Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Very Last entry for my AOL Journal

I don't like it.. but it is what it is..

I think I successfully transferred all my old blog postings from my aol journal to blogger.. it was a pain with error messages and doubles AND none of the pictures transferred.. ugh.. but at least it is taken care of and 5 years of entries are saved somewhere. Now I need to work on my FTP space. Do you know if AOL Pictures is included in the big DELETE on Nov. 1st??

So those of you who are on Blogger or read in that spot my addy is

Any tips on how to customize and get or add alerts on blogger would be appreciated.
I think sadly, I will make this the last entry for Hunybea's Open Journal on AOL Journals. You can find me on MySpace and now Blogger. I can not put into words how much this place has meant to me or how deep my love is for the friends and readers who have touched me and allowed me to touch them back. I hope we can follow each other out side of AOL and that my enthusiasm for writing will come back. Right now I feel so disconnected and uninvolved with the Word Wide Web, among other things.
I don't know if my writing was important or least my son feels my pain.. when I told him what was going on he lamented with me and said.. oh mom you were so close to a book.. I just know some one was going to find you and want to publish you.. LOL he is silly but unlike others he knows how much I had put into my blog. No one can really understand unless they too have a blog where they invest so much of themselves in.. I still know people who have no clue what a blog is or don't see the point in having one.. much less read one.

Life carries on and bigger problems come and go.. soon we will be censored even more I think, soon my words will be stricken from any remembrance electronically.. maybe not today or tomorrow but it is coming. Much like in China where Google has agreed to filter for the goverment, the World will be filtered and anyone not going along with the program will be considered an enemy combatant. Don't think so? Go ahead and mock me.. but don't say you were not warned.


  1. I came across your journal and noticed at the top you used the term it is what it is. Always the name for my journal at AOL and now at blogger. I agree with you about AOL being stupid, but they have been that for a long time now once they outsourced all their jobs. Anyway, good luck in Bloggerville.

  2. Welcome to blogger the change has been hard. Good thing is we have been able to continue to follow many of the journals we enjoyed reading. AOL sucks!

  3. Yes, aol pictures is going on the 31st as well. I managed to get into File Manager and save all the stuff I had there. So nice to find you again, have added myself as a follow. Thank you for visiting me. Hugs.

  4. Hey...I'm here. So glad you moved over!