Thursday, March 8, 2007

Happy Birthdays Annie & Lilly

7 &10 years old!  My how they have grown since these nursery pictures were taken.  Annie turned 10 last Sunday and today Lilly turns 7.   Mommy here is starting to feel old.. and dreading the teen years that are fast approaching.

Annie has grown into a sweet sensitive girl who loves to scrap book and read.  She is starting to be more concerned about being all girly and wear skirts and dresses and wanting nail polish.. 

Lilly has also grown into a very sweet but assertive little lady.  She still loves Dora The Explora  but is starting to branch into Barbies and dressing them up.  She has loose teeth and adult teeth coming in on the bottom front row.  Pretty soon she will look like a jack-o-lantern.

I feel very blessed to be call their mother.. even when they are acting up a bit.. they are well rounded and make me proud.  I am a bit sad my babies.. all my babies.. are grow up so fast and getting so big.  What happen to my little infants.. why do they have to grow this fast?  It just doesn't seem right but aww these are the facts of life.

When they are babies you can't wait till they can walk and talk.. and once they start that you can't stop them or shut them up lol and before we know it they are facing graduation and going off to Collage or getting married.

This year I had wanted to do a fancy party for them at this place called The Plaid Monkey.  Annie and I had been there once before for a mommy & me day of getting our hair and nails done.  But it is just not in our budget right now.  So they each get their own specail birthday cake and hopfuly this weekend I will have some money to spend on them.  I was thinking of takig them to get a nice spring outfit or an Easter dress.  And maybe next month when we are better off I can take them each for a mommy & me day of beauty.  Either way I hope they know how specail and loved they are.


  1. I have a sneaking feeling that your girls know exactly how much they are loved!!  Warm birthday wishes to them both!  ;o)  -  Barbara

  2. Your girls are just beautiful!!!!!  Thank you for sharing the pictures!!!!  I love these mommy entries.  Courtney and I had a special day recently and it was so nice to have a girls day out.  She loves Dora too.  Hugs,