the books for it and trying to figure out the fingering.  Tracy from church promised to work with him too and teach him one of the worship songs.  So maybe by Christmas he will know one song already and be able to premfore for us? Zane also got like 55 bucks all together and a new wallet.  He already went to the music store and got new strings and now wants to go to this place called Slackers to get some cds and games for his game boy.  I still can't belive he is 10 yrs old!

Monday, October 18, 2004

122 Emails!!! Just a quickie entry

I have pictures galor and stories of this weekend to share with you but not in this entry lol it is just a quickie.  It seems like I am the only one who takes the weekends off for blogging?  My in box is filled to the hilt with journal alerts!  Really it is going to take me a week just to go threw them all.  I know I need to cut down on how many journals I read but who to choose to cut and not cut is too hard for me. I love them all! *Even the one's who don't have me in thier links or come to my ~J to comment.  Heavy sigh.. So I will have to do some comtemplating on that.. I know I need to redo my links side bar badly.. coming soon!

Thanks for all your comments too btw.. NO I will not be putting that China out into my hutch.  I have the hutch filled already with pics and memorbealia from our wedding and also that is where I keep the angel figures ppl have given me as gifts.  For some reason or another people think I collect them lol but really I don't.  Also if I put the China out that I promised to my sister I will see it every day and when the time does come to give them up I will be too sad to do it.  So out of sight and out of mind is the best policy for me here.  But thanks for the suggestions.

Josh had another rain day today! UGH!  This has not put him in the best of moods so I have steered clear of the puter and dug into my Stephen King book.  Josh is getting worried ofcourse.. he figured there will only be 3 full days on this coming paycheck.  He has gone to the Union webpage and has called the Union Painting Companies listed there asking if they are hiering.  Winter is always slow and his company seems to be slower than normal.  All the work they have him on is outside lately and so when it rains he can't work.  I guess I should be worried about this but I am not.  I am standing on that Peace that God will take care of us, that is how I got threw the last 3 winters and how we will get threw this one too.  Less than one more year and he will be a journymen! Whahoo.  There is a clearing up ahead and I will stay focused on that!  I just wish he would be more optimistic also.  I understand why he is like that and his frustrations but doesn't he remember what he was told going into all this? Why doesn't he hold those promises as dearly as I do?  Doesn't he know worry and fear and dought kills faith?  I am sure he get's it or will eventualy or else we will keep walking around the mountain till he does.

I sent in my submission to the Novel Journal for the new story.  Lori said she will post all of them Tomorrow and then the voting starts!  I really hope mine is choosen!  Lori is not going to post who the author's names are to the entries so it will be neat to just pick by the story and not the person who is writting it.  I will post the link tomorrow so you can get a peak and vote!

Ok I gots to go.  I hope to come back on later tonight and post about my weekend and all the pics


Friday, October 15, 2004

OH Ya! I about forgot!

A few days ago I took these pics.  I was cleaning out some of my junk from Zane's room.  When My mom came to visit us last time she gave us all these goodies and I have had them stored away not knowing what to do with it all.

I never even looked at the China!  Foolishly I said ohh we have Josh's Mom's I will just hold these for Marcy till she has room for them.  Now I see them and I WANT THEM!  But no... Josh is making me be good and hold my promise I made.  So I will put them away so I don't covet them.  But if my family does come down for Thanksgiving I will get them out.

Also Mom gave me some of my dad's stuff.  Notice the stamp collection!  Some of these are really old I am sure!  Any one a collector? I think we are sitting on a good investment here lol but I have no clue what they are worth.  It's not a compleet colection.  I remember dad used to have a coin collection too but I think us kids got into it along time ago not knowing better.  I'll probly end up passing the stamps on to Zane.

I did hang up the pics.  I think they found a good place on over my window there and also in my hall way.  The one with the fruit I want to get something to complemnt it.  I was thinking of framing that pic with our wine glasses and putting it by there.  And also now I dont have to buy Christmas cards lol thanks MOM!  She is a pack rat and her husband John is a neat freak so I inherit all her clutter lol.

That does it!! Almost every light in my house is burned out!  I am going to go and buy those true to life light bulbs I keep seeing advertised!  And they better be worth it!

Pumpkins and God.. Got these from my e-mail thought you would enjoy also!

