Monday, November 26, 2007

Pastor turns blogger!!

On August 25, 2003 I embarked into the world of Blogging and fell in love with the writing and the connection to others.  Four years ago no one that I knew had a clue what a blog was (and most still don't lol).  Over the years I have tried explaining my place in the blog-o-sphere (as little as it is) to friends and family but get little interest.  What's that country song? I'm Cooler Online? LOL Anyway, it is always exciting to me when people I know off line cross over into having a place in cyberspace.

I have always taken joy in helping baby bloggers and promoting good journals and seeing them grow in writing and readership.  So when my Pastor mentioned that he was thinking of starting his own blog I couldn't help but smile.  FINALLY.. something I know about and can give advice on!  It is just too bad that right now I am not online as regularly as I used to be and my help has to be limited.

I was hoping to get him to start an AOL journal since that is the format that I have found I like the best but I havn't been able to do all the e-mailing I wanted to this week and he took it upon himself to start a Blogspot Blog.  Not such a bad place to blog at.. I know several people who went over there when AOL did the whole adding ads in the journals and infuriated the community, leading to an exodus of many of AOL Journals best writers.  I tried Blogspot for awhile but I find AOL Journals better and easier to use, probably just because it is where I started and I don't like to stray off too much into learning HTLM to add pics and videos.  I like the bells and whistles and control over here.

The least I can do is promote Pastor Jesse's blog, Jesus thru Jesse and ask you guys to check him out and give him some love and encouragement in his new endeavor.  If you like my writings and the notes I post about scripture, then you will love his blog because he is part of the source I quote.  He is posting notes from Sunday sermons and his thoughts and prayers on living a life for the Lord.  The title for his blog was inspired because he wants people to see Jesus living in and working threw him.  I doubt you will find some of the silliness that I post here, he is a serious guy but if you come to know him you will find he does have a bit of humor too, fun loving and always open to answering questions.  I hope that while Josh is away he can read Jesse's blog and keep in touch with what I am learning and what is going on at church and keep growing in his own walk.

So go NOW and check out Jesus Thru Jesse and welcome him to the blogging community!!


  1. I'd count it a priviledge to welcome your pastor to blogging!!  Take care dear.  Will be thrilled when Josh and his computer come home again.  ;o)  -  Barbara

  2. Hi Mary- Thanks for telling us about Pastor Jesse!  I'll go there in a minute.  I've missed you and glad you're doing OK.  Hope you're able to be back on again soon~  God Bless!  Carolyn

  3. Wow I am so glad to see a pastor join the blogging community!!!  Thanks for sharing this.  I will have to check it out!!!  Especially being I am a preacher's granddaughter.  Hugs,
    Lisa : )

  4. I will indeed check it out.

  5. I've been blogging with you for four years... it's been a ride, hasn't it? Blessings to you!