Monday, July 31, 2006

aggravate "What's the Good Word?" from

• aggravate •

 [Podcast] Pronunciation: æ-grê-vayt • Hear it!

Part of Speech: Verb, transitive

Meaning: 1. To make heavy or heavier, to load, burden, as to be aggravated with the responsibilities of someone else's office. 2. To increase the gravity of, to make worse, exacerbate. 3. To annoy.

Notes: The word aggravate has been a bone of contention for centuries because of its meaning (see In Play). Its forms, however, are very straightforward. The abstract noun is aggravation while the agent noun is aggravator (remember the ending is -or and not -er). There is also an adjective, aggravative, meaning the same as aggravating, as an aggravative zipper that sticks all the time.


It's funny to me how these Words Of The Day are always right on target to help me express what is going on with me.  I am still visting Josh out of town.. Omaha NE to be exact.  Ya.. exactly..eeehhhh awww..about the best thing out of this trip is the tan I am getting from being at the pool and the great sex.  Other than that, not much to tell.  I am littarly STUCK here.  There seems to be some snafu with Josh's check being direct deposited and now all we have is $10 to our name.  They tried to blame the power outages in Saint Louis but as it turns out *ahem* some one didn't send a fax threw with Josh's hours and so He didn't get paid.  So.. I have no money to buy food, or gas, or take the kids anywhere or even GET home!  Josh works 10 hour days.. gets home and eats and drinks a few beers with the guys and then is ready to crash, while me on the other hand am just aggravated.  I am sure you can imagine.. 4 kids, one small apartment.. not junk food to apease.. ya you are getting the picture.  Not that it has been all wrot.  I have been getting to know some of the dudes Josh works with, not all a bad bunch and one of them has his girl friend up.  Her and I have been budding up and I hope that we can stay in touch when this trip is over.  I'll have lots of pictures to share soon too.

*note*  I am using AOL.COM and am using the new blog this feature on the web mail.. pretty cool.. try it, you'll like it.


  1. I love your words of the day!  Have a good Monday.

  2. You have my sympathy!  Wouldn't be you for much right now!  Yikes.  Sounds like a nightmare.  Good luck.