A woman was asked by a co-worker, "What is it like to be a Christian?"
The coworker replied, "It is like being a pumpkin. God picks you from
the patch, brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you. Then He
cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff. He removes the
seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc., and then He carves you a new smiling
face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world to



       The Pumpkin Prayer

Dear God,
As I carve my pumpking help me say this prayer:

Open my mind so I can learn about You;
(Cut the top of the pumpkin)

Take away all my sin and forgive me for the wrong things I do.
(Clean out the inside)

Open my eyes so Your love I will see;
(Cut the eyes out in heart shapes)

I'm so sorry for turning up my nose to all you've given me.
(Cut a nose in the shape of a cross)

Open my ears so your word I will hear.
(Cut the ears shaped like the Bible)-we did rectangles

Open my mouth so I can tell others You're near
(cut the mouth in the shape of a fish)

Let Your light shine in all I say and do! Amen.
(Place a candle inside and light it)

I plan on trying the pumpkin prayer this year, what about you?!

Painting our Living room w/funny pics.. plus what happen this morning.

Remember when Lilly and Sophia used Permanant Black Marker to draw on my floor and walls? Click here for the before pics if you don't.  Like I said in my last entry Josh decided to paint yesterday and fix the living room up all nice.

I really tried to weasel out of helping lol.  I sugested many many times that after we moved and cleaned and stuff and junk that me and the girls leave and stay out of his way.  He wasn't hearing it lol.  So I changed into one of his painting shirts and one of his hats and put all my hair up.  The man drove me to drink I swear!  So by the end of the whole project I was 3 sheets to the wind plus the fumes from the paint.  Made it real fun and also kept the paint brush out of my hand for the most part lol.

Josh showed me the proper way to hold a paint brush and how to cut in around trim.  He showed me how to back roll and all these other funny terms painters us, but I forget now what they all was.  For the most part we had fun doing something together, not much yelling at all lol.  The most fun was when I got to spray paint my nic on our wall lol.. can you guess why we moved the entertainment center to that wall?? Just kidding.. it didn't bleed threw, we just wanted a change.  Josh did admit that was the longest it has ever taken him to paint a room and would of been faster if I wasn't in the way. We talked about our bedroom and I think it was decided that he will do it himself next time.  When that project will get done I have no clue.. We have something going on every weekend for the next month about.

If I find one mark on my living room walls there will be some graves in my back yard (jk) The ban has been lifted on crayons and pencils but I am watching them close!

Ok so this morning Josh didn't have to be into work untill 9.  So I made him go out to the store before he left me for the day with no van.  I was out of some much needed soda lol.  We live off of something of a main street to the main drag of town. So it is always busy in the mornings and afternoons.  The speed limit is strickly 35mph and we are right where the cops like to have thier speed trap. So ppl often obay it.  Josh was turning into our drive and I heard him coming and then I heard a dreaded crash and sqeeling of breaks too.  My first thought was OHHH NO MYNEW VAN!!!! When I went out to see what happen I was so happy that there was not one scratch on my van!  Aperantly Josh had two cars behind him and they was tailgateing him badly.  The first car must not of seen his turn signle or break lights (the sun was making kinda of a glare maybe) So when he slowed down and turned into turn our drive she slammed on her breaks and that made the car behind her hit her.  Funny how much damge one car can have and another one have none.  The first car's back end was barely dented, spare the licence place but the second car's front end was smashed bad! (it was a saturn btw).  The second car had two girls in it with a baby in the back seat.  That driver was hurt, she was having trouble breathing and was taken away by ambulance.  I don't think she had her seat belt on and hit the steering wheel.  Josh said he doesn't think they had the car seat in right because from what he saw it was turned completly sideways.  It was very chilly this morning and the baby was not dressed warm at all.  I gave Josh Sophia's winter coat from last year for the girl to wrap the baby in. When they left she did not return it btw it was a nice OSHGOSH BAGOSH one but it is ok.. Sophia was going to bearly fit it this year. 

 I better not hear later that they try and blame Josh for this accedent.  Our van was not hit.  They shouldn't of been following so closely in the first place.  I always leave at least a full car lenth when I can when I am driving. And there was a center lane they could of used to swerve or even pass him, that is what most ppl do when we turn into our drive, they pass us up as we are turning using the center lane.  I am just thankful God proteced Josh and my Van.  I hope the one hurt will be ok and it is minor what ever it is. Pray for her.  My kids watched all the comontion from our front window and when Sophia saw the baby she was crying cuz she thought the baby got hurt. My sweetie didn't even care about her coat being given away, she just wanted the baby to be alright.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

A quickie.. more to come tomorrow!

Let me just say.. People here are going BaseBall NUTS-O!! Ummm I guess it's being called Cardinal Nation LOL.  Everywhere I look there are signs wishing the Cards good Luck and ppl in Red Cards T's and Hats.  *Gasp* We even watched the last two games!  Yesss, I am a fair weather fan!  But all this hype is good for our city.  What if we actualy do make it to the Word Seires?!

