Monday, August 14, 2006

Pics from our trip.. ya we'v only been home over two weeks now lol

I had two memory cards with me.. and ofcourse I forgot the bigger one with most of the pics from Nebraska in Josh's laptop.  That's ok.. it would be mostly of us at the pool anyway since that is about all we did. Oh ya sure there was some good black mail pictures on there for some of the guys he works with but I am not that way LOL.

I learned soooooooooo much about Harry Truman and I really would love to go back again.  If you ever have the chance I HIGHLY recommend you going.  The war memorial is about when I ran out of room on my camera.  There was alot to see there too and it was adjacent to Missouri State Veteran Memorial and grave yard.  I was very moved by all the history we took in on our way home.


I am almost all ready for the company that is to come into town this week.  Friday I rented a carpet cleaner and got allllllllll the carpets in the house done and got the upholstery attachment and cleaned the couch and the chairs.  I am STILL sore from head to toe and I even had a friend over helping me.  We got the office/den finally all unpacked (pictures soon) and hung shelves and pictures that I had been waiting on Josh to do.  Now all is left is the DEEP cleaning basically.  I was sick in bed all day yesterday so nothing got done and the kids tried to help but as you know when kids try to do something they don't know how to they only make it worse lol but it was cute.

Josh is due in tomorrow at about Midnight.  Then his mom is flying in from Vegas and will be in at the airport at 11a.m. Wed and his older sister and her family are driving in and will meet his mom at the airport and then all drive out to our house.  Then Josh's little sister and her family will be in town Thursday.  Friday Uncle Bob comes in.  Saturday is a baptism for his older sister's daughter (in the Mormon church..ugh) and then a bbq with all his sisters at his Dad's house.  Sunday is church and I am doing that skit again and after church is a big BBQ at my house.  We are going to make it like a BIG Birthday Celebration for all the kids because we are never together on anyone's birthday.  Monday if we are not too worn out and have the cash flow we hope to go to Six Flags.  And then my kids start school (and I have yet to get all the school supplies!!)  I am a bit stressed over some family drama but soooooooo excited to have all this familytogether.  I just want to be a good host and draw close to his family and enjoy our time together. 

So again.. excuse my absence if I am not posting or reading.  I really do miss my computer time and I am sure I can get caught back up after the kids are in school.. I have sooooo much to write about!!!!!!!!!


  1. Enjoy your company.  Two of my cousins live in Omaha, Nebraska.  I've only visited the airport.  Not much to see there!

  2. You're certainly going to be busy with company.

  3. hello friend so sorry i have not been here in awhile but to much going on and we now have dial up agg so slow sounds like you will be busy and have been busy love the pics thanks for sharing with us also about all the family coming out sounds like a freat wittisning tool my sis and her girls live here now and are babtized throught the mormon church agg but the girls go with me to church and the oldest says she understands better then the mormon church see God works throught things i will be praying for you cannot wait untill your next post take care God bless kelley

  4. Hey Mary- welcome back.  Sound's like you had a real nice time.  I can't get to see your pics very well- my silly computer gets tempermental sometimes!  Anyway- glad you're back.  Take care and God bless- love Carolyn()