Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks Boy Scouts!

Last weekend was Boy Scouting For Food and our church's food pantry was one of the drop off places. It was all so overwhelming but in a good way! Talk about blessings and the generosity of others! Hard times are here and coming for many, this will help so much. The small pantry was so bare and now we are over flowing.
Thank you Boy Scouts and all those who donated to them!!!!!!!

On a personal note.. my family was just so blessed to be apart of the volunteers that showed up to help. We have been lacking in fellowship and church attendance the last few weeks and being around positive church family was like coming home.. that is the only way to explain the beautiful feeling that welled up with in. Saturday Annie, my oldest daughter, and I went up to help..good mommy and daughter time. And Sunday I went up with the youth group and after church the rest of the family came over to help for most of the day. The kids worked sooooo hard and I am so proud of them. Good family fun! I just wish more could of been there to help.. there is still so much to go threw and do.

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