Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Better, but not by too much

Since my last entry things are a little better.  We haven't lost the house but our monthly payment is going to be more and we cannot be late by even a day ... we have to now western union it or send a money order.. so that is another expense and we have a dreaded adjustable coming up too.. and with our credit we cannot refinance.  So we looked into putting the house on the market and just renting till we can clean up our credit.  We had an agent over just so we could get info and see what all that would entail and how much of a loss we may be looking at.  What he had to say was no big surprise but it was not good either.  If we were to put it on he market he was saying we are looking at least $20,000 less for what we paid for it mainly because the builder is selling our model with a basement right now for less and we are on a slab.  And because it is a slab house it would probably take some time and the right buyer before it would sell.  (when we org. got the house we were told one side of the subdivision was going to be slabs and the other side basements, but they stopped selling the slabs and everything now is being built with basements. There is only about 10 houses with slabs and ours is the biggest and only model with one)  That sucks!!  We cannot afford that much of a loss.  So what it boils down to is we have to do everything possible to make it each month. Aside from us winning the Lottory (and we don't play it) or a big winfall,  I have to find a job like tomorrow.  One that pays at the very least $10 an hour and has a reasonable schedule so I am not paying too much for child care.  Please keep me in prayer and tha God would help me in finding the right job and where he would have me be.
The last few days I have been cleaning and doing laundry like a mad women.  The laundry is almost all caught up, I can actually see the laundry room's floor.  The kids are done with summer school now so I have been putting them to work.  You know they just love that (not).  My closet is shaping up too.. the floor is bare and clothes put away, I can almost see the top of my dresser.  Winter clothes are finally all put away and I am going threw all our clothes and getting rid of a lot.  That will help cut down on laundry and clutter.  Ideally I would like to get the kids down to 7 outfits and get rid of the rest but the girls have so many cute Ts I am finding it hard to let go lol.
We still have no satellite and are basically going without TV.  This is a blessing in a way.  We get a lot more done around here that is for sure and it allows more time for reading and having family time.  We have been playing games with the kids after dinner and they are eating that up.  Ofcourse the kids miss TV and are constantly saying "I'm board" and looking to me to entertain them.  And I am missing my shows.. GH, The Sopranos on A&E, The Closer, My life on the D-List and my daily dose from the Fox News Channel.  Guess I will have to just rent more and get my news from radio and print (yuck).  But in a way I don't miss TV all that much and when Josh leaves with his lap top I won't miss the Internet as badly either.  It's a return to a more simpler life I guess lol.  You remember, the Technological Dark Ages LOL.
Today I should start packing.  I got almost enough money together from generous friends to make the drive for my Aunt's funeral in IN.  It is always humbling to have to ask for help and money and I was not going to go but I felt God stirring me and putting on my heart that I at least needed to try and go.  I will be leaving early Thursday morning and it will be about a 6 hour drive.  Josh and the kids are staying home, kids with my good friends and Josh will be working.  It would have been nice if we all could go, funerals are about the only time EVERYONE gets together and it has been years since my other aunt and my cousins saw me and the children.  But money is too tight for us all to go on a trip.  Too bad because it would only be a few more hours drive to go to the new Creation Museum and that would be a great family field trip.  Maybe next summer.
Tomorrow for 4th of July we are planning on going over to our friends house from church and watching the parade in O'Fallon.  It goes right past their house.  We have to get there early and I am not sure if we should just spend the day at home and save the gas it's going to take to go over there but I have to get these kids out of the house and the 4th of July is only once a year.  We will have to make due somehow. 
I pray that you all have a fun and safe Holiday.  Don't blow off any fingers or toes.  Drive safe if you are going to be on the road, wear your seat belt!  And remember to meditate on how blessed we are to be an American and how thankful we should be to our troops, past and present for our freedom!


  1. I'm definately praying for you and your family as you go through this extremely hard financial time and pray that it will somehow work out for you guys that you can keep your home. I'll be praying that God shows you the right job for you so that you can still be home as much as possible with the kids but bring in enough money to provide for what your family needs.

    God Bless

  2. I'm sorry that you are going through all of this.  We are darn close to being in your shoes.  I'm praying that I don't have to get a job.  But it is a possiblity.

  3. Hi  Mary- I'm sorry you guys are having a hard time right now.  I know how hard it is- and I will be praying for you guys.  Take care~  God Bless! love Carolyn (())s

  4. Hope ya'll had a happy 4th!  I hear ya on the whole house issue.  We are trying to work night and day to get the refinance through.  I am working on disputing all I can on my credit report and paying off a few cards and then hopefully refi will be around the corner.  Hugs,

  5. We've definately had hard times and the doing without anything techy....but we've never been in peril of loosing our home.  My heart and prayers go out to you as a family, and you as a woman.  So much corner cutting falls at the womans feet.  I know God will get ya'll through this.  Maybe reshaped and defined, but through it.  ((((MARY))))  -  Barbara