Saturday, August 5, 2006

Time Keeps on slipping... Into the future

Wow.. where to start.  First off.. Yeaaaahhhhhhhhh... I'm back home!!!  The kids and I got back home from our stint in the big O! late Wednesday.  We took a few side trips on the drive home so it took longer.. I will have pics posted and an entry dedicated to our trip soon.

Secondly.. guess who is guest speaker at the Ladies Group's monthly meeting at church... Yep.. ME!!  I was asked on Mother's Day if I would speak at one of the up and coming meetings and on my drive home Wed. I got the call asking if I could do it this Saturday.  My mind has been swirling with all the info I could give and my own personal testimony and I have been in constant prayer about how God wants me to approach this meeting.  It is not like I have never spoken in front of a group before but this is my HOME church and I have been chomping at the bit for the past 3yrs to speak openly about the subject of abortion with my home church.  So I have been preparing hand outs with tons of info and considering showing a video and just asking the Holy Spirit to guide me.  It is very raw for me right now because this is about the 14th anniversary of my abortion and I was just thinking and processing it last week.  I had happen to be on Josh's laptop and came across the radio interview I had done back in February, so that also helped bring it all to the for front before this call even came.  I think I am all prepared.. I have scriptures ready, info and statics gathered, articles and graphics about the hot topic in my state, Stem Cell Research and my testimony fine tuned.  I just hope more than 3 people show up but I pray even more  that the right people who need to hear this message make it.

I KNOW I am soooooooo behind on all my online friends happenings and it has just come to my attention that the 3 year anniversary of AOL Journals is coming up.  Wow.. almost 3yrs of my life is cataloged in the pages of this blog!!  And this awesome community has had its up and downs but mainly ups.  I am just tickled pink that AOL is going FREE and I won't have to choose between deleting my Journal and getting rid of AOL to save some cash. (more entries on that later)

I have soooooooo much I want to write about.  Current News, Life and Spiritual issues, More new neighbors, Family coming into town in two weeks, kids starting school soon, job or volunteering prospects.. I have alot on my mind and ALOT to say!!!  But time just seems to be slipping away and it is hard to get onto the computer and play catch up from being out of town for almost a week.  I know it will all settle down soon and I will get my chance to get it all out.

As always.. PRAY FOR ME!!!  (((((HUGS))))

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  1. I'm glad you made it home.  Nothing like giving you a little notice to speak!  Yikes.  Let God lead and he will give you the right words.