Sunday, September 23, 2007

We don't need no education.. We don't need no mind control..

Been a long while since I was able to blog and I have so many things I would love to write on.  But I don't want to abuse my friend's patients with me using their computer so I will just make a quick entry.  Miss you all and hopefully soon I will get my Internet back on.

Groucho Marx Zane

This pic is a few months old and my budding teen has changed alot in that short of time.  Zane's 13th birthday is coming up and I am not taking it well.  How quickly time passes.  It makes me feel so old to look at him and see him getting zits and armpit hair and a deeper voice.  It does not feel that long ago when I myself was in 7th grade. And of course as always Zane keeps life interesting.  Teacher conferences will be fun this year.

In his Civic's class a few weeks ago his teacher handed out the lyrics and played Pink Floyd's song The Wall and encouraged them to see the movie with their parents because it was too violent for her to show in class.  This kind of cheesed me.. first question "What does Pink Floyd have to do with Civics????"  The some what sheltered child I have had no clue who they were and I had to explain my perplexity to him.  Back in MY DAY.. and we have established already that was NOT that long ago, Pink Floyd was only understood and listened to in an altered state of mind.. basically.  Am I wrong?? At least that is the popular perception.. all those acid bands.. well duh labeled that because the fans and most musicians did acid. It is one of those drug culture things and I tried to tactfully explain that to him while at the same time encouraging him to stay away from drugs. Zane said the song had something to do with being against and standing up to Nazis.  I still fail to see it. 

So a week or so goes by and what happens to be on VH1 Classic.. Pink Floyd's The Wall.  We flipped on the last ten minuets... the part where kids in private school uniforms are on a conveyer belt being dumped into what turns out to be a meat grinder and the kids come out the other side all ground up. To my adolescent son who lately seems to be enthralled by anything with blood and guts thought that was very cool but I guess I am getting old because the suggestion made me want to vomit.  And then it went on to kids rebelling against teachers and beating them up and groups of kids walking in a line with the same distorted mask on and then in song breaking free and throwing off the masks.  I have no problem with a healthy aversion to authority and being an individual.. but I still fail to see any Nazis in those scenes or how it was appropriate for my son and his peers to be turned on to Pink Floyd by a teacher.  Am I wrong?  Am I over reacting? 

So Monday Zane enthusiastically retells the scenes he saw from the movie to his friends in Civics class.  And also tells the class that his mother said you can't understand Pink Floyd unless you are HIGH.  OMG...while this is hilarious in a way.. it is not exactly what I would of wished he would repeat to his class and teacher.  I didn't say you HAD to be high to enjoy Pink Floyd..I was not encouraging drug use at all.. he some what twisted what I said.. oh how embarrassing.  Like I said, Parent Teacher Conferences will be interesting this year.

Another mile stone this last week is AnnMarie went to her first Dare Dance.  She was so excited as she leapt out of the car and said "See you later mom, byeeee" and ran to the door to go to the dance.  I just cried and cried.  I don't know why.. I should be glad my kids are blooming and gaining more independence from me.  I know what it is..that darn Grandmother's Curse again.. is this how my mother felt when I was going into my teens? (although my kids are not half the trouble I was)  Yes Mom.. go ahead and laugh!


  1. Glad you were able to get on and let us know how things are going and I'd have been highly ticked over the teacher, if she wanted to go a song route, there are just so many others! IMO!!

    Kids definately grow up way too fast I think.

    God Bless

  2. I actually never thought the wall was about standing against any evil, but more about standing against authority.  I do think this would be an excellent thing to discuss with the teacher.  Better way to learning about standing against the Nazi's would be the Diary of Anne Frank.

    I never cared much for the song.  Even in my rebellious stage.  But I did rather like Kodachrome, which started out "When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all."  Wanted it to be our class song.  ;o)  That or "Memories" by Elvis.  But we got "Old Days" by Chicago.  

    Will be delighted when you can once again be a regular part of J-land!


  3. God I miss blogging.

    But your entries are still as great as ever.

  4. Hey Mary- I LOVE PINK FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I remember after seeing them in concert, I wore my floyd sweat shirt all the time- even in summer- I wore that thing (for about 15 years- hey, it was just getting to where it was comfy and soft!) until my husband  finally agreed with everyone else that it was time to give it up to the trash can!  I really can't remember much of the Wall- NO it is NOT because I was in an altered state- but at the time, although I loved the music, and I always considered them WAY before their time- I just didn't get it and found it wierd.  I have NO idea what it has to do with civics- but hey, at least it gives our younger generation a taste of really GOOD classic music! :)  Sorry- do you get the feeling that I really do like this band?  I think I'll go listen to the Dark Side of the Moon now- God Bless!!  Love Carolyn~

  5. I enjoyed this entry and am surprised a teacher suggested they see it.... I don't think that the teacher should promote it, even though I enjoy the song as a sort of a bad joke about school and being a preacher's granddaughter I don't admit to enjoying the music easily... but I did sort of like this one song from them only because I have a wide variety of taste in music and I like all kinds of types of music.  But you are absolutley right, it is associated with the drug culture and it's not really a song that relates to civics or gov't except in an undermining sort of way.   I don't think it is very appropriate as a song for school to be recommending.   Wonder what the teacher is really trying to relate from it to the class.  Maybe teacher was part of drug culture?  LOL.  

  6. PS  I don't remember anything about the Nazi's being in their music.... LOL.... I must not have paid much attention to the band very much.... I agree with last person's response about it being "classic."  Classic rock.  That's hard to explain to my son these days, the different styles of music.

  7. I have to take the same stance on this as you have. I dont care what she ws trying to get accross to them in civics class she shouldnt be promoting a song that has that kind of connitations to it! Denise