Thursday, October 16, 2008


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I just have to say.. I am soooooooooooo proud of my son.  It is one thing for me to be passionate about being pro-life and talk to people about it and face adversity.. But he has been planning and excited about the silentday well before school even started, busy trying to get info out there to his classmates to participate and be aware.  When I was his age I was not into anything besides getting in trouble and a trip to the Principal's office would have me shaking.  He has not only talked to teachers and the principal about this but may have to take a print out of his rights as a student to the superintendent who is opposed to this event..and he is not even flinching at the idea.  This is all him.. I am hands off.. all I said was what ever happen and what ever he chose to do I would be behind him.

I don't expect too much trouble with this.. but I am bracing for a call on that day.  And what will I say?  Let him sit in your office all day.. and when you look at him think about why he is there.. cuz I will NOT pick him up from school the whole day, I will be working and for them to expect a call and legal action from ADF ( 1-800-TELL-ADF)


  1. You BOTH make me so proud!  Will be going to check it all out myself.  ;o)  -  Barbara

  2. I have read through these entries on abortion and am trying to get your new blog on blogspot where I hope you will migrate your journal.  We do so need blogges with the courage to speak up as you do.  I would be so proud of a son who did this, too.  My son unfortunately was able to help his girlfriend get an abortion in Arizona without informing the parent when they were both 15, so he has been pretty much on the defensive about abortion.  Right now he has formed a close relationship with my sister's daughter, his age.  My sister died at 51 an unrepentant believer in her abortion.  She has been dead 20 years now, and I think with death almost any abortion advocate's mnd will have been altered, because if they survive death so will their aborted children. The fact that we are so unsure of our spirits and that we do survive death has made it easier for the 'secular' to sell abortion. I keep writing about it, and few respond.  It is like so many are determned to ignore the issue even though the abortion numbers are past a million lives every year.  Hard to ignore, but it is done!  Gerry