Friday, June 29, 2007

Moblogging.. trying out sending pics from my cell phone

Image from AOL Pictures

Image from AOL Pictures

Image from AOL Pictures

Pics n phone

These are some OLD pictures I have had stored in my cell phone but had no way of getting them off.  They were too cute to just delete!  First one is Sophia with one of her buddies and the others are from a day I took the kids to the park.  Looks way better on my blog then it does on my phone!

I was reading Magic Smoke today (aol editors blog) and some how ended up in an entry about Moblogging.  Nice  info if you have the tec on your cell and service plan.  Now you can text, send pics and video to your aol journal threw your cell phone!  Ha, who needs a computer anymore, now with the Apple Iphone and other such cellphone providers?!!

Ofcourse I suck at texting.. not a big fan.. so I had to come back to edit after the pics uploaded : )

Anyone else do Moblogging??


  1. I don't Moblog.  Nor will I stand in line for days to get an apple IPhone thingy!  I guess I am not very exciting!  Seriously though, your moblog pics are really cool!


  2. Not I.  But the pictures are too cute!