Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday I went to help sand bag out at Winfield Highschool..

I live in Lincoln County in MO.  I am not personally effected by all the flooding and the rising water but Winfield, Elsberry and Clarksville is not that far from me and seeing the news all last week was really tugging at my heart, I felt moved to do something on my day off Friday.  It was just a bonus that alot of my friends felt the same and met up with me at the HighSchool to sandbag.  It was hard work.. a bit disorganized.. and the governor and all coming in was somewhat funny, but the scene of accomplishment and community was amazing.  Not sure how much of our efforts will pay off but I am praying for all those who are effected by this years flooding.


Mississippi River threatens more Midwest levees

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sophia with the training wheels off

And it only took a Dollar bribe from the next door neighbor.  But once she did she took right off! *sigh* My baby is getting sooooooo big!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Josh: Wonderful Father, Awesome Husband


I can't tell you enough how blessed I am to have Josh in my life.  I know many women who are not as lucky and can only complain about their husband or father of their children.  No Josh is not perfect but he always tries to do right or make the best of what he has.  Today is Father's Day AND our 12th year anniversary.  I must say so far we have beat the na sayers, the odds and statistics, and come threw being even more in love. 

We had Zane when we were still teenagers and then got married when we were 19.  I can give you so many examples of how my husband puts his family first over himself.. first one was he moved/followed me while I was still pregnant 2000 miles away, changing his plans of joining the navy, preferring to be there for us.  Also he would not marry me until I finished getting my HS Diploma and I must say that did help keep me motivated.

As a husband he is a giving lover and excellent provider.  As a father he tires to find and use those teachable moments with our 4 children.  The last few years he has had to travel alot for work and it has been hard on us all but instead of letting it tear us down we treasure each moment together and let the time away make our hearts grow fonder for each other.

Josh is tender hearted, a good handyman, responsible, passionate, honorable, loves the Lord.  If there was a Proverb's Husband as there is a Proverb's wife.. he would fit closely the bill.  I often feel undeserving of him.

As you can tell I just adore my husband and that rubs off on the children too lol.  Home comings are a big gift and a party, departures from each other are tearful  but brave and time apart if filled with longing and faith that we will be together again soon.

This last departure he took our 13 yrd son with him to spend a month with him.  I expect Zane to come back almost a man and to of had many adventures with his dad and learning alot of what it is to be a real man.  How to work hard, how to put others first, how to honor God and our Country and his family. While Josh is at work Zane is spending his time either volunteering at a local nursing home (and they say they are already very attached to him and he does very well with the elderly) or at the downtown Library or taking care of chores around the apartment.  It didn't take Josh long to see what I have known.. it was time for the boy to have a cell phone lol.  But Zane bought his own phone with his own money he had earned.

I miss them terribly and am starting to count down the days till we are together again.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Support Needed for Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act

From: SBA List President <information@SBA-LIST.ORG>
Subject: Support Needed for Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act

SBA List Legislative Action Alert

June 5, 2008

Parents Need Support Not Abortion

Dear Mary,

The Prenatally Diagnosed Conditions Awareness Act helps parents when they need it most. When given a difficult diagnosis about their unborn child, shock and fear rise in the hearts of most parents.  This bill would help educate parents about the condition and provide support in their time of need.

Go here and urge your senator to support this bill.

Ninety percent of children with Down Syndrome are aborted.  The statistics are the same for many other prenatal diagnoses.  But ask parents of kids with cystic fibrosis if they have brought joy into their lives.  Ask a kid with Down Syndrome if he thinks his life is worth living.  I think you know the answers you'll get.

This bill has the potential to reduce abortions! Help make that happen.

Thankfully, this bill has bipartisan support.  Giving parents the resources they need makes sense.  Please go here today and show your support for this important bill.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
Susan B. Anthony List President

P.S. Thirty five years of Roe v. Wade has burdened our nation.  Consider giving a small gift of $35 to the Susan B. Anthony List -- one dollar for each year -- and do your part to support our efforts to fight abortion advocates on Capitol Hill.   With your help, we can make a difference for Life!

P.P.S. Don't miss a thing -- add to your safe senders list.

This e-mail is never sent unsolicited. You, or someone on your behalf, have subscribed to receive this information from the Susan B. Anthony List. SBA List never sells, rents or even exchanges e-mail addresses. If you are subscribed to our lists, you will only receive messages from the Susan B. Anthony List. If you don't want to receive legislative emails, click the link at the bottom of this email. Because we lobby Congress, contributions to the Susan B. Anthony List are not tax-deductible.

Susan B. Anthony List - 1800 N Kent St - Suite 1070 - Arlington, VA 22209

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I've been meaning to change it forever.. it's been some time since I had sported the short short hair in the about me pic and the kids have gotten much bigger too.  I had a slow day so I played on and glittered out the pics that are now adorning my About Me section

I know it askew the column a bit but I think it's a trade off.. most ppl just click the link and read an individual entry anyhow.

So What Ya think??????????

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why Do I Sabotage Myself?? & Thankful Thursday


After a week off I started back to work Monday.  My new starting time is 6 a.m. and for anyone who knows me, knows I hate mornings or at least getting up at 5. I took the client knowing how I suck at mornings because I thought I could train myself to get up earlier and mainly because I need to work.  I was doing pretty well going to bed early and for Monday to Wed I was at work with time to spare.  But this morning I woke up at 6:30 and was seriously late.  With out going into the specifics of my client and family.. lets just say ppl depend on me being there on time, no excuse.  I rushed to get dressed and the kids up and barreled to work with out calling in to let them know I was on the way and arriving just at 7.  Too late, way too late and I knew that.  I feel soooo bad, like a big fat failure because I screwed up other people's work day.. and when you mess with other ppl's money.. they aren't happy about it.  I have no good excuse and all the apologizing in the world will not change that I messed up.  I was sent home and told to come tomorrow, the family already called into their work and hopefully can make up work Friday (Fridays are theirs and mine day off).  My initial instinct is to tell my boss to just find some one else who is better, more responsible.. shoot they may just request someone else anyway and would be in all rights of doing so.  But I know I should stick it out, prove myself that I am better than that and can be relied on.  We will see how tomorrow goes.  But I see the pattern.. I see that I sabotage myself with jobs.. not on purpose of course but maybe subconsciously.  Either way I feel like crap today and wish I could just hide but I do have another person to go to today at 11.  So I am just killing time.  I liked the little graphic I put in this post cuz it was cute when I saw it.. but really I don't like being imperfect lol and that is part of my problem.

But over the last few days I have been doing some thinking and praying.  I realize I need to be more grateful for what I do have and where I am at in life.  I seem to be such a complainer lately and whiney.  I am so blessed and I take my many blessings for granted too much.  Just the simple act of walking or being independent or having air conditioning when its almost 90 out is more then some people have.  I should be content.. I have food and water and shelter, I have good health so far and my children are wonderful (lol according to everyone I know).  And with the economy as it is I am grateful that I DO have a job, as small as it is and its a job where (when I am on the ball) I can be a blessing to others.