Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It Looks worse than what it is.. Lilly in a cast..






Amidst dealing with the calls about Pastor Bill yesterday I had to take Lilly in to get her broken finger checked out.  After looking at the X-Rays the doctor said she is very lucky because where and how it broke they normally would have to do surgery on it and put pins in but since it was such a good break that was not necessary.  (Ofcoure I know Luck had nothing to do with it.. Praise The Lord \o/ ) The important thing she said is to keep it immobile so it does not get worse and end up having to get surgery anyway.  Her hand needs to be in a cast like that for the next two weeks and then after that wrapped for another two weeks. She has to be careful not to bang it. My poor baby!!!  In a cast for almost the rest of the summer!! But at least she got to pick what color lol.

She is so shy about it too.  She tries to hide it behind her back and doesn't want anyone to see it.  She about had me bawling my eyes out yesterday when she said " I don't want Bill & Bob at church to see it"  I had not told her about Bill yet. Bill and Bob are some of her favorite ppl at church she loves to give hugs too.  I don't know why she wouldn't want anyone to see it.. We tried telling her it is like a badge of honor and that she should be proud to show it off.. milk it for all it is worth lol.  We are still looking for a black marker so she can have ppl sign it.. I think maybe having ppl put stickers on it is a better idea because it is so small, not many ppl will be able to sign it.

Audra let me take a few quick pics with her camera yesterday.  She watched my other children when I took Lilly to the doctor.  She took the snap shot of my tan line for me.  My sun burn is starting to feel a bit better today but the picture just does not show it justice lol.  I took a more racy one with my camera phone to send to Josh but I guess we canceled my cell phone picture mail and he will just have to wait till he is in person to see it : p


  1. Poor pumpkin!  How unfun!  But yes, praise the Lord for no surgery!  I don't envy you when you tell her about her friend Bill.

  2. Poor Lilly!!  It sure does look worse than it is.  At least she picked purple!!

  3. aww bless lilys heart, hope she heals fast, no surgery is wonderful. God will give you the words to tell her of bill. GBU


  4. Oh, my!  Get sick and have a few pc problems and I seem to miss everything!  Hummm........Hope Lily heals well and quickly!  -  BArbara

  5. I hope that Lily is not in to much pain. Over the years I've broken various bones and have always hated the casts. I will say a prayer for her quick recovery. Regards, Bill.