Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He said he wasn't harrassed too much

Zane sent me this pic of himself yesterday while he was participating in Pro-Life Day Of Silent Solidarity at his middle school.

I did not get any calls from the school administration and he says besides having to remove the tape from his mouth and place it on his shirt, there were no complaints. He said a teacher even High-Fived him. Zane reported that once his school mates understood what he was doing they wanted to also participate and he gave them tape and fliers to hand out at free time too. I didn't get an exact number from him but knowing my son I am sure he influenced a good chunk of the small student body we have at TMS.

All in all I think he felt success and that in some little way he was making an impact. Like I have said in previous post I consider him so brave for his age.. I don't think that is something I would of even thought of doing but of course I was a nerd in 8th grade and not in the good way lol.

Now, if I can just convince him to keep his hair out of his pretty blue eyes!!!


  1. I know that you are SO proud of him! I am and he aint even mine :)


  2. Hey Mary... I wanted to let you know that I have followed you over. Glad you decided to cross to the other side. I linked you on my archive blog... it is my AOL J-Land stuff.

    Hope to see you around, friend. I love your passion, I love to read about your life... you touch people!


  3. I came here from Jeannette's journal and this is a welcome photo after seeing your last entry in your AOL journal. My kids do not support my pro life stance as whole heartedly, but I think it has made a difference. My second son went to work and secretly paid for an abortion for his 15 year old girlfriend, the same age as he was, who said her parents would kill her. She told me later how she regretted not having the child. My son was so traumatized by the whole thing his feet started turning purple, and when I commented, alarmed, the whole story came tumbling out. His feet immediately normalized. He said "I did not want to be a fifteen year old father!" I said, you would have adjusted. The whole family would have helped you. Sad to say he has never had another child. I think something died in him during that time, the will to have a child. It just was not there anymore. And PP head here said every teen should have an abortion who gets pregnant, as it will ruin their lives. NOting is ever said about the effects of the abortions. Gerry

  4. I'm proud of him too. I think he takes after his Mom, which is a pretty great compliment if you ask me. I've always admired you, admired your passion and willingness to be honest and open about yourself.
    Have an awesome day. And thank you for visiting my journal "A New Beginning."

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