Friday, March 10, 2006

Long over due update with pictures

I do not know what is up with AOL'S YOU'V GOT PICTURES, but it would not upload any of my pics so I had to fall back on to upload them.

I do not know what it is, my entries and postings to my blog seem to be getting farther and farther apart and my online life is about nill.  I guess it is a sign that life around here is as busy as ever!!  My radio interview was an awesome experience.  I am trying to figure out how to get that file from my computer uploaded and linked in my blog for those who missed it and still would like to hear it.  Below is a pic with me and Debra Peppers.  I look crappy because I stayed up the night before and have no make up on, but hey it was radio lol no one was going to see me.. just hear me.

Some mile stones from the past few weeks:

Registered my last baby, Sophia, for Kindergarten!! And signed up all the kids for summer school programs.

Annie and Lilly celebrated a birthday.  Annie is now 9!! and Lilly is 6! 

Our pup Valentine is getting soooo big.. and cute!

Josh painted some of the living room (will post pics of that later when it is all done)

I am addicted to decopage and crafting. LOL (again will post more pics when YGP is not acting up)

Women's retreat is coming up at the end of March and I am all registered!

Let me hear from you all!!  I need to catch up terribly and I am sorry for my lack of presence online.. I still love you and think and pray for you.


If you give a girl a basketball... she will want to play.


  1. Your girls are adorable, and valentine is so cute!  I'm glad your radio stint went well- I would like to hear it if you ever find a way to hook it up.  I'm glad you're doing well- I've been busy too, and although I am as long winded as ever- my postings have been at least a week between them too!  Have a great weekend- love Carolyn

  2. Love the pics. the puppy is adorable. King arthur is 4 months and he is doing good too. house broken hasnt done anyting in two weeks. in the house I mean lol we have had him a month now wowo time flies your girls are so cute

  3. Being away is okay, as long as it's because you are busy doing things you love with those you love.  The pictures are wonderful!  You have truly precious children.
    And your are precious too, Bea!  -  Barbara

  4. I just love pics, thanks for sharing.  I havent been on and journaling as much either, been busy also. I have been catching up some recently tho. Have a great weekend


  5. Hi hun! I didn't know you came back to this journal, good thing I checked! I went back to AOL journals too, it's just much more convenient and I am so used to it. Still can't stand the ads, though! It's wonderful to see you back, I've put you on my alerts and will visit again soon. :-)

    ~ Susan