Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Here comes grey hair #2

Ever wish you could rewind and start the day over... sheesh and its not even noon yet.

Right now I am so upset with my oldest daughter Annie who is going on 10yrs.  I am flabbergasted by what she choose to do today but relieved that she is safe.. praise God for that!  She got up after Josh left for work but before everyone else this morning and decided today she would ride her bike to school. Josh leaves for work at quarter to 5 and we normaly don't get up and going for school till 6:30 or 7:00.  She said she LEFT the house at 6.

 You know back in the day that would not be such a big deal.. kids used to ride bikes to school all the time.. I did for a time in Elementary school.. but now it is not allowed.. put aside the fact that we live too far for her to ride a bike.. miles and miles.. but the weather today is very cold and rainy.. also she left while it was still DARK.  She could of been hit by a car or kidnapped or got lost!!!  It was very dangerous what she did and the more I think about what could of happen the crazier I get but more thankful that God kept her safe and protected.  She was picked up by the Sheriff and taken the rest of the way to school.. soaking wet.  She made it all the way into town, more than half way there!  If you only KNEW just how far that really is you would be shocked too.

Last week she had come up with this idea that she could ride her bike to school.  They had sent home a school survey for statistical  info about how children get to school.  She saw that bike rider was a choice on there and said she wanted to start riding her bike to school.  Then and there I told her absolutely not.. we live too far for that and the roads are too busy and school does not allow it. Her brother piped in that it would take you all day to get to school on your bike because it is so far.

I think she did it to spite me and her brother.  I had sent her and her sister to bed early last night for eating candy with out permission and maybe that is when she told her sisters she was going to do it. I can just imagin her train of thought, "Oh I'll show them!" This morning Lilly and Sophia were not at all surprised and seemed to know for a fact that is what she had done. I asked if she told them to keep it a secret but they said NO.. just didn't think to tell me about it I guess!

If she could of afforded to miss another day of schoolI would of took Annie home with me after I dropped off her sisters.  I had to bring up dry clothes for her and pick up her bike and talk with the principal. 

I don't know what I am going to do with this girl!!! Doesn't she not realize kids get taken away from their parents for stunts like this.. that this makes me look like a hack of a parent??  My kids are almost always in my sight and I have had a hard time of what Josh calls cutting the apron strings.. they are for the most part good kids and listen and are obedient but how can I start to trust them in this big bad world if they are doing stuff like this?? 

It would be too mean to take away Christmas from her but she needs to understand the gravity of what she did.  For sure the wheels of the bike are getting taken off until God knows when.  The bikes have been put away in the garage since the end of summer and I am surprised there was even air in her tiers.  I can only imagine what Josh is going to say and do when he gets home.. probably blame me, as if I don't feel guilty enough.  Do I need to get alarms on the doors and windows?!!!! Sheeesssh!

I wish the world was different and we lived back in the days where life was easier and more innocent and not such dangers existed for my children.  It would be nice if kids could ride their bikes to school (good exercise and cheaper on the gas) but that is not the way our lives are sturctered anymore.  Now adays you can't just let them go off to play in the neighborhood or walk to a park care free.  You can't even leave them alone in your own yard with out a watchful eye.  Sometimes they don't understand this and get frustrated and I understand that but that is just the way it is.



  1. Oh bless your heart!  What a nightmare!  And the sheriff no less.  Oh my word.  I thought it was bad when Bella started to leave the yard the other day and head out for a walk.  She's 3.  I caught her 2 steps from being on the road.  Goodness!  What do we do with these headstrong girls?

  2. Good grief!  I've got a whole head full of gray hairs from my 6 year old.  Hopefully as mad as you are with Annie, she'll eventually realize how much you love her and are only doing what's right in protecting her (and all the kids).  I know I feel bad almost every day when mine decides to get it into his thick head to go off and do something totally crazy or something he knows will get him into trouble!  It's good that you took the wheels of the bike- and hopefully she knows what kind of dangers she put herself in- all for the wrong reasons.  PS- don't pluck out your grays Mary- doesn't do any good.  Two more willgrow in it's place!!!  Love Carolyn