Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'll miss you Bill...

Pastor Bill went home to be with the Lord yesterday afternoon at approximately 12:12 after a long hard fight with a rare form of bone cancer.  Today would of been his 55th birthday. 



God sends people into your life for a time and a season.  Bill will always in my heart be my Pastor and I know many others feel the same.  He loved the Lord with all his heart and that love radiated from him no matter what he was going threw.  He had such a gentle spirit, hated conflict and was never ashamed to cry when the spirit moved him.  The ripple of him touching countless lives will go on threw eternity.

Bill meant so much to our family and to our church family.  He was the heart, the one who you would go freely to, with out doubt that he could help you in any relationship problem you may of been going threw and give you good sound Godly Advice and not sugar coat it. He was so friendly and approachable and easy to love and trust. He is the one Josh and I asked to council us about a Godly Marriage after we first became born again. I would of loved to renew our wedding vows with Bill presiding this year because it was our 10th anv. but he was too sick to ask.

 He gave hugs freely and smiles even when he was in pain.  He ached for the lost and had a heart for evangelism.  He connected to Tommy, my crack head brother and reached out to him and I know had an impact.  Even after my brother went to prison I know Bill wrote him and encouraged him.  I am sure Tommy is not going to take Bill's passing well.

Bill loved to worship The Lord and had a wonderful voice.  Now he is with The Lord and is worshiping at his feet.  If anyone deserves to hear "Well done, my good and faithful servant" it is Bill Kaber!

Bill will always be an inspiration to us and we will hold him in our heart till we meet again.

I am still trying to process his passing.  I know some will be angry at the Lord and try to understand why.. taking him so young and with so much life in him.  But Bill would not want that.  He will be the first to tell you that God has a plan, that he lived his life to the fullest and took his illness as more of a blessing then a curse because he grew so much in his relationship with THe Lord because of it.

Please pray for his wife and two daughters and his baby granddaughter and for our whole church family.  I think we will be grieving for awhile, even as we try and celebrate.  Tonight we are gathering at church to have something of a party in his honor and to remember him and celebrate his life.  The viewing will be Thursday and the Service will be Friday afternoon.  Josh is going to try and make it for the service Friday. Money is so tight we really can't afford him missing work or the gas it is going to take for him to drive home but I know Josh wants to be here with us all.. we are not going to worry about all that because God always provides.


  1. countrybumkin779July 12, 2006 at 9:30 AM

    aww mary, i'm am so sorry to hear of your pastor's passing. when you have someone who sets such an example its hard to lt go, but God's will is perfect, and even though we don't like some of the thigns he chooses to do, their is a reason. who knows by this passing, maybe someone, even tommy, will come to the Lord. out of everything a blessing will come......IF we only look for it.

    sending extra special blessings and love to all our your family, and church family,

  2. I am soo sorry for the loss of this fine man.  Blessings on his and your family.

  3. Mary  What a beautiful tribute to your pastor, and I'm so sorry to read of his passing. I'll be keeping his family and your church family in my prayers. May God hold you all in His loving arms in the days ahead!


  4. (((Mary)))  I'm so sorry about your pastor's death and what his passing means to your congregation.  

    Bill has received the ULTIMATE healing.  Imagine how wonderful it is for him right now!  :)

    God bless you,

  5. Your whole church family is in my prayers.

  6. Mary-I usually don't comment on your journal, but read often. I will keep your family & your church family in my prayers. I can relate to this somewhat. June 10 an older gentleman in our community shot & killed one of our deacons at our church on the church property, after a church BBQ to end our V.B.S.  Rex (the deacon) was one of the best witnesses I can say I know. It is undescribable and he is unreplaceable. But be comforted (as we are) knowing he is home, and OH what a homecoming he had at His feet. Take care and if you ever need a shoulder or a (((hug))) let me know. Your sister in Christ-Michele

  7. (Mary), I'm sorry too about your Pastor Bill.  It's an incredible thought though of where he is celebrating right now!  It's always hard to lose someone so close to our hearts, but to know that they're with Jesus makes that pain a little easier- even through missing them so much.  I'll keep y'all in my prayers too.  Love Carolyn