Thursday, November 16, 2006

Over the river and threw the woods.. Holiday planning

It's that time of year again!  Thanksgiving is going to be here soon and then before you know it CHRISTmas and then New Years and THEN my 30th Birthday (Jan. 19th.. don't you dare forget it!!).  The winter Holiday months seem to fly by with all the activity and parties and shopping.  Between all that, let's not forget to be thankful, and remember our blessings and those who bless us!  Actually we should do that every day all year long *wink*

 This year we are going out of town for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  You would think with our big new house and new sleeper couch ppl would come to US.. lol.. but no.. its time to get away and enjoy family time with those we hardly see.

Thanksgiving we are going to Virginia to see Josh's Aunt and Uncle and cousins we have only seen at the once a year family reunions.  We are really excited about this trip.  First family trip together this year and to a part of the country we never go to.  They live about an hour out side of DC so we will also get to take in some of the sights of the Capitol. I know one of AOL's headquarters is in that area too.. and I made the comment to Josh that it would be neat to take a tour since I read the AOL's Editors blog and hear so much about it but the comment he made in return I can't print.. may put up some red flag and then we'd have Home Land Security here and all that and it just wouldn't be a good thing..(that was sarcasm just in case some bonehead can't tell).  Josh has something against AOL.. as if I spend sooooooo much time on it @@.

 In stead of flying we are renting a nice van and are going to brave the 12 hour drive. A lot cheaper then if we all flew. We are planning on leaving late Tuesday night so the kids will sleep most of the way.  Praying for good weather!  We need to stock up and bring with us Saint Louis Gooey Butter Cake and Missouri Wine.  I always like brining somethings from our area as gifts for our hosts.

For Christmas we are going to my family up in Wisconsin.  My mom is so excited because all her babies will be together this year.  My brother got out of prison this week and I hope he stays out of trouble so we can see him.  It's been a few years since we all were together for Christmas.  It's been a year since I have seen any of my family.

Josh "says" he is going to try and stay in town for work till after the Holidays.  He is going to be gone all of January and it is a big trip (he doesn't like me to talk about it because its out of the country *ahem* and people are giving him a hard time for going AND it is a government contract so there is also security issues.  I've probably said too much with just that lol)  But I have learned that when he says something about work not to depend on it because it changes daily almost and I know there is a job coming up in New Mexico that he may be asked to go on.  And ofcourse there are pros and cons for him going or staying here for work.  He gets more money when he is on the road but misses so much at home.. and when he is home.. well so far we have not been meshing too well but I am sure that is only more reason for him to stay home so we can get back on track.  Plus I want to get in as much time with him as a family before he does leave in January.  (guess I should kiss and make up with him huh?)

We have decided not to go over board on the Holidays this year like we did last year.  One gift for each kid.. and Josh is saying that should just be socks and underwear lol.  We want to spend our money on another family this year from our church and bless them like others have blessed us threw the years.  Plus with the traveling and being with my family we will be spending more on them then what we normally do.  Either way we need to start budgeting our money and start the shopping soon.

What are you guys planning for this year?  comment or leave a link to your entry where you talk about it.  I know I am sooooooo far behind on my blog reading!!


  1. Hey Mary- I hope you guys have a safe trip!  My Mother in Law and my hubby's sister and husband are going to visit our niece in  Virginia- they leave Saturday for a week- and will be going to DC also.  That's cool- wish we could go too.  We'll be having a quiet one at home by ourselves.  We'll have all my hubby's family here at Christmas though- that will be nice.  I haven't had Christmas at my parent's house for over 15 years (darn that's a loooonnnnggg time)!  I just haven't been able to afford for us all to go up there at Christmas time.  Been home a few times in the past years by myself, but I pray we can all go for Christmas some day soon.  Anyway- Go make up with hubby!  And have yourselves a great trip and Thanksgiving!  Take lots of pictures.  God Bless- Carolyn

  2. Sounds like you'll have a good trip.

  3. Pray you all have safe and wonderful holiday journeys!  And may Josh be blessed to be home throughout them.  -  Barbara