Wednesday, May 2, 2007

One down, two more to to go this week.. Field trip time!

Yesterday was one of three field trips I get to go on this week.  Annie's fourth grade class went downtown to see the Arch and go on a river boat ride.  We have been to the Arch several times since living here but never rode on the river, so that was something different.  I was glad I was able to go with Annie and the other kids this year on field trips.  They always feel special.

If you ever wondered what the view is like from the top of the Arch, here is a short video I took while we were up there.  Just mute it if all the kids voices get annoying (lol)

Thursday I go with Zane and his 6th grade class to the local grocery store and then to the park.  It's a math lessen I guess.. they have to purchase in groups the things necessary to make lunch for those in the their group and then go to the park and put it together and eat ofcourse.  And then Friday I get to go with Lilly's 1st grade to the Saint Louis Zoo.  Also Next week is busy busy too.  Sophia has a field trip to Quiver River State Park and I have Mother & Daughter tea at school with the girls and also this Saturday with women's group.  All this running around is killing me in gas but I am sure some how we will get threw.  It used to be volunteers could ride on the bus with the field trip but this school district has nixed that for insurance purposes so I have to drive in my van everywhere.. and most of the time its like an hour drive.  Gas just hit 2.97!


Money is just very tight.. I had to make the choice between what would be disconnected, home phone &dsl or our cellphones.  Since Josh needs his cell for work I guess I will be doing with out the net for a little while soon.  And I am absolutely out of cigarettes (ya I know) till Friday.  Good thing I have tea or else some one may of ended up hurt around here.  It's easy to stay off soda when you don't have money to buy it.  But when others are drinking it around you that is when temptation is very hard. But I haven't had ANY since Saturday.


  1. I think that May is the new December as far as busyness goes.  Have fun on the field trips.  Sounds like a blast except for the cost of gas.  Good luck on your soda and cigarette moretorium!  

  2. Wow you sure sound busy!!  And don't I know how expensive those field trips are!!!!???  We had to shell out $50 for school spring photos since we didn't buy the fall ones.... and then $25 for field trips all in the same week.  Ugh.  I totally understand what you are going thru.  My honey sometimes works 16 hours a day and me part time and then some with Avon about to start too, and it is still never enough.  I do hope the company he works for full time gives my Rob a raise soon and hope ya'll get some raises on your end too.  Hugs,

  3. I don't say I envy you all those field trips.  I have always tried to do some, for the kids sakes, but I really don't like going with a throng of kids anywhere.  I know how really horrible it can be counting every penny, doing with out fairly simple things and everything having to be a big choice/decision.  ((((Mary))))  Hang in there kiddo!  -  Barbara