Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'v gone to the dark side.. well my hair has anyway

Last Friday I was sooo ready for a change, new hair was just what I needed.  I have never been anything but a blonde or strawberry blonde.  I have been blessed with very pretty blonde hair all my life.. so much so no one would allow me to do anything else with it.  So I was in a rebel mood when I went to get my hair trimmed and went ahead and got  what is for me, an extreme color change.  Mocca with blonde highlights in the bangs!   Yes I know it's summer and hair is supposed to go lighter and then darker for winter.. but I think we have established I never do anything the way you are supposed to. 

I didn't send any pics to Josh before he got home and teased him to no end.  But he seems to like it and I have liked the reaction I have gotten from ppl who have seen me in person.  My sister Marcy has even said she wants to copy it lol.

What do you think?!!


  1. Your hair looks great!!!


  2. I think it's a sexy, smart style for you!  Go girl!!!  -  Barbara

  3. hey at least your brave unlike me

  4. You're a wild one alright!  Looks good though Mary- it suits you.  I am the opposite.  I've had my hair almost every color of the rainbow since I was 16 (except green that is...)  No one ever got shocked after a while.  Now that I have a husband who loves me for me- the natural me, I haven'tcolored it in the nearly 8 years we've been married-  ;-0  All my grays are natural!  Enjoy it- and enjoy Josh's response to it too~  God Bless you sweety! love Carolyn

  5. Great hair!!!  Love the new look!!  You are ready for summer now!