 St. Louis Cardinals : The Official Site


 I have been busting my butt all day! Josh being my slave driver (just kidding sweetie).  He had another rain day and thought today would be the perfect day to pain the living room.  UGGGGGGGGG ..NOT what I had in my plans for the day let me tell ya! But it's done!  Nice clean walls, rearanged living room, picture frames all cleaned and put back in thier place.  I dusted and swept up like a mad women today.  I was Josh's min-aprentice.  He was teaching me all the tec. stuff about being a good union painter.. and I was laughing my butt off the whole time.  I will post the pics tomorrow of me in my painter's shirt and hat.  I am sure I look ugh but it will be funny.

I KNOW the debates was more than 15 min, but that is all AOL'S REPLAY would show.  I guess they just condenced the sound bites.. no fun there.  We watched the baseball game, like every other hot blooded Saint Louisian did.  So I guess you get to skip my comentary on this one LOL.


More tomorrow.  Love YOU all!! 


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Why does it always rain when I go to the Library?

Since I had the van yesterday I set out to acomplish something with it lol.  I got to the Library finally!  I returned what I had and paid my late fees.  I convinced the Librarian that NO I did not have the 3rd CD for Carmen when I org. checked it out.  She let me slide and wasn't going to charge me for it then.  The girls was very good the whole time.  Lilly wispered in my ear as I was trying to talk to the Librarian "Does she live here?" I laughed and repeated to the lady.  She laughed too and said "Oh no, but sometimes it feels like I do". I said it would be neat to live at the Library and sit and read all day.

We went right to the kids section ofcourse.  I told the girls only ONE book each this time.  There was a few other tots around and the socail girls they are had to talk with them and share thier books with them.  There was a baby there, well she was walking so maybe not a baby baby, but Sophia loves babies and went right to her saying how cute she is.  She looks like me MOM, she has my hair! LOL Talking to the mom we find out this baby has the name Sophia also! Oh my Sophia was in love then thinking she found the other pea to her pod.  Me and the other mom chit chatted for a min saying how neat that the old names are coming back to be popular but how when we picked our kids names we didn't think others would have thier name. 

 I sat and read to my girls and 3 other little girls a Cliffard The Big Red Dog book. Really I should get paid to do that lol it is so easy and fun.  But I think that is a volunteer job, no pay there.  There was this little oriantal girl who was very freindly with Lilly.  She loved being read to.  Her mom was off in the adult section and when she came back and saw her girl with us she came and got her saying sorry if she bothered you in a heavy accent. I tried telling her it was NOOO problem, it was nice and fun but she seemed embarassed and didn't want to stay around.

After the little book reading broke up I took the girls to pick out some kid music.  Annie has a cd player in their room and only one CD and I was sick of it lol so we got Veggie Tales songs and Songs from Whinnie the Pooh movies.  At night I like to put on music for them to sleep to so this will be a change of pace.

I wasn't even going to look around for me lol The last time I came home with  more than one book Josh had a fit and I didn't get all of them read.  But the movie section is right by the counter for check out so I ofcourse looked there.  First thing I found was a video put out by the Temple Institute, it was bout the Jewish Temple and it's history and also had some of the artifacts they have for it today.  That is the first thing I watched when I got home.  Very cool.  It was kinda stumic turning when they was speaking about the animal scarifices and how on the big Holy Days ppl would come from all over and how they would have to line up the lambs or such and they showed the special tools used.  It also talked about how the tempel is apart of the National Identity and untill they have it back apart of them is lost.  I know for a fact that it will be rebuilt and once they secure the temple mount it will only be a matter of months before it is built.  I belive they have all the Preists and Musicians trained, even done dnd to make sure they are from the line of Arron.  THe only thing missing is the Red Heffier.  Revelations speaks of the Temple and how in the end times the Abomination of Desolation will be set up in it and the false prophet will declair him god.  So ofcourse this stuff intrestes me big time.

The next movie I got was a dvd about traveling to Italy! *Wink at Ann*  When Josh saw that he laughed at me.  He doesn't think I will actuly learn to speak Italian and go there. Maybe not but I can dream and I can learn and grow.  And finaly I got an updated version of Ann Frank.  I plan on watching it with Zane.  I remember a few weeks ago he asked who she was and we tried to explain it to him.  He has watched Schindler's List with us before but that was awhile ago.  We should buy that movie too on DVD.. it's on the list.

