Wednesday, August 13, 2008

long over due update.. Sophia's 7th birthday, flowers in bloom, Weird Al concert.. ect..

Sophia's birthday was last month and we have been consumed by the Webkinz website ever since.. ya that's my excuse for not being online.. the kids have taken over the puter lol na.. I'm still just bla about being on the computer.  But I do think I want a Webkinz of my own.. Sophia doesn't like sharing so much.  AND if You don't know what I am talking about.. then you are way out of the loop.. google it lol

On Sophia's birthday I got a big present.  I finnaly after over 3years, got back in touch with my BBF Consuelo.  Another long lost friend reconnection thanks to MYSPACE.  I can't even tell you how much I have missed her or how happy and excited that we are talking again.  She was my best friend threw all those wild teen years and while our lives have taken different twist and turns and directions I still feel like she is my sister.  If only we could afford for us to meet up in person.. I tried tempting her out here with those New Kids On The Block concert tickets (November whoot whoot) but while she would LOVE to go with me (one of those childhood things we share) she is just as broke as me lol.  For now phone calls and e-mail will have to do.. but I am blessed even to have that.

Another little joy in my life is the garden we have going.  The roses from last year are doing well and the new red climbers we planted this year are starting to bud and bloom.  The wild flower seeds and sunflowers are finally taking off too.  Every day I come home from work and walk to the side of the house to look at them and pull weeds that always seem to pop up.  I few moments to myself before I walk in to the kids all over me or see what ever mess they have made that day.  Every now and then I send josh pics with a note saying Thank You For The Roses.  He is the one that did all the work and it is sooo much better then getting flowers delivered anyway.. they come back again and again.

Last Friday I splurged and took Zane to the Weird Al concert.  It was not planned so being able to get floor seats was a nice surprise.  And they were awesome seats.  Zane is still very thankful and doing little things with out being asked... he had such a good time and loves bragging to other like minded friends that he was there and with in feet of  the stage.. He really really likes Weird Al.. that sarcastic humor, and he knew and sang along with EVERY Song..  I had a good time too even though it was not nessicarly my thing.. OMG.. It really was a nerd convention but funny as heck.

School is starting next week and it is so hard to get the kids back into a normal routine.  This year they have changed the schools hours and how they do busing, so they will have to be up even earlier than last year.  But we have just about all the back to school shopping done, just need to lay out first day clothes and go to meet the teacher night and see if there is some tweaking we can do to the older two's class schedule.  I can't believe my youngest is going into 2nd grade and my oldest in 8th.. it just doesn't seem right!!!

And as always counting down the days till Josh comes home.  Labor Day weekend seems so far away but getting closer.  We are planning a family camping trip and maybe a float on the Meramec River.  We are so excited because  its been a few year since the last time we have gone camping all together.. I mean real camping.. in a tent with a fire pit! LOL

As always I will try to catch up but don't be surprised if it is awhile before another entry.


  1. Hope the family enjoys your Labor Day!  Hannah had me all caught in Webkinz for about 5 months.  Then grew tired of it. -  Barbara

  2. Hi  Mary~ I'm glad yousound a littlebit more cheered now.  Good Grief, I didn't even know wierd al was still around! That must have been kind of funny to go see him!  I hope you guys have a great camping trip- haven't gone since our boy was 3 so we're over due too!  God Bless you Mary!  I know you're busy and not into too much puter stuff, but drop by when you can~ I'm doing a few weeks worth of Islam and heading towards Gog/Magog you might be interested- and I've only just started~  Come when you can! Love Carolyn

  3. PS- Happy Belated Birthday Blessings to Sophia!  She's so cute and looks just like you!!  God Bless!  Carolyn