Friday, April 18, 2008

T minus 10 hours... Mary's going to get some

9;00 p.m. tonight, Josh is going to  barely be able to get out of the airport parking lot before getting attacked by his wife. : )

I am on the verge of going bonkers.  I told my hubby last week he HAS to come home this weekend.. no if ands or buts.  It's only been a few weeks but it feels like months.  And that book my friend gave me called Red Hot Monogamy didn't help lol only made it worse for me.  That is not a book to be reading when your spouse is out of town lol.

All week we have been doing this big build up, sending dirty texts to each other, among other things I shall not repeat *gig like a school girl*  Saturday we are have dinner reservations at this French restaurant and winery and a room booked with extend check out time and a king size bed with chocolate and wine.  Oh ya this weekend is purely about one thing.  Ha ha aint no shame in that, we are married lol.

Oh ya.. the kids might get to see him for a minuet too.  And if I can hold off some family drama till Monday I am going to have an awesome time.

10 hours to go..


  1. LOL LOL you have fun hon!!!  

  2. Hope your both having a wonderful time!  -  Barbara