Tuesday, August 1, 2006

O! <---- Omaha City's Motto

There must be a reason that I am still here, God's Will, he has a plan.  That is what I am telling myself.  A lesson in patience, in trust?  Something.  Am I supposed to meet someone, talk to some one about something.. am I not looking for those open doors?  Not that I see being stuck here as SUCH a big problem.  I get to see hubby for just a bit longer and the only reason I am wanting to get home is so I don't have to keep paying for the dog to be kept in a kennel.

But.. it is official.. our account is overdrawn because of this snafu.  I am out of gas so I can't take the kids anywhere to do anything.  I have no soda but just enough food to keep the kids at bay.  Josh doesn't get back to the apartment from work till almost 7.  It looks like rain so the pool is out of the question.  The Internet connections sucks here and I can be kicked off with out a moment's notice (I guess that is what happens when you piggy back off some else's wireless signal)

Pray for me!


  1. Sure hope things get a little better.

  2. This too shall pass!  I hope soon!

  3. I understand what your going through...huggs your way
    donna In TEXAS

  4. I confess I am at a loss for exactly what happened to you, as I am so behind in alerts.  But I want you to know that things will get better and we will keep you all in our prayers!!  Pete and I have been down to nothin' many times.  Mostly, remember not to let foolish pride stand in your way of accepting any help God sends your way....you'd rob someone of a blessing.  ;o)  -  Barbara