Saturday, May 19, 2007

What if it was your daughter?

I try not to gossip.. really I do!  But when the whispers of the neighborhood turns out to be an alarming fact that you need to guard your family against then that is not necessarily gossip, is it.  Apparently there is a sex offender living in our budding subdivision ... listed on the MO Sex Offender list.  When I first heard I asked well.. what kind.. just because someone is on that list doesn't mean they are a horrific threat.. people can get on that list just for peeing in a bush.  But this is no light offender, he has done prison time for sodomizing and sexual acts with a 12yrd girl!  The mommy in me and the once abused little girl in me is appalled and trying to figure out how to process this information.  I have three very friendly daughters, who I almost never let out of my sight, non the less still knowing this info leaves me torn.  As a Christian I don't want to judge people I have never met, this happen over 10 yrs ago and I don't know this man and if he has changed his life but on the other hand sex offenders are notorious to be repeat predators.  How wrong would it be to drive past this house with my girls and point it out.. see this house.. stay away from it and the people who live there.. someone there has been known to hurt little girls like you?
Has anyone else been threw this.. found out a sex offender lives in your neighborhood?  What did you do with that knowledge?
I have to bring two news headlines into my thought processes on this and express my never ending disgust and anger with Planned Parenthood.  The first story is about a girl who is now suing PP in OH for their look the other way policies.  In 2004 when she was 16 and brought in by force for an abortion by her father who had been molesting her since she was 13, she had told them of the abuse but they didn't do anything to help her, or report it to any authorities as by law they were supposed to. It took the girl two more years to get the courage to tell a coach about the abuse and get out of the situation but if PP had reported it earlier she could have been saved from it sooner. The second story, just as relevant and showing PP's habitual pattern of putting profits above children's welfare is about who they at the time thought was a 15yrd girl brought in by her 23 yrd boyfriend for an abortion.  They told her they would have to report them if she was 15 but if she "picked a date" that worked.. well then there was no telling her to lie about her age so they wouldn't have to be responsible and report statutory rape to authorities, as is the law.  As it turns out the girl was really 18 with a hidden camera that recorded the conversation and it ended up on YouTube.  Ofcourse Planned Parenthood is now suing her and forced her to take the clip down and want her to hand over the tapes (yes she did break the law because in CA it is illiagle to tape a conversation that both parties do not know is being recorded.. still the information does not change.. it happen and they can't hide that).
So what if one of my daughters was in a situation where she was being abused, say by the friendly neighborhood sex offender..and he brought her to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion to COVER UP the crime, it would never get reported.. they would take the money and look the other frick-in way!!  Just one of MANY examples of how the abortion industry puts profits above girls and women's welfare and health.  And YOU America allow this to go on with your tax money that goes to Planned Parenthood and your apathy to this issue.. "it's not my issue, its not my choice, it doesn't effect me"
Hopefully that sinario would never happen to one of my children, by God's protection and grace and because Missouri has a law where it requires a parent's consent and bans people taking children across state lines for an abortion that don't have that law.  But what if... what if I didn't live in a state that has that law.. what if the law got over turn.. what if the clinic just simply doesn't FOLLOW the Law.. we can see patterns where they currently don't respect State and Federal Laws because it does effect their bottom fiscal line.  What If... it was your daughter?


  1. About 10 years ago, I found out that a sex offender lived just TWO HOUSES away from us....all 3 of my children were young then. I did as you were thinking of, and pointed out both the house, and the man, and said DO NOT go near either one, and explained that he had done something before that hurt children.

    Nowadays, Yikes! it's hard to find an area where there are Not sex offenders.......we supposedly have Two right within our neighborhood.  The other scary thing, as the Jessica Lunsford case showed, is that it is up to the Offenders to report if they possibly we have more than we think living near us.


  2. ok we had one living behind us...and I went on to the website that showed his picture.....printed it out and showed it to both kids and every kids that came in our house.....I pointed out the house and they were not allowed to on the streets behind our house.....He eventually moved.....


  3. we have a few its the ones that don't register that bother me because you dont know who they are
    Donna In TEXAS

  4. My worst nightmare!  I feel funny if a man compliments my 3 year old in an innocent way.  I can't offer advice but I would start the conversations about staying away from the house.

  5. Hi Mary- Even though I have a son, I have the samne fears that you do- especially since he is so friendly!  What would I do if there was a SO living near me?  Well, thankfully there aren't any withing a few miles- but many in the town near where I live.  I am like you, in that the Christian in me would like to give them a break and let them live without harrassing them- if they've complied with the laws in registering etc.- but on the other hand, a little girl who was tortured and buried alive, and left to die- Jessica Lunsford lived only a couple hours away from us and it hit me very hard.  This guy was a registered sex offender from upstate, and was living at this time with relatives.  I know each case is unique- but unfortunately, how are we supposed to protect our children- even with all the laws, if these people will repeat?  Unfortunately so often the case, when they do repeat, the precious ones end up either very hurt or dead.  It makes me sad- even when I have compassion for those who are out of prison and wanting to make their lives better.  It's a hard one Mary, but maybe it would be a wise thing to point out the house to your girls and warn them in a way that won't scare them?  As for planned parenthood- so many of these stories are coming to light- I pray so hard they will be prosecuted.  What gets me is they weant to bring charges on the 18 year old college student!  What nerve!  It makes me sick really.  Waht sickens me more is that tax payers like us pay for these @$$'$ to keep making money off rape victims!  Sorry Mary, but it infuriates me.  God Bless you Huny- pray about that one though for your daughters.  Love Carolyn

  6. It is so scary these days.  I am so sorry you are going through this.  I bet there are some in my neighborhood too.  I checked the zip codes in Florida and there were 53 offenders in almost every zip code.  At least you have details on this one and that helps to know just how serious the offenses are.  I have not been getting your alerts and have really missed your journal.  Don't know what is up with that.  AOL gets moody sometimes but thankfully I decided to stop in and see what's going on.  Hope you are having a nice weekend and blessed day.