Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Very quick & condensed entry

Keeping it short and sweet since I have limited conceivability right now with my dsl provider and hubbies wireless connection. (sucks when you cant pay the bill) That is why I have been MIA the last week or so.  Time and Money. blaaa.  I have tried to add an entry and pictures but get booted off before I finnish.
I must be having withdrawal.  Last night I dreamed I wrote and posted the most influential, memorable, hard hitting post that summed up EVERY THING  that ever needed to be said and I became a world famous blogger lol... sad huh. 
Last week was busy and as always flew by.  The weather sucked.. I got snowed in that Sunday and was unable to participate at the Arch for Silent No More. I was extremely disappointed but Josh convinced me it was for the best.. better to miss this event then get into an accident on the way and never show up. But I was able to go to an afternoon church service focusing on abortion and women who regretted theirs. Last Monday I went and protested and prayed out at a Planned Parenthood... I have video that I want to get posted but I need to wait for a better connection before I even attempt that.  The weather here is still bitterly cold. You'd think we were in Wisconsin not Missouri or something.  My friend's pipes froze Sunday. Yikes!
My Birthday was O.K. At least it is out of the way. I went out with a friend that Friday for a while and then that Saturday I had people over.  Josh got me a pretty set of garnet heart shape ear rings.  He has found an easy way to make sure all his gifts to me from now on are a hit. Jewelry lol.  For Christmas he got me a very nice gold and mother of pearl Citizen watch.. FYI I never have to change the battery.
We are kind of preparing ourselves here for Josh to go back on the road in the next month or so.  We are trying to enjoy each moment together as a family and as a couple.  Trying to get caught up on bills and file taxes.  Also get some household projects done.  My downstairs has been a big mess since Josh started putting up crown molding in the living room.  Hopefully he will get it finished by the weekend.  We are having a Superbowl Party.  Not that we are rooting for one team or another ... just an excuse tohave people over and for Josh to show off his Monster TV and surround sound.  I can see it now.. All the guys in the living room watching and carrying on over the game.. us women folk in the dinning room chatting or playing a game (I got a fun game called Catch Phrase for my birthday) and the kids upstairs playing in the loft.
Well, that's it for now. Hoping to get this posted before I am booted AGAIN.  Let me know how you all have been doing!  I'll try and stop by and say Hi as I go threw my alerts  (((((HUGS))))


  1. Glad to hear from you!  Have fun with the super bowel party.

  2. Good to hear from you!!  Praying all is resolved soon and back on track for both of you.  -  Barbara

  3. Hey mary- Glad all is well with you all.  Glad to see this 'global warming' is not keeping you too down and frozen!  Sorry- We have been up and down with our temps- and now I have my son's cold and I have been off line for a while too!  Hopefully everything will get back to normals soon.  The Superbowl party sounds nice- hope you all have fun no matter what you all end up doing.  Have a great week- God Bless!  Carolyn :)

  4. Hope you guys had a good time Sunday. It's too bad the weather got so bad that you couldn't go to the March, but I'm glad you were able to protest and pray in front of PP.

    Mary you're a shining example of God's grace.

    God Bless