Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Silent No More on Bill O'Reilly

Recently I discovered that the group Silent No More has an offical MySpace page.  I am apart of the local chapter so I am excited to see them getting more on the web. 

Threw a brief e-mail exchange with the lady who runs Silent No More's page I found out that a member of Silent No More was going to be on The Bill O'Reilly Show last night.  I got the e-mail a little late and missed the first showing but was able to catch the replay.  Bill has been running investigative stories about the Kansas abortionist Tiller, who specializes in partial-birth abortions and his gross neglect and atrocities.  Kelly came on the show and shared her abortion experance with Tiller.  I think she did an AWESOME Job!! She was very articulated, calm, informative and got her message across.  I am so proud of her and her bravery!  It is not easy to talk about such a hard thing to a small group much less millions on national t.v. but she made it look seamless.  I am also grateful to Bill O'Reilly for having her on and giving the audience a chance to see the other side of abortion.. how it hurts women, not helps them.  I shot him a e-mail with my pithy comments and thank yous.

Here is a link to the clip with Kelly on the show

If you watch it and have a comment on it, e-mail Bill.. let's flood him with them and encourage him to have more segments like this!!   And who knows.. he may just read it on air.  I'm Mary H. from Missouri


  1. I probably shouldn't say this in J-land, but I love Bill O'Reilly!!

  2. Sounds like a great interview!  I hope they weren't just preaching to the chior, as I don't know how many leftist liberals WATCH O'Reilly.    Shame I can't do video and media on this old pc and dial-up.  - Barbara

  3. Hey Mary- I'm glad Silent No More is getting more coverage now.  I think all pro life groups are great, but what seems to me that separates you all, is that you all have a personal experience with this and that you KNOW from your experiences.  I think it's great!  I don't have cable or anything, so I don't catch O'Reilly, but I know a lot of the other side watches because he's always stiring things up!  I can't trust my computer to download videos either- it's way too slow, but it would have been great to see.  I promise that when you get on Sean Hannity someday (lol) I will make my computer take all day if necessary!  Anyways, God Bless you Mary- and all the Silent no more ladies.  Carolyn