Thursday, July 24, 2008

When it rains... it pours : (

And I'm not talking about today's rain storm. gurrrrrrrr

Yes a car accident, the crowning event that put a dark high light on an already gloomy day.

To start, it was laxative day at work ugh.. I always dread that but some one has to do it.  Another reminder I am not paid enough (my client is a quad). All day I was looking forward to getting off and making my way to the book store to pick up book #11 in The Wheel Of Time.  And time went by fast today until I got to my car.  It wouldn't start.. dead battery...again!!  I had already planned to go to Auto Zone to get a new one but we had charged it up last night and normally that would carry me out threw the next day. It was on my list of To Do's today.  Josh has  been using his car since he has been home and he was at the docs getting an MRI done.  None of my friends were available to come and jump me or pick me up. I normally keep jumper cables in the car but I guess I left them in Josh's or in the garage.  But my client's sister called some one to come over and jump me thankfully.. I guess she didn't want me sitting around her house anymore lol.

I went directly to Auto Zone after the jump.  I am not ashamed that I am ignorant of cars and such and think that is a man's job lol that is why I hate having to deal with car stuff.  I had them test the battery and the alternator (some one suggested that it may be the starter draining the battery).  Thankfully I just needed a new battery, $75 that I really didn't want to spend this week. But I soothed my self by thinking it could of been worse. n I hate to imagine how much a starter or alternator would cost to fix.

As I was pulling out of my parking spot in front of Auto Zone I was sighing with relief and looking forward to getting my book.  Then not two seconds out in the isle a truck starts to back out into me.. I tried to swirve out of the way but it was too late.  As you can tell by the damage she hit me starting on the driver door so I was already well behind her when she started pulling out.. she says she didn't even see me (my big van must of all of a sudden been invisible)  I think I would of been better off if I just slammed on the brakes in stead of trying to swerve.. I think there would of been less damage.. and the truck only had a broken tail light!!!  We just exchanged insurance info but in hind sight I should of had a police report done.  Especially when she said this is the second time she had a car accident on her birthday and the insurance info was in her parents name.

No book store today.. I headed right home and called my insurance company and now I am dealing with that back and forth and waiting on a claims adjuster and estimator to call me back to set up an appointment for them to come out.  And that maybe some time next week.

On a happier note.. Josh went to the doctor yester day with good reports on his health for the most part.. his heart is in top shape and blood pressure is perfect.  She sent him to get an MRI today because his shoulder has been messing with him real bad for a few months and they wanted to make sure it was not a rotator cuff or torn ligament.  Turns out he has arthritis in his shoulder and he needs to go see a specialist (ugh more money) and his blood results shows his cholesterol is getting high and he needs to switch to a low fat and low carb diet.  His 32 Birth day is Monday.. a little young for arthritis I would think but his job can be repetitive.  As far as the cholesterol goes.. its not from what I feed him.. I almost NEVER fry food and I never put salt in anything.. I am a very bland cook.  So I threatened him that if he doesn't eat better while he is on the road I would make him come home and all he would have is tofu.

We have talked about Josh going back to school.. maybe online.  The time he spent in apprentice school counts towards collage credit and it wouldn't take but maybe a year part time in school for him to earn an associates.  Still he isn't sure what to go to school for.. not too much would pay any more then what he makes now or enjoy as much.  I remember in High School he liked painting and airbrushing but artist don't get paid much unless they are dead lol.  Zane suggested maybe go and become a mechanic but that is something you can't do online and it would be full time.  I suggested maybe Seminary/ Bible Collage and be a minister.. not that pays well but plenty of rewards in heaven.  Ya that didn't appeal too much to him and I know it's not really his calling.  I don't know.. but I am sure some kind of change is inevitable.

Tomorrow can only be better.. I hope.



  1. I hope that today is a much better day than yesterday was!!  Linda

  2. I am so sorry to hear about the accident.  My hubby had a fender bender last year too and we still haven't had the money for the deductible to even talk to an adjustor yet who was so busy that they never even got out to look at it yet.  Ugh.  Hugs,

  3. PS Prayers for Josh that he will find the perfect career for him and God will lead him to it.  Thank you for praying for my Nick too and for being an encouragement to me... everyone in J land has been so wonderful.... an outpouring of love.

  4. Mary, I sure hope things are going a little better now~  I know that beng in a car accident can be nasty, but thankfyully neither of you were going too fast and you weren't hurt.  Tell Josh not to feel old- I've known a couple of people who have had arthritis since they were kids- so it's rare to be young with it, but it's not only for old people ;-)  God will lead you guys to where He wants you to go.  It may be something expected, but maybe something totally crazy.  Listen and pay attention~ May He bless you all through everything!  Carolyn

  5. Praying God will help both you and Josh find your way to the place where He would have you to be.  The center of His will is always the happiest, most secure place.  ==  Barbara