Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been one of those weeks where everything seems to be working against me!

First off.. WTH is going on with my photo album in my last entry???!!  When I came to my blog it was showing a photo album I posted at Easter.. not the Mother's Day vigil with my children holding their homemade signs.  I will give AOL the benefit of the doubt since I haven't really been online much and will assume everyone's photo albums are getting a glitch too, and not go with my initial instinct that I  am somehow being censored.  I reposted them and sorry if you got a double alert.  Maybe I will just start doing the extra work and posting my more controversial pics with HTLM and load on a different site??

Here is one of Zane and his own statement with a bit of emphasis from glitter graphics (this one is alos featured on my Myspace profile):

1/3 of my generation
Glitter Graphics

If that was all I had to deal with, a little blog glitch I wouldn't be so.. umm.. gurrrrrr!  Shall I start the list...

Last Friday Lilly fell on a feild trip with school at the Butterfly House and deeply bruised her foot.  Poor girl had to spend the weekend on crutches and most of the week wearing an orthopedic shoe (that was not cheap to buy).  Who knew the Butterfly House was so dangerous... or maybe some one was just not doing a good job at supervising the children at play.. who knows.. I feel enough guilt at Lilly's devastation about me having to work that day and missing it all.

Sunday I discovered my deep freezer in garage had been unpluged and over $100 in food had been defrosted and blood and water had accumulated on the bottom.  I pinpointed when it was likely unplugged and the meat for the most part was still cold so could be cooked up or given away to be cooked up right away.  My neighbors gladly took what I couldn't eat.. roasts, steaks and chicken.. all good stuff.. but the good stuff I was kinda saving to cook for when Josh is home.  Most of that I bought on sale back when I got my tax return and was depending on it being there for when we were also broke.. and you know how food prices have risen!  Plus the clean up was nasty.. I had to drain the freezer and then clean it out with hot soapy water.. and there was a not so nice smell.

Monday I couldn't find my glasses.  I was convinced that the cat must of put them somewhere.  They were lost for 3 days only to be found in my bed under my pillow where I had looked 10 times

Tuesday thepassanger side mirror to my 2002 Town and Country van got broken. On my way to work there is construction going on and narrowing the road considerably... plus I didn't have my glasses on (not that I can't see per say but they would of helped) and my big 'ol mirror hit a mail box.  After 3 trips to auto parts stores looking for a replacement.. because you know it can't be easy for me.. it has to be a special mirror with the defroster thingy, the only place I could find it was at the dealership and it cost JUST FOR A MIRROR.. NOT THE WHOLE CASING SHEBANG was just about $80!  Oh and I did stop at the house where the mail box was broke (being held together by duct tape) and left a note with my phone number saying I would pay for any damages... but still have not gotten a call.

And then yesterday... the icing on my cake so to speak.. *deep breathing exercises because I am still upset and not sure how to start the story*

LOL well that's the first time in a longggggggg time I have been told I have exceeded the charter limit!... guess I will have to do a rare part 2 entry.

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  1. I am sorry you had such a terrible week......
    I will take over the bad luck curse, so that you can have a great week, ok ??
    Common, just toss it over, I'll carry it for awhile...
    Doesnt that feel better ??
    Take Care...