Thursday, November 9, 2006

Before & After: Living room and Den/Office

My camera doesn't do my living room justice but I thought I would share because I know some of you like to see how the new house is coming along.


Last week while Josh was home we did some shopping and rearranging to the living room and den.  I do not want to claim ANY responsibility for that ridiculously huge (but very cool) TV.  I was not consulted on it's purchase, I advised against it and I am pretty upset that it doesn't fit into my TV hutch.  But in my husband's defense, the tv we did have in the living room was almost 12 years old and was going out in a bad way and he is a sucker for new technology... thus he left me at home when he got it and told me to ''trust him". 

After Josh got the monster tv we had to move the hallway table into the living room and it was apparent the whole look I was going for in that room was blown.  The colorful, cozy, country, kid friendly atmosphere was giving way to a darker, look don't touch, modern feel.  We had planned on just going to get lamps at Bed Bath & Beyond because I had saw a set of 4 in their ad and had a coupon.  We have needed lamps for along time and still do for the children's rooms but more so for the living room.  Josh had inisted that I not go and buy cheap ones from Wal-Mart so I have waited. So on the way we stopped at Rothman's Furniture Outlet Store.. just to see if we could get a couch for around $300 (hahahahaha ya what was he thinking)  The couch we did have was his mother's orginaly and when we got it last year from her it was in very nice shape.. but 4 children and two slobby adults didn't take long to ruain it and we were having company over soon and did feel somewhat embarassed plus we needed more seating.

I have wanted a sleeper couch that was neutral and ofcourse all the couches that was close to that were not in the set price range.  But we did get a deal because we got the love seat along with the couch.  Yes leather and suede is ambitious for this household but the children are NOT allowed on the couch (only the love seat occasionally) and they will be spending most of their tv viewing in the den anyway.  And so help me Lord if I find them in there on the couches with any food or drinks!  I have also pledged not to sleep on the couch like I have been while Josh is out of town.  

I would also like to submit this as proof that our economy is fine and dandy and my hubby works his butt off.. all is paid off.. none of it was put on credit.  LOL sure I did have to skimp some on grocery's this week and deal with a bit of guilt for spending more than what I felt comfortable with but I have been told it is ok to enjoy blessings.  Not to say that I don't realize others are struggling right now and in no way shape or form am I gloating or bragging.  I am not trying to keep up with the Jones either! (side note.. the new billboard for our subdivision says "keeping up with the Jones has never been so easy".. because the builder is The Jones Company and I HATE that saying & billboard!!)  We rarely splurge like this because there is always other needs that need to be met.  I much rather bless others then get stuff for ourselves but every once in awhile...tisk.. why do I feel like I should have to defend myself???? LOL  Anyone who knows me and my family and where we used to be and where we are now are happy for us.  I guess I always feel overwhelmed by how blessed we are and how good the Lord's provision is.  From going to food banks and renting roach infested apartments to a beautiful new home and piece by piece furnishing it.. that is a long way.


  1. Mary- you guys did a great job onyour living room~  talk about kids and slobs!  I've resigned myself to the fact that I won't have a new couch until my son is grown and out on his own!  I've made more slipcovers than I care to think about, and this last one I swore was the lasr- looks like its about 40 years old!!  PS- isn't it nice to be able to save up and buy stuff with cash?!  I do it all the time- I won't have a credit card, and I like the funny looks I get when I tell people I don't have one, and it will be paid cash please.  Have a great day!  Carolyn

  2. What beautiful decorating!!  You are very very talented!!  It looks just lovely!  Thanks for sharing!!  Isn't decorating fun???  Hugs,