Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Question About Character

Dinner time is always interesting around our house. Most times we sit at the table as a family to eat (especially when Josh is home). And the Hallmark commercials are right.. it is a good way to open those communication lines and enjoy family time.
Kids ask the darnedest questions.. questions that you are not even sure you have the answers to untill they pop out of your mouth. Part of lastnight's discussion some how came on to the question of "How do you build character?" That was from our 8yrd Lilly. I was open jawed for a few moments, such a profound thing to seek.. not sure I even really knew how one goes about on purpose to build up character.
This is what I told the children in that teachable moment and as normal I think it could of only came from the Holy Spirit and is an answer just as much for me as it is for my children. I told her we develop character everyday by practicing making good choices and admitting our mistakes when we do miss the mark and setting things right when we can. Sounds simple but honestly most adults don't know that and have terrible character.
I think this is one I need to think and pray on a bit more. Feel free to comment with your suggestions.


  1. I think you put it beautifully. We also build character by learning from those around us, doing good to other whenever we can

  2. That was a great teaching moment, for sure, and I think you said it simply and clearly. We speak of character traits at school every day... teaching character is more than explaining the definition, though like you said, many adults don't think about it when they make decisions. They don't think about the repurcussions of what they do, and often forget that younger people and children are watching and learning from them. Kids do what they see adults do. It's that simple. Any adult that has anything to do with kids, even if it's a neighbor, should always be mindful of the influence they have on the youngest of our population. You hit the nail on the head... it's about practicing making good choices and setting things right when we can. Brava!!