Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's a case for Sherlock Holmes.. the missing passport!

How can some one loose something as important as a passport????!!!

Josh's big out of town/country job is upon us and he needs the sucker.  I have been looking for a week for it.  And believe me the whole house has been turned upside down.  Every drawer, every cabinet, suitcase, piece of furniture, even the cars, has been checked and rechecked 5 times over.  Our only choice is to replace it fast.  The fastest way to do that is to drive up to Chicago and get one.   This sucks big time.  It was like almost $300 the first time he got it because he got an expedited one because he thought he was leaving last  fall.  Now to get another one is going to be just as much plus the gas to get there and the hotel and food.  Only good thang is my good friend is going to watch the kids so we both can go and my mom may drive down from Milwaukee to have dinner with us. This also delays his trip just a bit longer.  This is going to take every last penny.  February has been a slow month.

I keep hoping it will turn up but we leave first thing in the morning and the appointment is set and the hotel room paid for.  I keep wondering if this is Satan's way of putting a wrench in every thing OR God's way of keeping Josh home and giving us extra time. Maybe he isn't supposed to go at all?  He has perfect peace about going so I won't hold him back.  But every one else is fretting and worrying over him.. almost begging him, guilting him not to go.  

I keep seeing things about the region he is going to.. hard not to since it is all over the tv.  and of course everything that is said is terrible.  I was bawling my eyes out last night because of some of it.  This is half why I stop watching the news.  The other half is I am sick of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith.. let the women be buried already..shhhesh.

But I am sick of waiting and waiting.  He was supposed to go do this six months ago and it kept being pushed back.  I want what ever that is going to happen to just happen already.  Leave or stay.. stop driving me nuts!


  1. I will pray you find it.  Hugs,

  2. Hi Mary- I know how it bites having to get a passport- I'm having to save up to replace my Canadian one, but at least I only have to drive a few hours too.  Both my parents are having health issues, and I can't come back over the border without one- so I need it just in case.  As for Josh- this could be just a delay tactic, but also to give you both a few extra days together, and a visit with your Mom too.  Just remember, if it's something from God- or even if it's not, He'll provide you with what you NEED.  Hopefully everything will work out fine, and I'll be praying for him too.  PS< I hope you guys escaped that nasty weather today!  God Bless!  Love Carolyn  

  3. God bless and keep you all through this!  I know if it were me with a lost passport, it'd show up two days after I got a new one.  -  Barbara