Monday, January 28, 2008

I'll try and not cram too much into one entry

Here I am.. do you miss me???  I miss you and my blogging.  I always have so much I want to say and limited time to update when the computer is available to me.  I have tried taking up paper journaling but it just isn't the same and I have even started to call into talk radio to voice my opinions.. still not the same.  Oh well.. this can't last forever and eventually I will have the capabilities to blog and e-mail and comment and do groups to my heart content.

Meanwhile I have had a birthday.  Someone who should of known better asked me how old I am now.  My response was "Old enough" and they said "Old enough for what" with a playful smile.  And me always quick with a comeback said "old enough not to be the youngest in the room anymore"  And it' true  Josh and I used to be the youngest married couple, not anymore.  And I used to be the youngest at women's group.. not  for some time now.  But still I am younger than most of my friends so I don't get away with complaining about being old.

January Birthdays always seem to get jipped because of Christmas so I did not expect much of anything for my Birthday.  Still I EXPECTED two or three calls saying Happy Birthday.  Of all ppl I expected my husband to call me.  He is out of town constantly for work but we talk daily and I had reminded him that it was coming up.  He took it as nagging and guffed.. ya I know.  My birthday was on a Saturday, a day he was not working.  I waited and waited.  Then I got concerned when his cell went to voice mail the 10 times I tried calling and no response to texting.  I thought surely something is wrong.  His phone is never turned off and EVEN if it was he could borrow someone's to call.  I don't keep a roster of his co-worker phone numbers so I had no way of getting ahold of him.  I finally broke down and called one of the wives to ask if she could  call and have her hubby check on mine.. that surely he must be lying in a ditch somewhere or his phone is stolen or he is in jail because it's my birthday, its almost 9:00 p.m his time and I have not heard from him all day and he is a good caring husband that wouldn't blow off his wife on her birthday.

With in 10 minuets of calling that wife I got a call from Josh. His excuse was his ringer was turned off and he had been sleeping most of the day. He said he was goinggggg to calllll eventually.  Yes, I did give him an earful followed up with hanging up on him. Too bad with cell phones they don't have those loud slam down clicks like the old phones so he couldn't really hear it.  But from what I gather all the guys he works with know about it and gave him a good hard time for me. LOL.   No he hasn't made up for it really but his time home is always short so I will try and not hold it against him.  I will just chalk it up to typical male behavior and get over it.  Because after all.. love doesn't hold a record of wrongs.

Another event while I have been away is one of Annie's (my oldest daughter) school mates died.  The 5th grade boy died suddenly from juvenal diabetes and it is very shocking to our community.  Annie had him in her class for 3rd and 4th grade and some of her friends were close to him.  She is very sad and I am trying to keep an eye on her.  We went to the viewing but were unable to attend the service for him. For Annie it was important to her to say goodbye even if she knew that was just his body and he was not really there.  And we did cry.  The funeral home was standing room only with family and friends.  He was very much liked and loved.   I know the school did a fundraiser for the juvenile diabetes foundation in his honor and thechildren have had opportunities to express their grief.  It's just hard to see.  My daughter is a very sweet, soft spoken and caring girl and takes things to heart, like her mother.  We are praying for the family and our community.  Josh is spending the day with her and giving her extra attention and I asked the adults in children's church to maybe talk to her about it and see if they can get her talk about it and if they see any areas of concern.

Lots of events coming up too.  Super Bowl Sunday church is having a party with a chili cook off.  Dare 2 Share is coming to town in a few weeks and Zane is going. Wish I could go again this year with the youth but I don't think I can swing paying for the both of us.  Women's retreat is at the end of March and I really want to go but not sure how I can work that out money wise and finding some one to take care of the kids.  It's funny because the theme this year is "How to be a Mary in a Martha world".  The other day I was just telling my friend how she was SUCH A MARTHA and that is one of her giftings.  She is very new to the Bible and her faith in Christ and exclaimed, "What! I am nothing like Martha Stewart!" taking it as an insult.  LMBO  I had to explain to her about the scripture talking about Mary and Martha and the two different personalities. (Luke 10:38-42)

I am a bit bumming right now about my work situation.  I love working at the Day Care, even if it was for very little and it wasn't the most economical in gas.  I was getting a paycheck and enjoying what I did.  But the Day Care has been shut down temporally so they can do reconstruction and get up to code better.  Going on to the second week and I am not for sure when it will be back up and running.  We really need the extra money and I will probably have to look for another job.  And you know how I hate the whole job search thing.  So that is all in prayer.

Hoping to be back more this week and get to catch up on all the blog reading I have been missing.  Leave your link!


  1. ughhh i hate it too and I am doing it right now....and it i tell


  2. Sorry very sad to hear about that young boy.  :o(


  3. howdy mary, so good to see a entry from you, hopefully we'll get to talk some while you have josh's pc. as for annie, that hit me like a ton of bricks. a year ago on the 24th a young boy in our community passed away due to a house fire. both of my children knew him and loved him from the bus rides home. it is so hard to know what needs to be said and how to say it. i'll be honest, the only thing you can do is to encourage annie to talk it all out, the good thigns, the bad thigns, and if she doesn't feel comfortable talking to you, encourage her to use the guidance counselor at school or a responsible adult from church. it will take a while. marina especially still has days when she sees her lost friend in everything in everyway.

    sending blessings and love,

  4. So sorry to hear the daycare has been shut down and hubby acting in bad judgement on your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated.  I too have a January birthday and it is always the pits because of Christmas!!  We miss you blogging too!!  Glad to see your post and know you are okay.  So terribly sad about the friend with the diabetes.  So awful.  It is a good thing you took her to the funeral to say goodbye.  That was so good to do and brings some closure and healing to let the tears flow.  

  5. I think even the best of husbands mess up on an occassion or two.  At least you are still younger than me!  ;o)  All the best to you regarding the daycare and your work.  You have my prayers.  -  Barbara

  6. Hello,

    My name is Donna. I am new to you journal. It's nice to meet and read other Christians journal. It sounds like you have been seriously busy! I hope your daughter Annie is doing all right. A death is always sad and sometimes devestating especially when it's a child. I know. There were 2 of my friends deaths that happened both when I was 10 yrs old. I still remember them and think of them often.

    I'm sorry you have to look for another job. I hated job hunting! I look forward to reading more of your journal in the future.


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  7. YES MARY I DO MISS YOU!  You can always tell a very busy person by her journal- you make me laugh, then cry then laugh again with all you news.  How sad for Annie and the rest of the kiddoes.  I feel for the boy's parents and family too of course, but it's alwahard for kids to have someone their age go like that.  I do hope they are comforted and have peace about it.  You're sweet to let hubby off so easily about missing calling you!  It is hard sometimes to have a Christ like attitude ;-) sometimes!  God Bless you Mary, and I do hope things go well for you guys on finances and other things too!  Carolyn- PS, I am older than you, and hate getting older!  Happy Birthday dear~