Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Monday night I bought 4 boxes of cookies from the Girl Scouts in front of Wal-Mart and before that two packages of pinwheels from the store.  3 of those boxes I put up in my room  because they were my faves and I wanted them to last.  I shared one box yesterday and told them they could have the pinwheels to take to school.

I woke up this morning... and all the cookies are missing.. gone.. finished.. nothing but empty boxes hidden under a bed and behind the couch in the living room.


Um, ya Sophia.. I wonder why you have a belly ache.  It is going to be MONTHS, before I get anyone of them cookies, or candy, or any goodies.  Because it is one thing to get into my stash of yummies, but ANOTHER to lie about it.

This is reminiscent of the '04 G.S. Cookie. Debacle.  Thankfully this year we are not on the selling end and I only got took for $12.




  1. ah I coul dnot agree wtih your more teach them now or later it will be worse man how could they eat thatmany no wonder a belly ach goodness.

  2. You got 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies for $12?!!  Hey, I paid $7 for two!  That's not fair.  Aren't their prices controled nationally?  LOL  -  Barbara

  3. lol so sorry to laugh but sometimes you just have too my little one loves candy also her dad got her into it it is so bad that she hthinks every night he needs to bring her home candy from work lol kids my olddest isnt really into it thoough thank goodness except at that time of the month and thna it is chocalate lol hope things get better God bless kelley

  4. Boy does that ever sound familliar!  I can't keep any stashes hidden for long.  My 5 year old son always seems to find things.  I remember when he was nearly three, my husband bought a dozen donuts, various kinds,  I put them up on top of the microwave over night.  What do you think happened?!  Andrew came in our room the next morning (early as usual) and kept saying 'donut'.  I thought he wanted one, so I kept saying, yes honey, I'll give you a bit of donut in a little while.  Well, a little while later, when I got up and went to the kitchen- EVERY SINGLE donut had 1 Andrew sized bite taken out of them!  I laughed so loud that day.  He was a little you know what for doing that- but it so cracked me up!  Kids are hillarious, aren't they?!  Then they wonder why they don't feel good, why they have to get cavities filled and why we stop buying treats!!!!  Have a great day Mary!  Love Carolyn