Friday, April 18, 2008

Felt the Earth move under my feet...

At 4:30 in the morning I was dreaming about my man... that shaking I thought *blush* was part of the dream.   I didn't even know we had an earthquake until I got in the shower and heard the DJ on my radio talking about it.  But I know people who were woken up and were shocked badly.   After all you don't expect to have earthquakes in MO!  Sure they talk about the possibility but its been forever since we actually had one that you could feel.

I did feel a tiny bit the second one later in the morning but it really was of no consequence.  I don't think I want to find out what a BIG one is like... ugh this is why I don't live on the west coast!

Anyway, hubby is going to be home very soon now and the Only Earth moving I want to experience is in the bedroom hehehe.


  1. Mary, I just read both posts- you are so naughty! ;-)  I'm glad he's coming home to a well, happy- in the mood wife.  I heard about the quake, andthought it interesting- didn't know you felt it there too.  We had a poll on our station down here asking would we rather livein a earthquake prone zone, or a hurricane prone- I chose hurricane, at least we have warnings for those!!!  God Bless you girl- have a fun and romantic weekend!!!  Carolyn

  2. Yes we had an earthquake up here too I am told today.  We must be on the same fault line.  I have been through several of these earthquake things and never felt any of them.  I wonder why I can't feel the earth move LOL... like I mean, I have been through like four or five.  Never once saw anything happen but every one else did LOL.  My angels must be workin' overtime.  LOL LOL
    Glad you are still alive.  That means your angels are workin' too.  God is so good.  Hugs,