Monday, January 7, 2008


I had swore to the kids they were not going to get ANYTHING for Christmas this year.  I won't even go into what they did to make me so angry to threaten that.. I can laugh now but at the time I was very upset.  Sophia my precocious little one told one of my friends that it was ok mommy wasn't going to get her anything because on Christmas we go to Grandma & Grandpa's and they always have presents (snot).  So they were very surprised when they got the big gift that they did.

My mom had sent store gift cards this year (lazy lol jk) and that helped go toward buying the PS3.  I also have been working at a daycare so that extra helped too. (I love holding babies all day BTW) But I had to go out on Christmas Eve to shop.. that was CRAZY!!  I hope next year I can afford to plan ahead better.  Now we are so broke.. not sure how I am going to get threw the next week but some how we always do.

We got the girls Blue Ray DVDs to unwrap and I had to play like I bought the wrong kind..oops.  And then when Zane opened Guitar Hero III, I told him it was so he could play over at his friends house who has the PS2..oh no that is PS3, man I have to take that back too, sorry.  So when they opened the PS3 they were totally surprised and I loveeeeee the expressions I got in the pic.

Josh I got a travel digital picture slide show frame so he can take us with him where ever he goes.  I reallylike it and may have to strongly hint for one for Mother's Day or my Birthday.  Josh couldn't wait till Christmas to give me my gift.  He got me a diamond journey pendant necklace.  I love showing it off where ever I go.. "look what I got from my hubby"  and I get lots of ohhs and awwsThe only reason I am not freaked out about it is because he promises he got it on sale at a good price.  My daughters crack me up, insisting that he get me the matching earrings to go with it (i didn't even know there were any).  I bet that is what I get next year.

Josh and I got a night out and had a nice time at his company's Christmas party.  Yummy food and they even gave the wives a $25 credit card gift card.. only bummer was I forgot mine at our table and didn't realize it till the next day. Darn, that was going to pay for my haircut.  Oh well.. someone got extra this year.

For New Year's I left Josh home with the kids and had a girls night out.  We went to a club where my friend knows the owner.  I was wayyyyy underdressed.. everyone was dressed to the nines and dancing.  I had fun spending time with my friends but it was not my scene and prob would of had just as good a time at home.  Another sign I am getting old.

Josh leaves today and I have hardly had any computer time!  Maybe if my work can give me a consistent schedule I can get home Internet back.  But as it is now I make just  enough to help cover the gas and buy some extra groceries.  I am happy though just to be able to help and get back to work and gain any kind of work experience for the resume.

Hope you all had a great Holiday and this year will bring many blessings your way.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!  And that you have a job you enjoy.  ;o)  - Barbara

  2. So glad you had such a nice Christmas with dancing and parties and gifts!!  It makes it so festive and wonderful!!  What a lovely gift from hubby to give you the journey diamond pendant!!  Hope you have an awesome 2008.  I really enjoyed the pictures of the family.  I didn't realize you had four!!  You sure do have your hands full like we do.  I hear ya on how are we going to get through just to even next week. It is so hard in January for us almost every year.  I am quoting Abraham's blessing today as it is keeping me calm.  LOL.  Hugs,

  3. Glad to see you back. God always provides, doesn't He? Have a happy new year... I mean that!

  4. it will all work always does! :)


  5. I'm glad you could have fun with the kids for Christmas!  I know some times I didn't feel like getting mine anything either lol!  I don't know how many times I told him he'd get nothing but coal!  God Bless you Mary, I hope things pick up for you guys this year, and that you all stay healthy, safe and happy!  Carolyn