Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friday I went to help sand bag out at Winfield Highschool..

I live in Lincoln County in MO.  I am not personally effected by all the flooding and the rising water but Winfield, Elsberry and Clarksville is not that far from me and seeing the news all last week was really tugging at my heart, I felt moved to do something on my day off Friday.  It was just a bonus that alot of my friends felt the same and met up with me at the HighSchool to sandbag.  It was hard work.. a bit disorganized.. and the governor and all coming in was somewhat funny, but the scene of accomplishment and community was amazing.  Not sure how much of our efforts will pay off but I am praying for all those who are effected by this years flooding.


Mississippi River threatens more Midwest levees


  1. Mary, I've been thinking about you during all of this, and am glad you're not affected.  My heart was breaking though as I've been watching the news- ever since it all started in Wisconsin.  I can't remember which town it was, when I first saw all the local folks - looked like the WHOLE town was there sandbagging trying to save their town.  It broke my heart.  I'm so proud of you guys though- midwestern folks- you're a tough lot!  God Bless you all and hope things will settle down soon for you all~  love Carolyn

  2. So glad I have found your journal again.  It is because I added you to AIM buddies and there was your journal link.  I lost it when I decided a few months back to update all my alerts and it all went wrong.  It has taken me ages to find some people again.  Well done you for doing the sandbagging work. Flooding is such and awful thing. Hope all is well with you.  Hugs

  3. Hope you are all okay out there with the flooding issues... so glad that you were able to help with this and prayers for the people affected by it.