Saturday, March 10, 2007

The over the shoulder boulder..umm.. pebble holders.

(warning.. sappy mommy entry)

Not to slam my mom.. she did what she could with me lol but I find myself trying to do things better.. improve upon.. learn from what I perceive as her mistakes.. and ofcourse probably still come up lacking. 

I don't remember my first bra per say.. I know I was nicely endowed by the time I was in JR High but I don't think I ever had a training bra. I think all I had for the most part of those first growth years where second hand from mom's friend's daughters. The first time I remember going bra shopping with my mother was when I was around 13 or so. I believe it was Wal Mart or K Mart.. something like that.  I can remember looking at the rows and rows of different braziers and mom browsing threw them and picking the different sizes for me to take into the fitting room. She was as shocked as I was to learn I was a C cup.

And like most women for many years I bought off the rack, often the wrong size and fit.  It was such a glorious day when I was fitted for a bra proper and to come to find out there is a wrong and right way to put on a bra.  I ofcourse was doing it the wrong way.. imagine that.  How could we have gotten it wrong for so long?  It is not like my mom was all that modest with me and couldn't show me how.. well that was up until  that fateful day she walked in on me getting out of the shower and said something to the effect that if I got any bigger she would have to get a harness for me.. and in my embarrassment as she went out the door I slammed it shut with my foot.. and sadly in the process cut the tip of her middle finger off and broke all of her manicured long nails.  But that is a story for another time.

I have come to learn there is nothing in the world like a new bra that fits right.  It can literally change your out look on your whole body image.  This was something I did not want my girls to have to find out way down the road like me. No, when the time comes I want to start them out right.

Annie has been wearing a sports bra for awhile now but its  come time to upgrade it.  I have very mixed emotions about this, as I am sure my own mother did with me.. difference is I am not avoiding it.  But dang.. she is only ten.. and I am only 30.  Can I really be old enough to have a daughter in a bra already???  It seems so.  Am I notthe only one who has noticed how girls are developing  and hitting puberty earlier these days??  That may be a whole other posting right there... all the hormones and chemicals in our food.. I digress.

Today I took Lilly & Annie clothes shopping, part of their delayed birthday gift.  Our first stop was to what I consider a gift to all women, Ann's Bra Shop. This is where I got my first good fitting bra and I knew they would treat us well.  I wasn't quite sure if she needed a cup yet but I needed mesurements either way so I knew I would be getting her something that fit just right.  On this important life mile marker I did not want to screw up.

I hope I laid the foundation today, showed her not to be embarrassed to be measured by a sales lady and how nice it is that they go and fetch the right size for you and will show you various styles and colors.  I showed her how to put it on.. she was very impressed she was getting a bra with hooks.  She wore her first real training bra under her shirt out of the store and may I say, walking just a bit taller and feeling a bit more grown up.

Annie laughed when I said now she has an over the shoulder bolder holder.  I suggested she not go around telling everyone because then they will try and snap her straps and then I couldn't help giving a tug to her shoulder strap.

Now Lilly is asking when she is going to get boobs.. oh great!!  One daughter down, two more to go.


  1. lol....we didnt start kadie with a training bra started with a B in the 4th grade....along with her period at 9 years old...wooohoooo!!

    just gets way


  2. Be it pebbles or boulders, a rock is a rock and deserves a great holder.  ;o)  -  BArbara

  3. Good grief!  I didn't get mine until I was 14- then you still needed a magnifying glass to see them!  The real spurt didn't come until I was 18 lol!!  Love Carolyn :)