Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bella is Beautiful

I had the opportunity this weekend to go see a WONDERFUL movie, bella.  I was excited to see it not only because it was the first time to a movie with adult company in ages but also because all the reviews I heard and interviews with the actors and producers made bella seem a movie worthy of my money.  I was not let down in the least and even clapped at the end as I wiped tears away.

Bella is a sweet love story, but not overtly romantic.. not that kind of love but more about the love for life and family and doing what is right and by doing so finding absolution.  The ONLY reason this movie got a PG 13 rating is because of the premise of the movie is about a women who is pregnant and planning to abort.  The movie is not overtly Pro-life or Pro-choice.  It is beyond the rhetoric in my opinion.  It has absolutely no cussing, nudity or violence and a positive message, a rare find these days. 

If you can find this movie in your local theaters I compel you to go and watch it and if it is not at your theaters yet because of it's limited release then call the theaters or the distributor and demand they bring bella to your community!


Bella is Beautiful and it makes me miss you even more Beautiful.


  1. Wonderful to know they actually created something beautiful.  Something worth seeing.  -  Barbara

  2. This past Friday afternoon I watched a movie called "Beautiful" also.... it was about the same issue.  Maybe Bella was a take off from it.  Sally Field made the film I saw and it had the same issue in it!!!  Such a great movie.  The story line reminded me much of my own childhood and ambitions in life.  I have always just wanted to be beautiful and to be accepted.  It made me cry when I saw it.  Hugs,

  3. It's refreshing to see another woman who boldly stands against abortion.  I read your page about your "Beautiful".  I wish more women could see that it may be a choice but it doesn't mean it's a good choice.  I hope others see your page who are at the crossroads as to whether to keep their baby (it is a baby from the moment of conception) or to kill it.  Maybe then they will see that there are other "choices" than murder.  And I haven't seen Bella, it isn't playing around here but I'm now waiting for it to come out on DVD.