Saturday, January 13, 2007

Extream Joy for these families! And Weathering the storms

Monday when I heard the news about Ben Ownby my heart sank and all week I have been praying and praying for his return to his family, hoping for a good out come.  He was taken while walking home off his school bus.  He could have been my son for crying out loud!  13yrs, good student, Boy Scout, blonde, glasses..rual area...and the kids wonder why I insist they walk to the house off the bus together and not run ahead?!! His picture and the description of the truck seen was all over the news and it seemed hope was starting to fade.  I kept reminding people I would talk to that you just never know.. remember what happen to my sister and my niece and the out come from that.  God hears our prayers and even when the situation looks grim our faith carries us threw.  It is because of what happen to my niece, that she was kidnapped out of Chicago bus station on a Christmas Eve, that my heart breaks every time there is a missing child.  I always pray and I always keep my eyes peeled.. you never know if you could be the one who makes the difference.  It was because of the news media and the law enforcement and concerned citizens that my niece was found and thankfully in these cases of these two boys they are found!
Yesterday I went to Walmart to stock up on groceries. Payday couldn't have come fast enough this week, I was stating to feel like old mother Hubert.  It was before I had heard the news.  Walking threw the store you knew something was up.. People stopping in the isle chatting more than usual.  There was a feeling of excitement and wonder and joy in the air.  When I over heard what all the buzz was about I wanted to cry for joy for these boys and the families and also to get home as fast I could to see the news on TV.  It is amazing that Shawn Hornbeck was also found!  It is sad that another boy had to be taken and because of the eyewitness they had something to go on... if it wasn't for the description of that truck they may never have been found.  As they are saying Shawn was being hide in the wide open.. Being passed off as someone else's child!  I can only shutter and imagine what all he has gone threw these last 4 years and I pray for him and his family as they are reunited and start to cope with it all.
The news was all about these boys yesterday but also the coming ice storm.  I should have took the storm more serious.  Our power went out at about 10 last night and thankfully came back on at 3:30 a.m.  I am glad we had the fire place going and that helped keep us warm and had plenty of candles.  A generator would definitely be a good investment.  The last time an ice storm like this came threw a lot of people were without power for weeks. I don't know how we would cope if the power goes out for that long here.. of course it has to come when we are broke. They said last night was just the first wave of storms coming our way.. we are expecting a second and third over this weekend.  Josh's work was canceled for this weekend so everyone will stay off the roads.  I guess we will be hunkering down and enjoying family time together.. being thankful that we can all be together and try and stay warm.


  1. I know, what rejoicing over those boys being found!

    And.....stay warm!!!!:)

  2. It's a true miracle those boys were found.

  3. Hi Mary- I was so happy about those two boys being found safe.  I used to feel bad for parents who's kids get snatched- it's got to be absolutely horrifying- but I feel it more now that I'm a parent.  I need to keep reminding myself that it's nopt just little girls who get kidnapped either- and that we're safer because we're out in the boonies.  I know it could happen any time- anywhere and to anyone.  Sad, but I've been going over the drill with my little guy.  Hopefully he'll never have to use what he's been taught!  I'm glad you guys are OK from this storm too- was thinking about you all week!  Keep safe and warm, and God Bless!!  Love Carolyn:)

  4. This was a fabulous tory - thanks for sharing