Saturday, December 16, 2006

This may be where my first grey hair starts to grow

Thought for Today

"Learn to say no; it will be of more use to you than to be able to read Latin." - Charles H. Spurgeon

I need to mark another milestone in our family life... *deep heavy sigh*  We kinda had "THE TALK" aka " The Birds & The Bees Talk" with our 12yrd son.  I feel gross just typing about it... but it is done.   Zane missed that part of 5th grade last year because he was on a trip with his dad to Vegas.. lol that sounds funny but it was an innocent trip to visit Josh's mom.  Anyway.. so the boy was in the dark about the biological details of just how a baby is conceived.

It wasn't planned..we were having a casual night watching t.v. in the living room.. the little ones had already gone to bed and Annie was in the dining room finishing her homework.  The subject came up because we were talking about a trailer for a movie called Children Of Men.  Zane had brought it up.. he had seen the trailer when he went to see a movie with one of his friends and he was explaining the premises of what the movie was about.  I giggled at him and out of the blue asked " do you even know how babies are conceived??"  He looked at me and flat out said no.  I looked at Josh and Josh looked at me as we were both trying to think of a non graphic way of explaining it to him.. but really there is no way to do it with out the specifics.  I encouraged Josh to tell him.. I was to tounge tied.  Josh started to tell him where sperm comes from and how women have eggs.. and how eggs and sperm come together.. how sex feels really good, God created it for husbands and wives to enjoy together, I couldn't take it.. I had to put my fingers in my ear and sing "nannnananananana" *sigh*  I am too young to be having to explain or listen to an explanation of this to my baby boy.  But I got over it.. because sadly.. he is not my baby boy anymore.. he is entering pueberty and NEEDS to know this information. All the signs are there. I have tried to ignore the morning wood and hope that Josh would pull him aside and tell him how to um.. um.. well get rid of it or hide it.. or at least tell him not walk around the house in small shorts when he has it.  And the zits are starting to crop up.. I think he has sensitive skin and with or family history of bad acne he needsto start taking care of his skin from the get go.

So we tried to in a mature and informative way and injecting our values,  tell him that as long as he keeps his penis away from virginas there will be no babies. 

Josh went into greater detail and I am not inclined to relive those moments but I have got to say that it was a whole hell of alot more information then I got from my own mother who said "when you are ready we will get you on the pill"

I am sure we will revisit the subject with him again and as long as it is in small dosessI think I can get threw it.  Ohh funn.. the teen years have  officially started!!

Why is it called The Birds and The Bees??? I was trying to think of how to apply those analogies to the conversations.. birds have eggs? bees pollinate flowers??  Those are two separate species... shhhhhheeshhh.. that would be fun to fumble out and probably very confusing to the poor kid getting the speech.


  1. Oh bless your heart!  I am amused and feel bad for you all at the same time!

  2. I had the same talk with my son many years ago.  I always stepped into our bathroom to put away towels etc.  One day I walked in while he was showering - the glass on the shower door was not clear, but cloudy.  As I walked in, (now remember, I was a single parent) I noticed there had been a SIGNIFIANT change in his profile.  I didn't put the towels away.  I backed out very quickly.  It was many days before I got up the nerve to talk to him.  He said to me as I began to start, "Mom, is this going to be 'the talk'"? Blushing, I said yes.  He said to me, "I already know what I need to know.  I'm not ready yet and when I am, I will be in love.  I wouldn't disrespect my self or someone else in that way."  And he didn't.  Blessings, Penny

  3. i was wondering how this was going to go for u and josh. doesnt seem all to bad. hopefully he just remembers to put his values ahead of the raging hormones. he has a good head on his shoulders, i believe you'll be alright.

    hope you are having a nice weekend otherwise. love you dearest!


  4. I found it to be an ongoing conversation with Bubba.  And even have started it with Bug.  You will survive!!  -  Barbara

  5. Oh YAY- I can't wait 'til it's my turn!  Note the heavy sarcasm.  Sorry Mary- but the way you talk about it made me laugh so hard!!  Since I'm homeschooling, I know all health matters will be handled by my husband and I, and just for starters, I ordered a book on the subject from the Christian book distributors, where I order most of my school curriculum.  Anyways, this book is geared towards 3-6 year olds- the beginning to sex ed (3-6 ?!!??!@#$ year old?!!)  Sorry- got away from myself there for a minute- but good grief the book is soooooo graphic- with all the scientific names- and PICTURES (well- cartoon pictures) that I just break out when I even think about them.  Sorry to be so immature- I hope and pray that when we start in little bits here and there, we can get through it with him knowing what he needs to know for his age, and be brought up to know God's plan for him, his future wife, and their sex lives.  God Bless you both for teaching Zane- and God Bless Zane, help him to become a  Godly, generous, loving, considerate and respecting man!  Lots of hugs for you! Carolyn