Monday, October 22, 2007

Potty humor..

Another case for my son being gross and making us laugh till we cry.

I specifically turned off the Myth Buster's episode this week about farting and gas for this reason.. the lovely terminology.

Flatus: the material (gas) that makes up flatulence.  Flatus became the new zing word last night as we played family games to the point he had the girls chanting "FLATUS FLATUS FLATUS".  Yes it was hilarious but to a point.. I had to threaten that the next person who says that word would miss a turn... and that only egged them on more.

Another inside joke is the word Apple.  One day last month I was telling Zane that I was upset that in one of his video games the Supper Hero said "the A word".  Lilly over hearing and not really knowing what "the A word" is said "A is for apple"  Both Zane and I fell over giggling.  So now apple also means "the A word"... and we have found many uses.. You have a rotten apple, wipe the brown spots off your apple, and it goes on and on...

And now thanks to Zane the girls think the snot in your noise is dead brain cells coming out.


Josh is leaving today for another two to three weeks so I get to control all this silliness myself.  This week is parent teacher conferences and I only hope the potty humor has not spilled over to the class room and all will be ok.

Till next month friends, be blessed!


  1. She's back.

  2. Welcome to the world of teenagers..It doesnt get better only worse lol..I hear girl are far worse I dont know I only had lol
    He sounds totally normal to lol
    Donna In TEXAS