I checked out and got my book that was on reserve.  Finally the last book of The Dark Tower Series from Stephen King.  I hope I like it better than the last one.  MY GOODNESS! This book is 845 pages! It is the fattest of them all!  I have not cracked it open yet, I was worn out last night and actualy went to bed before 10 p.m.!  The Librarian said that I still had a cd out called Harvest Moon.  I know what cd that is and I told her I returned it the last time I was here! I know I did! She sugested I renew it and look for it at home and if it is not there to call up there and have them do a search for it. ugh!  Ok so I will look but I know it is not here.  I told this to Josh and he screems this is the last time I check cds out at the Library and that he is sick of the hassel and having to pay for stuff. Oh we have paid maybe a total of $7 in late fees so what.  He thinks we will end up having to pay for stuff that we already returned. gurr.

So why does it seem to rain every time I go to the Library????


I did clean out the van like I had set out to do.  I even vacumed it out at one of those car wash places. Spent $2 to do it.  Ofcourse I should of waited till this rain had passed us because now it needs to be vacummed out again from all the gunk that gets on our shoes.  At least the trash is out of it.  I really want to keep this car in good shape since it was a gift in a way and nicer than our other cars.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Today is my son Zane's Birthday!!! He is 10 years old! WOW!  That means I am ten years older too lol and I am fastly aproching those dreaded teen years with my first born and only son.

You know I shower my boy with praises, that he is MY Golden Child (sorry greg) and I am just soooooooo proud of him.  How I ever got so blessed to be his mother is beyond me!

Today is his birthday but he is in trouble so I don't know how much of a day he will have. I will make him his special dinner. This weekend is when the family party is planned for.  Why is he in trouble you ask? I just said he was my golden child lol so what could he of done, right?  Well.. Progress Reports came out for mid quarter two weeks ago.  Josh and I was SHOCKED to see him doing soooo poorly in spelling. He had a 71%, that is almost a D!  Not something we expect out of a boy who got straight A's all last year.  We study with him every night and WE know he knows the words so I don't know what is up with that.  Test anxioty? Humm still don't sound right.  But that is not why he is in trouble this week.  Last week Josh studied with him, and seeing he knew the words very well this week told Zane he has to bring home an A on this weeks spelling test, there was no excuse, he knows the words and if he didn't he would be in trouble.  ( I personaly wouldn't of said that to Zane but what are you to do when YOU KNOW he can do it?)  Well, last friday I came home to Josh sitting Zane down and trying to figure out WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN ON WITH HIM! Not only did he bring home a low C on his spelling test but he totaly blew his math work and had two F's!  It was like he didn't pay attention to the directions at all and did the opposite and then the other one he didn't show his work like he knew he was suposed to.  I am very concerned and am praying for him majorly.  I tried and talk to him and ask him if anything is going on at school, does he have a prob with the teacher or with other kids?  Is the work getting too hard? NO, mom it's all fine. FINE, that is his answer to everything.  What happen to my baby boy who would tell me everything?  Josh and I had to come up with something to enforce the threat Josh had made about the spelling test.  It is not like Zane has alot of toys anymore and he doenst have a game system.  His major form of entertainment is tv, dvds, books and some computer time.  So basicly he is grownded from tv for a week and the puter and his room has to be spotless by the end of the week.  He has to study every night.  I don't know if this will help or hurt him.  Obvoiusly Josh sent a note to his teacher, I am not sure what it all said but she did call yesterday afternoon.  Josh happen to be home so I let him talk with her, I am a bit upset over the whole matter.  The teacher said she is concerned about him as well that she had been planning on calling too.  His school work goes up and down, he has been disruptive in class and acting out some!! She said that sometimes during class work time he will get up out of his seat and walk arcoss the room to talk to some one other than his partner. WHAT! THIS IS ZANE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!?  She said she talked to his teacher from last year to see if he was like this and knows he wasn't, so she was going to ask if there was a problem at home going on that she needed to know about. OMG! NOO EVERYTHING IS OK HERE AS FAR AS I KNOW!

Besides some potty humor at the dinner table he has been the same Zane he always has been.  He is getting into that I want to be a bit silly faze and tries to gross his sisters out.  When Lilly told Josh the other day "Up your nose and around the corner" we was about floored laughing, knowing she didnt make it up. We asked her who she heard that from.. Annie.. We asked Annie who she hear that from.. Zane but it wasn't up your nose it was up your butt and around the corner. eww See what I am dealing with here??  I am racking my brain trying to think when or where he could of been tramitzed, if he has been abused in some way or another, but he hasn't shown any signs besides school work and he is alway either home with me or Josh.  We are kinda thinking maybe he is trying to be cool at school, make some differnt kind of friends?? He doesn't want the lable of the Brain anymore? Josh said if that is what it is that is fine with him but his school work can not decline like this.  So we are chalking it up to a bad week we told him and start fresh next week/this week.  I just feel like maybe some how this is all my fault, but I don't know why yet.. I just want my baby back, it was almost easy then.

