Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring?? Really.. is it really here??

You Are a Blue Flower
A blue flower tends to represent peace, openness, and balance.
At times, you are very delicate like a cornflower.
And at other times, you are wise like an iris.
And more than you wish, you're a little cold, like a blue hydrangea.

You know its Spring when..

You can open up all the windows and air out the house

Allergies kick in and you can't breath threw your noise

When the grass starts to turn from that ugly brown to new green

When the trees start to bud

When you would rather sit out side with a good book instead of in front of the Big Screen TV playing Ratchet And Clank on PS2

And you really, really, NO- I MEAN REALLY, know it's finally Spring when that Hoosier on your street (ahem) takes down the rest of the Christmas decorations!!!!!!!!!  LMBO

YES, that Hoosier (and if you live in MO you know that is not a basketball player) is my husband.. he finally, after much begging and nagging from me and my friends and I am sure to my neighbors delight, took down our Christmas Lights.  When he started calling them Easter Lights he knew it was time.  What really took him so long was it became a battle of the wills between him and me.  Every time I would ask him to do it over the last three months, he would hunker down like a strong willed child and refuse or make excuses.  Eventually it became a joke between us.. a game. *shaking head*  If it is going to be like that every year.. I may not have him put them up at all.. I'll have to remember that this coming Christmas.

The weather this week has just been beautiful.. it almost got into the 80's today.  After the kids got home and homework was finished we all went out side and enjoyed some play.  The kids are getting really good at riding their bikes.. aww it is so nice to live on a street where they can ride on. Lilly has the training wheels off and Sophia needs a new bigger bike. Josh and I got out patio chairs and watched them have fun.  I started reading a book Zane had just finished and recommend, The Westing Game.  Very good book and I giggle at how it is set in Wisconsin and somewhat dated by the description of what was so in for a luxury apartment building.. haha, shag carpets 3 inches.  It has good twists and turns, a murder mystery, a who done it but not gory.  I may do an entry later on it and a review of the other books I have read lately.

I am glad Spring is sprung and am looking forward to sprucing up the yard when we have extra (when ever that may be) money to do it.  After Josh was finished taking down the lights, I pulled off some of the old dead growth from the plants in front and wrinkled my noise at the decaying, discolored mulch beds.  Next to fertilizing the lawn,replacing that mulch is going to be a top priority.  Then maybe we can do something about rose bushes for the side of the house.

While out and about I did get to meet some of our neighbors.  I admit it.. when it is winter I am a total recluse.. and they even commented about never seeing me out lol.. well ya.. I have that big screen tv now and PS2!  I know.. tisk.. tisk.  But now that the ice is broken I may actually get to know the ppl who live on my street.  I am just so used to being the only ones here but I always knew that would change.  Still, I think I will miss the quietness and seclusion just a wee bit.  Two new houses are going up right next to us and then this side of the subdivision will be done until they start phase 3.  And may I say.. I STILL have the biggest house on the street *hehe* *cough* not that matters or has to do with anything what so ever.. no that is not prides ugly head..just saying.. wow.. <feeling blessed>


  1. Beautiful entry!  So great to hear from you!  Yes, spring is finally here!!  I have so much to do though I can hardly get to the yard.  I hope to finally get there today and now it is a thunder stormy day.  Hugs,

  2. Spring has sprung here!  The woods are dotted with dogwood and redbud.  Berries, pears, and peach trees blooming.  Pete has been planting, planting and planting.  First garden he's done in about 6 years.  Sure will be good to eat some good fresh veggies.  Glad you are enjoying spring in your corner of the world.  -  Blogthings call me a blue flower too!  I have never felt delicate.  -  Barbara

  3. Spring is showing up here too...the temps are in the 60's and supposed to remain in the 60's for next week as well!!! The kids are playing outside more and more, the sun is staying up later and before I know it it won't be dark until about 11 pm...seriously the sun is still out and totally visible at 10 pm, I've never seen anything like it and NO WHERE in the US (other than Alaska) does it do this!!!

    I can't wait until our tree's start getting leaves on them! I'm hoping that this weekend we can go and buy some flowers and a tomatoe and cucumber plant(s)!

  4. We had a streak of wonderful weather last week but the girls were sick and I was borderline sick and exhusted ... so our Christmas lights are still up.  As so as this windy 40 degree weather subsides, I'll be on the hubby to take them down!  Doesn't exactly go with the flowers we'll be planting!  LOL


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  5. Yes, spring has finally sprung!!

  6. I know it has sprung here in little old south central pennsylvania. time to enjoy it!

  7. I rarely comment on tour blog , but the hoosier misses you