For his birthday he wants an agestic guitar and learn how to play. That is cool and we really want to do that for him.  Josh's step sister Donna said she had one but it was packed away somewhere and she has to find it... that was 3 months ago.. I HOPE she shows up with it Sunday.  Everything we want to get him is centered around it.. learn how to play books and videos and strings and picks.  We saw one that came with a case and strings and picks and a strap for only $75 but I JUST KNOW If I get that Josh's family will throw a fit saying they was going to give him that (yet they havn't solidly said what they are getting him).  Our friend Tracy from church has offered to give Zane lessions.

Next Friday I told Zane he could have two frineds over for a sleep over in stead of having a kid party.  That should be fun.  Not sure how it will work out since you know we have all these girls here lol I think Josh will take them out to go go-karting or a movie.  Either way he will have nice b-day parties.

This morning I had to take Josh to work.. So I could take Zane to school an hour early.  It is the first meeting of the Chior Club.  Ugg! and they meet ever week!  It is crazy, we need our second car back in action badly.. I AM NOT getting up two hours early every week just to take Josh to work and then make it back by the skin of my teeth to take Zane.  I am ready to go back to sleep lol but nope.  Since I have the car I am planning on cleaning that sucker out and also making a trip to the Library. They called and said my Stephen King Book is in!!

Monday, October 11, 2004

weeping with those who mourn and what is the matter with stem cell research anyways??


It is needless to say that we are mourning an awesome person, actor and father and role model.  It is shocking to see Superman go out like that.  He had such high hopes of walking again. Let this be a reminder to us all.. life is very fragile.. we all die, life is a vapor of time.  First comes the death and then the Judgment of the Almighty.  I don't know where Mr. Reeve stood with Christ so I cannot say where he is right now. I know it is one of two places.  Either he is in heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ and all his tears are wiped away, he is in no pain, he is walking with our savior and is apart of that heavenly choir or he is in the other place, where there is fire that never ends, torment unimaginable and a permeant separation from God.  I could say by looking at his life he was a good man, a role model, he did many good works for those in his life and the community but according to the Bible it doesn't matter what your works are but where heart is and who do you belong too.  I do not know where his faith was or if he confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord so I will leave that all between him and God.  All I know is I will miss him and that I was really hoping along with him that one day he would walk again.

Now on to the stem cell thing...

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH STEM CELL RESEARCH! Did you get that??? I am not agenst stem cell research!!  There has been great marvels in the medical field.  Adult and umbilical cord stem cells have already been used to treat ppl with a wide array of problems.  I KNOW they have tried and tested embolic stem cells but to no avail as of yet. The whole debate comes down to life and sanctity of life.  Should a life be created just so it can be destroyed so it can produce maybe cells to help cure a major disease and add life to another? I believe the answer is right there in front of us.  Adult stem cells and the cells gathered from the blood of an umbilical cord produce the cells needed to experiment on.  I don't know I guess the thought of cutting and splicing aborted babies and embryos that have yet to be implanted seems too Nazi for me to stomach.  Human and fetal and child testing was done in those camps you know.  I think we have to draw a line somewhere.  Like I have said.. if you feel strongly about this than donate your own money for that research ... don't ask for government funding i.e. MY MONEY for that kind of testing that kills a life to MAYBE save another.

And even if it was proven that emboytic stem cells could cure all theses horrific diseases, would that make it right?!  I would not want someone murdered because they had the right parts to cure what ails me!  And that is just what it takes to get an embeyotic stem cell.. the snuffing out of a life.  I know I don't suffer like some do, and I know I have been blessed, but if the day should come that I am in need of such a thing, I would turn it down.  I would rather die than knowing something that was created to cure me coast the life of an innocent child.  NO, I am not agenst for donating organs or blood.. But there is a difference there.  When organs have been donated it is after someone has died of natural causes or from an accident or blood has been given and the person is still walking around alive.  It is not derived from something I find evil!  And yes I resize that some say well that is YOU and your beliefs, why force that on others.  Then I say.. Go move to China where they take prisoners (political and other) and force them before their death sentence is carried out to give up the organs and the State Benefits from that.  You want that here in America? You want that to become normal??? It will if we continue on this slipper slop of dequalifing what constitutes a worthy life.  I think Reeve demonstrated that despite a disability or situations, a life has quality no matter what!

And that is what I have to say on the matter.